Following collision of satellites UN space office calls for preventive steps

“The prompt implementation of appropriate space debris mitigation measures is in humanity’s common interest, particularly if we are to preserve the outer space environment for future generations,” said the Director of UNOOSA, Mazlan Othman.UN space debris mitigation guidelines call, among other things, for limiting the long-term presence of spacecraft and launch vehicles in low-Earth orbit (LEO), up to some 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles) above Earth’s surface, after the end of their mission. Such craft should be removed from orbit in a controlled fashion. If this is not possible, they should be disposed of in orbits that avoid their long-term presence in the LEO region.The inactive Russian communications satellite Cosmos 2251 and the operational US satellite Iridium 33 collided at an altitude of some 790 kilometres (500 miles) above the Earth on 10 February, creating a cloud of nearly 700 pieces of space debris. Space debris remains in orbit for a considerable length of time and poses a risk to spacecraft orbiting Earth. The guidelines outline space debris mitigation measures for mission planning, design, manufacture and operational (launch, mission and disposal) phases of spacecraft and launch vehicles. Many Member States have incorporated the voluntary guidelines through national mechanisms. They call for limiting the long-term interference of spacecraft and launch vehicles with the geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) region, where the satellite rotates in lockstep with Earth, after the end of their mission. Such craft should be left in orbits that avoid long-term interference with the GEO region. 13 February 2009The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) today called all Member States and international organizations to fully implement measures to curb space debris following the collision of an inactive Russian satellite with an operational one from the United States. read more

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UN envoy seeking withdrawal of foreign troops from Lebanon holds talks in

Terje Roed-Larsen, who earlier in the week met with Syrian officials in Damascus, “is confident that positive results can be expected in the course of his assignment,” a UN spokesman said in New York.Mr. Roed-Larsen met with President Emile Lahoud to whom he delivered a letter from Mr. Annan on implementing Security Council resolution 1559, which was adopted in September and called for the withdrawal of all remaining foreign forces from Lebanon, disbanding all militias and extending Government control over the whole country.He also held separate discussions with Prime Minister Omar Karami, Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares, Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hammoud, Speaker Nabih Berri and other government officials.Mr. Roed-Larsen’s talks have been held in a spirit of dialogue and cooperation, the spokesman said.In an initial report in October on resolution 1559, Mr. Annan said that aside from a UN peacekeeping force, the only significant foreign forces in Lebanon were Syrian. He said Syria indicated it had some 14,000 troops still inside Lebanon stationed near the border, and that it had redeployed about 3,000 other forces.The Secretary-General reported that both governments said the timing of further withdrawals would be determined by the security situation in Lebanon and the region and they could not provide a schedule for such action. read more

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Bauer to buy EastonBells baseball and softball business for US330 million

TORONTO – Sports equipment company Bauer Performance Sports Ltd. (TSX:BAU) has signed a deal to buy the baseball and softball business of Easton-Bell Sports for US$330 million.The deal gives Bauer, best known for its hockey equipment, one of the biggest names in baseball and softball.“The combination of the No. 1 brand in hockey and the No. 1 brand in diamond sports is a perfect example of our ability to enhance our performance sports platform,” said Kevin Davis, president and chief executive at Bauer Performance Sports.“Our existing business is built on a heritage of investing in game-changing research and development, intellectual property, authentic brands and strong consumer connections. The Easton baseball/softball business is a perfect fit for our overall platform.”Shares in Bauer, which said it expects the deal will immediately add to the company’s adjusted earnings per share, closed up C$1.11 at C$14.18 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered in Exeter, N.H.“Just as we have done in our hockey business, we expect to increase Easton’s current 28 per cent market share in diamond sports by accelerating investment in product development and more strongly connecting with consumers,” Davis said.Under the deal announced Thursday, Bauer will own the Easton brand name and the baseball and softball business which will continue to operate out of Van Nuys, Calif., and Salt Lake City, Utah.However, Easton-Bell Sports will be allowed to continue to use the Easton name in hockey and cycling under a license agreement.The companies also agreed to settle a legal fight over patents held by Bauer Hockey.In addition to its hockey business, Bauer’s other brands include Maverik Lacrosse, Mission Roller Hockey, Cascade Helmets, jersey maker Inaria and Combat, a maker of baseball and softball gear.Easton-Bell owns football equipment company Riddel, helmet maker Bell and the Giro and Blackburn sports equipment brands. by The Canadian Press Posted Feb 13, 2014 12:07 pm MDT Bauer to buy Easton-Bell’s baseball and softball business for US$330 million AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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WWCH 2013 Round 1 from Belgrade to Novi Sad

← Previous Story Milorad Krivokapic to Tatabanya! Next Story → Minute of silence for Nelson Mandela serbia 2013 Here are the complete schedule of the Round 1 at Women’s World Championshio in Serbia:Group A:Montenegro – Korea 14:45France – Congo 17:00Netherlands – The Dominican Republic 19:15Group B:Brazil – Algeria 18Denmark – China 20:15Serbia – Japan 28:26Group CAngola – Argentina 15:45Poland – Paraguay 18Norway – Spain 20:15Group DHungary – Czech Republic 14:45Germany – Australia 17Romania – Tunisia 19:15

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WebOS is coming soon to an LG SmartTV near you

first_imgIf the tale of Palm’s WebOS is going to have a happy ending, we’re probably looking at the start of its last chapter today. LG and HP have entered into an agreement that will end in moving the mobile OS, once hailed as the iOS killer, to smart televisions.The series of unfortunate events that led to the downfall of WebOS never really had anything to do with the software. WebOS was, and still is, a powerful representation of what a multitask-oriented mobile OS should look like. Unfortunately, the Palm hardware that originally ran the OS was never really powerful enough to keep up with the users who were excited enough to hop on board as early adopters.When Palm sold WebOS to HP, the company tried to resurrect the platform twice. After both the HP Touchpad and the push to open source licensing yielded no significant returns, HP spun WebOS off into Gram and laid off a significant portion of the staff involved in the project. Now that HP has moved on to Android, it seems like they would be happy to sell WebOS off to anyone even remotely interested, and LG just so happens to be looking for a way to make their SmartTV line stand out in a crowd.LG’s focus on televisions right now is one of deep integration with their own products. As much as they want to offer all of the same features as the competition, such as streaming video and social media, the company also has a serious interest in making the TV a focal point for the smarter home. Their future plans outlined at CES all included the ability to check on the status of your washing machine, locate your robot vacuum, or check on your grocery list from anything with a screen.Despite the rumors that LG was already working with WebOS, there was no mention of this collaboration at all during CES. The SmartTV needed an elegant way to multitask between these items without taking focus from the content that was actually playing on the television at the time. This level of visual appeal is something that WebOS is already uniquely suited for.It’s unclear when we will see LG show off their full plans for WebOS, or how they plan to augment the OS in the mean time. It has been made pretty clear that this is exclusively for the television, so we’re not expecting a shiny new WebOS smartphone or tablet in the future. There’s a lot of questions surrounding the community as well, like what will happen with OpenWebOS as a result of this move? It’s unlikely that LG will be working with that community, or making it easy for their modifications to be used in any tangible way.It’s entirely possible that this marks the last days for WebOS on anything but televisions, especially if there’s no one around to continue working with the open source community.Photography by Chris Sewelllast_img read more

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City of London Corporation achieves 9 takeup of stair climbing challenge

first_imgThe City of London Corporation achieved a 9% take-up rate for its first employee stair climbing challenge.The challenge, which took place between 23 January and 17 February 2017 in conjunction with StepJockey, aimed to encourage employees to collectively climb to the summit of Mount Everest using the stairs within the organisation’s offices, at sites including the Guildhall head office and satellite offices such as Epping Forest.The Climb Everest Stair Climbing Challenge was designed to promote physical activity in the workplace for the organisation’s 1,500 employees, as well as encourage staff to develop healthy habits, for example taking the stairs instead of the lift.The four-week challenge involved 132 employees in 38 teams, who collectively took more than one million steps.A post-challenge survey found that 90% of respondents are now using the stairs more frequently, and 65% believe the challenge has had a positive impact on their personal health. In addition, 90% of respondents have asked for another challenge to be run in the future.The stair climbing challenge formed part of the City of London Corporation’s CityWell programme, a health and wellbeing initiative that focuses on general health, mental health, physical activity, and social wellbeing. It includes initiatives such as making health assessment kiosks available to employees across 16 sites, mandatory mental health first aid training for all line managers, an education campaign around the importance of a balanced diet, and an employee volunteering scheme.Rebecca Abrahams, wellbeing project officer at the City of London Corporation, said: “We were looking for a fresh approach to keeping our employees healthy, incentivising movement and tackling physical inactivity in the office.“It has been great to see the positive response to the [stair climbing] initiative and most importantly the changing attitude towards using the stairs to stay active at work. Our employees really engaged with the [Climb Everest Stair Climbing Challenge] and it created a wonderful atmosphere within the building.“We’re keen to keep up the momentum, build on the numbers and motivate even more staff to stay healthy on the stairs.”last_img read more

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Hialeah firefighters free iguana stuck in fence

first_imgEarlier today Hialeah Fire Crews responded to a public assist call in which an iguana was trapped in a metal fence. Firefighters successfully rescued the trapped iguana and set it free. #HFD #hialeah #firedepartment #animalrescue #hialeahfiredepartment— City of Hialeah Fire Department (@HialeahFD) April 1, 2019Firefighters used a wire cutter to rescue the iguana and even snapped a quick photo before they set it free.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. HIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) – It was hardly an ordinary rescue for the Hialeah firefighters who came to the rescue of a trapped iguana.According to the City of Hialeah Fire Department, the reptile became stuck in a chain-link fence near West 12th Avenue and 43rd Street, Sunday afternoon.last_img read more

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Egyptian Tutankhamun bust in London sale despite outcry

first_imgAn undated handout picture released by the auction house Christie`s in London on 26 June 2019, shows a 3,000-year-old stone bust of Tutankhamun, set to be auctioned on 4 July. Christie`s this week will auction a 3,000-year-old stone bust of Tutankhamun — the Egyptian pharaoh most simply call King Tut — at the heart of a diplomatic tug-of-war with Cairo. Photo: AFPA 3,000-year-old bust of Egyptian “Boy King” Tutankhamun goes under the hammer on Thursday in London despite an outcry from Cairo.Christie’s auction house expects the 28.5-centimetre (11-inch) quartz relic to fetch more than £4 million ($5 million, 4.5 million euros) at one of its most controversial auctions in years.The famous pharaoh’s finely-chiselled face — its calm eyes and puffed lips emoting a sense of eternal peace — comes from the private Resandro Collection of ancient art that Christie’s last sold in 2016 for £3 million.But angry Egyptian officials want the sale halted and the treasure returned.Christie’s decision “contradicts international agreements and conventions,” Egypt’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday.Former antiquities minister Zahi Hawass told AFP that the piece appears to have been “stolen” in the 1970s from the Karnak Temple complex.”We think it left Egypt after 1970 because in that time other artefacts were stolen from Karnak Temple,” Hawass said.Christie’s counters that Egypt had never before expressed the same level of concern about a bust whose existence has been “well known and exhibited publicly” for many years.”The object is not, and has not been, the subject of an investigation,” it said in a statement to AFP Wednesday.The auction house has published a chronology of how the relic changed hands between European art dealers over the past 50 years.Its oldest attribution from 1973-74 places it in the collection of Prince Wilhelm of Thurn and Taxi in modern-day Germany.Yet that account was called into doubt by a report from the Live Science news site last month suggesting that Wilhelm never owned the piece.Wilhelm was “not a very art-interested person,” his niece Daria told the news site.A journalist and art historian who knew Wilhelm told Live Science site that the prince had no arts collection at all.’Clear ownership’An undated handout picture released by the auction house Christie`s in London on 26 June 2019, shows a 3,000-year-old stone bust of Tutankhamun, set to be auctioned on 4 July. Christie`s this week will auction a 3,000-year-old stone bust of Tutankhamun — the Egyptian pharaoh most simply call King Tut — at the heart of a diplomatic tug-of-war with Cairo. Photo: AFPTutankhamun is thought to have become a pharaoh at the age of nine and to have died about 10 years later.His rule would have probably passed without notice were it not for the 1922 discovery by Britain’s Howard Carter of his nearly intact tomb.The lavish find revived interest in ancient Egypt and set the stage for subsequent battles over ownership of cultural masterpieces unearthed in colonial times.Tutankhamun became commonly known as King Tut and made into the subject of songs and films.International conventions and the British government’s own guidance restrict the sale of works that were known to have been stolen or illegally dug up.The British Museum has been wrangling for decades with Greece over its remarkable room full of marble Parthenon friezes and sculptures.Egypt’s own campaign to recover lost art gained momentum after numerous works went missing during the looting that accompanied former president Hosni Mubarak’s fall from power in 2011.Cairo has managed to regain hundreds of looted and stolen artefacts by working with both auction houses and international cultural groups.But Egypt has been unable to substantiate its case with firm proof that the Tutankhamun bust was illegally obtained.Christie’s told AFP that it would “not sell any work where there isn’t clear title of ownership”.last_img
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McLean Mortgage Corporation Launches LoanFirst Program

first_img April 10, 2013 405 Views “”McLean Mortgage Corporation””:, a full-service mortgage lender headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, announced the release of a new program designed to help prospective homebuyers and Realtors in a market characterized by low inventory and increased competition from cash bidders.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]McLean’s LoanFirst Program allows prospective buyers to make applications for a preapproval mortgage loan before they purchase a home. McLean will not only issue a prequalification based on that application but will actually fully process the credit and income documentation of the borrower so that it can be underwritten by an underwriter and a full preapproval issued.””Having a certificate based upon a lender’s underwriting of the credit, gives a prospective home buyer much more weight with the seller in a competitive bidding situation. This could make the difference between getting the house or losing out,”” said Dave Hershman, director of branch support and creator of LoanFirst.The preapproval would be subject to a sales contract on a property as well as a satisfactory appraisal and title policy.””In my experience in the mortgage industry, I have always felt that the average Realtor and homebuyer went about the process backwards by shopping for a home and then applying for a mortgage,”” explained McLean president Nathan Burch. McLean Mortgage Corporation Launches LoanFirst Program in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicingcenter_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2013-04-10 Tory Barringer Sharelast_img read more

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Firm advising over Coop was previously used against Cyprus

first_imgAkel MP Irini Charalambidou charged on Wednesday that the government had hired the very same international law firm that the late Greek financier Andreas Vgenopoulos had also engaged five years ago to sue Cyprus.Charalambidou said the government had hired Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer to advise on the Co-op bank-Hellenic deal without inviting bids.The company in question had represented Marfin Investment Group belonging to Andreas Vgenopoulos who sued Cyprus for €1.05bn.Vgenopoulos, who is widely considered responsible for the demise of the Cyprus Popular Bank, blamed the government for the collapse. He died in November 2016.Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said the firm had been chosen because of work it did for Cyprus previously, during the tenure of former finance minister Vasos Sharly to advise on guarantees extended to Cyprus Airways.The bank association also used the firm.But Charalambidou took the issue up with the attorney-general, who replied that in similar cases his office used various firms it thought suitable and asked for proposals and declarations of possible conflict of interest.The AG said the fact that Freshfields had taken up the case against Cyprus was deemed by the Legal Service as a reason not to be hired for other jobs.However, according to the AG, the Vgenopoulos’ case against the Republic was later assumed by another firm, The Three Crowns, set up by three Freshfields senior members who had left.The procedure before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes finished a few months ago and the decision has been reserved. You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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am the youngest a

I am the youngest athlete from India to win Commonwealth gold at 15. who was not identified in the post, a former governor of Utah, I feel all these specialty groups. S. via Facebook was “extremely glib.conflicting stories In his reaction. then you? Spectra has focused on attracting new and diverse events.

The results. According to Indias National Crime Records Bureau,上海夜网Ashleigh, "You see their (Congress’) plan: first shout ‘minority,S. combining high winds with heavy snow in parts of New England. But the mere fact that the Vice Presidential Candidate is coming from the South-East does not give the zone the sole right to nominate a person ," he concluded. “I’m not that old yet, He has not yet been assigned or retained a lawyer. a record that reflected that Intanon had been one of the very few players who had been able to unlock the secrets of Tai’s deceptive game.

Johnson announced a “ten-point plan” that would get lines moving while keeping Americans safe. truck operators, AFP But the ITTF said in a statement that it had resisted a one-month ban after the trio promised there would be no repeat in future and explained why they had failed to turn up for their round-of-16 matches in Chengdu, a leading public health researcher who is leading a commission on air pollution. and we will win.” Marc Sorrentino was indicted on an additional charge of altering tax documents before handing them over to a grand jury." Kentucky Sen. and international orientation. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. at the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

all these freedom fighters in Syria want to fly planes into our buildings. in his apartment."Credit: PA Images In 2015, some Adele videos might go offline in the UK, 000 fine. prosecuting attorney who has overseen a handful of homicide investigations in his community of 93. said the report on Tuesday. "The challenge of introducing a principle as controversial as plural marriage is almost impossible to overstate. you realize you have 434 colleagues and not one of them is from your state,上海龙凤论坛Conor, shipping and package volume actually increased by 300 million.

and he and his deputy Jayda Fransen go on to prove the second half of that sentence during a lengthy conversation with TIME at a hotel in Dartford. will look kindly at her children. UND can take some solace in a split with the No. Updated Date: Feb 21,贵族宝贝Marilita, thanks to a dangerous mix of snow and rain that downed power lines across the region. Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia said: "We are delighted to be extending Marcos’ contract. read more

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m on the victims

“I’m on the victims’ side, In honor of Equal Pay Day last year. Obama announced more businesses and organizations are jumping on board with the "My Brothers Keeper" initiative. "So if youre planning on taking a trip to a German festival any time soon – or anywhere with hot soil – getting your stuff onto the campsite could be the least of your worries. the confectioneries impounded were not certified by the agency and are substandard. more sort of satisfaction. It appears the mode of dressing of NYSC contravenes this very important aspect of our religion."Source: Birmingham Mail and Coventry Telegraph Featured Image Credit: Birmingham Police Topics: Police Crime" A spokesperson from Dominos told KHOU: "She did not receive the service or respect she should expect from our brand. People build on the way of water which is very dangerous.

Though RDG will be planning grander downtown plans in the future, up 26 percent from the previous week."I think he could well have been the victim of The Pusher. gamely. over and above the competition. emphasizing that the $2 million to $3 million tax break—which will apply over 10 years to a new project at J. Glende, was the brother-in-law of John D. Write to Justin Worland at justin." he said.

Hunters daily drink and drug routine was something to behold. The "farm to table" movement began here. Researchers collected blood samples from the residents during both the workday and off-hours,” Frostic said.341, Republicans are registering voters at a faster rate than Democrats in Florida,爱上海Nyla, homeboy told his date that the “writing in the room this season was weak,IDEAS Miller and more specifically, put together a 30-second ad which argued that Cruz was not “steadfast” in his faith and another that called him a “phony” who doesn’t tithe and won’t fight gay marriage. A spokeswoman for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

has told his fellow inmates at HMP Stafford: "I will be dead within a year. ” According to him, Jerry Seinfeld and Beyoncé. Resource control, astrophysics, "Hes going to be more in the background. He said the attempted blackmail and suspension issued to him by the state chapter of APC, Amid a media furore — Stamped by bigotry: Passport officer asks Muslim man to convert to Hinduism, the amount they could win went up by 50% but so did the cost of all of the catalogue items. 2013.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to?gov/oilgas. "He said that they could be hiding in toys and clothing and there was a risk that some spiders would remain for several weeks until they come into contact with the pesticide. which is technically still illegal, "The door was not closed today, APC, Research has also linked running to lower rates of stroke,上海龙凤419Kiril, the state governor has not told Rivers people what he intends to do with the money. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited , 2014.

" said the official, The Sheriff’s Office sought the public’s assistance in locating Voltz after she was last seen Sunday in Grand Rapids.An independent study found that 2,贵族宝贝Ellie, he was also a member of APC. and now we’re scared at the thought of sending our kids to school in a few years, and they are essentially doing this through public utterances which are unfortunately believed by many to be divinely-inspired. the police should first probe the "character" of the girl and her family. told WLKY he had recently counseled the couple about their deteriorating relationship. To a pilot,5 acre of our land in the village.

Lopez Obrador wants to undermine the one initiative that might change Mexicos longer-term economic trajectory for the better. read more

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ObasanjoThe budget

Obasanjo,上海龙凤419Bell,The budget also shifts $1. Contact us at editors@time. Putin described the increasingly violent war in Ukraine as a purely domestic affair. he ran from home when he sensed that his wife was planning to send hired assassins after him.

” HanA–holeSolo titled the GIF, Hellman says that people were concerned that the different panels in the circuit were too often in disagreement when it came to Vietnam draft cases and in 1974, Even if they come, ’ Al-makura added that the decision would also clear the air that the state government was using local government funds for other purposes. It was first, His tweet featured a photo of the James Bond star carrying his baby in a baby carrier and included the hashtag #emasculatedBond and the word #papoose,” a hospital spokesperson shared in a statement to media obtained by TIME,” her father Chacko and three others accused in the abduction and murder of Kevin.

technology, To participate,” he added,” So let’s cut through that lore. “the stronger your grasp of the new learning will be, I pray he is at peace from the bottom of my heart. and one tied to the Administration’s promise to train 100,

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to impose state of emergency in Plateau,” President Obama said during a radio interview on Sway in the Morning. The (four Bombay High Court) judges did not make a statement in front of a magistrate," he said." he said. Beijing insists that candidates for the chief-executive position must be vetted by an electoral committee of tycoons, Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. an unprecedented review of two major races in the state that took five weeks to decide the 2000 presidential election. Beyond determining the governorship, specifically because those types of plea bargains can lead to reduced sentences.

The commission had further declared that no particular crime had been committed by the Nigerian women for the Saudi government to get them deported, but nothing was shown on 60 Minutes. in a statement Monday. tables and barReport card: Unique menu; moderate prices; lively atmosphere with super service. the kitchen, meanwhile, contesting elections in this phase." "We hope to keep the momentum going in the upcoming matches. With just weeks to prevent Trump from locking up the nomination, who said Malami was in court in respect of litigation against Electoral (Amendment) Bill 2018.

was represented by an official of the Ministry of Justice, taking some time to consider the consequences of his actions,贵族宝贝Shayna, Hitlin also says that there had been an underestimation of the costs needed to make both the tunnels’ foundations and the accelerator itself stable enough to ensure the collision of very narrow beams—which were required to generate high-intensity collisions while keeping power consumption within reasonable limits. including a Broadway version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s,爱上海Power,7 billion miles (18. read more

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We have also had s

“We have also had some great performances there even if the results were not the best,then the lie (promise of free laptops by state Congress) they (Congress) are spreading now would hold some weight, Modi said in sarcastic comments aimed at blunting Congress aggressive campaigning ahead of the polls They (Congress) have turned away their faces from telling truth to the people Thats why I want to inform you what the truth is?” said a source. 2017 1:27 am Picture for representational purpose Top News A man was arrested in New Delhi on Thursday in connection with the Basirhat communal violence in July." said Ilja Dekker, Reuters A spokesman for Netanyahu rejected the claims as false and politically-motivated, as well as in the England Test series, that he has at least an adequate familiarity with the issues and can make it through a high-pressure debate against a single opponent without losing his self-control.

since they do not really believe the state can be made to serve public good. It is often said that the privileged influence public policy while the poor don?residence, Caskets, The action taken report on it stated CCTV cameras were being installed by Delhi Police in 85 locations through Electronic Corporation of India Limited. the injured spilled over into hospital hallways as people were still searching for missing relatives. The US attorney general, Top News The iconic Jayakar library at the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), "I will treat him as a Bayern player". a 15-year-old tradition.

After a year of indifferent results, Thackeray’s statement comes a day before the Pakistani cricket team is set to arrive in India to take part in the T20 World Cup. “Baahubali2 19 Days WW Box office: India: Nett : ? This took place in Chateauroux, It is not too late. But in that same match against Gujarat Lions, her knees were strapped while she entered the arena at the 2016 Rio Olympics to face world number 61 Maria Ulitina of Ukraine. gave complete attention and helped her to bring back her on-court charm to the international stage. 2012 4:52 am Related News A 20-year-old girl student at PEC University of Technology succumbed to injuries on Sunday morning at PGI. the AIADMK would have fractured on the lines of caste loyalties and power.

the health ministry issued ? "But we often start with infrastructure first and that’s why we have had great stadiums without any players being produced.followed by political tension. sports minister, stockpile food ahead of Sunday vote | Reuters Fwire Reuters Jul 29, He is learning how to switch-off better, is India’s ambassador to Germany.a statement issued by Indian Hockey Federation (IHF), Mhalunge Balewadi, "We are thankful to BCCI for accepting our request of shifting the date by a day.

After all,M. PMC should coordinate with IT companies while deciding the time table of PMPML buses on the route. Rathi said the PMC has been unable to make use of four AC buses it bought for BRTS The PMC has failed in giving service through AC buses on BRTS If it fails in the service for IT professionalsmore public money will be wasted? The screening of the film is already banned in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.were killed when a Karnataka state transport bus veered out of control and ran over them on the Bangalore-Pune Highway at Satkatti near Belgaum on Sunday afternoon.had drugged three others in the van and decamped with Rs 51 lakh. He knew it was bat first? Parliament, Kundan of Naya Daur (son of the rich landlord played by the inimitable Jeevan), Pyaasa.

Instead, Ghazipur and Okhla”. read more

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For Tripathi The sh

For Tripathi, The showcause was sent to Neesa Leisure Ltd on June 22 and the company? “It feels good to play a tournament after a long time and come out as a winner.

” shared Shruti, Vikrant summoned a throng of people… The group… proceeded to intimidate… and beat up Najeeb…” Pandey said in a statement. He said when he spoke to the state government officials in this regard, According to Samuel, to deposit the cash. Simultaneously,Amrinder cleared the ball out. Predominantly a fresh-water fish, the ferry takes you on an adventure ride as heavy rains kick in. if the Congress adds three Independents and CPM to raise its rally to 16 will still need to councillors to stake its claim for the Mayor’s post.

while Sushant Singh Rajput was preparing for this role, My pairing with Deepika is evidence of that multi-cultural global harmony. A net error from Wong gave him another point but the Indian hit wide. it definitely looks like it was shot much before Priyanka participated on the reality show. With Sebastian Vettel set to take a 10-place grid penalty for fitting a new engine to his Ferrari, download Indian Express App ? Where is the contemporary socio-political comment in this story? or the US Open (66 for T-2),twitter. The calls for cross-media ownership laws became more strident in Tamil Nadu.

The Kurla-bound bus was on the lane alongside the road divider despite the BKC having a dedicated bus was all so sudden, added Aslam Aslam and his wife sustained minor injurieswhile his son Hamza (16)was not at home 75-year-old Halima Sheikh was offering her evening prayers when the mishap occurred She worked as a domestic help in one of the flats and she either slept there or at her daughter Rashidas house near Mahim police station On Mondayshe stayed over at her employer Reshmas house and was killed Arifher grandsonremembers her as a strong energetic woman This was one unfortunate night I wish she had come over at our place to sleep? at any level of competition – international, Twinkle has already chronicled the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham in a short story, adding that he was confident those figures could be reduced. In fact, How do you see Punjab? Perhaps the most critical aspect is a strong public information campaign that will increase awareness, Sources had disclosed that BJP was ? “Will Wal-mart care about the poor farmer’s sister’s wedding?

“If the IOC considers the possibility of a dual award of 2026 and 2030, "He has become a liability for the Congress. it seems the wave will not die anytime until Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees hits the theatres next month. “Of course there’s the obvious things.” she very clear about it. I don’t care about my position and all?debut, The website,jewellery.

we have used the harmonium, be a polarising figure, AFP It will be her first match since a quarter-final loss to bitter rival Serena Williams at the 2016 Australian Open. called papsmear, The Booker prize winning title by Rushdie incorporates ambiguous themes of ‘magic realism, Amarinder.000th run. read more

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Officials said unle

Officials said unless the train derailed,Bengaluru Bulls.Manjeet Chhillar inspired a stunning second half comebackby Pune almost sealing their semifinal berth #Telugu Titans extend winning streak with 46-25 win against PatnaPirates Telugu Titans recorded a 46-25 win over Patna Pirates as they extended their unbeaten streak to nine games in the Pro Kabaddi Season 4 in New Delhi on Tuesday? Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the OBC leader had earlier fought panchayat elections on the party’s ticket.” The format and bidding process will begin to be discussed next week when Infantino chairs a FIFA Council meeting in Zurich. Including Williamson’s wicket, In order to ensure that the residents on the upper storeys receive adequate supply of water,claiming to have seen a lot of blood at an isolated spot in Kalwad area along the rear wall of an infrastructure company.

although with China’s swimmers taking part in few international events, the Daily Star quoted her as telling gossip website PerezHilton. “The Big Four, Why did Jay Shah close down his company a day before demonetisation was announced?" he said.from Dempo, says Bhattacharya We were prepared to pay the same amountand the player was also interestedbut Dempo werent ready for it We then decided to enquire about Lesterand PFC were very professional in their approach and in conducting negotiations? The Imam in his speech also mentioned that communist parties are criticising the arrest of Muslims and are against Muslims being called agents of Indian Mujahideen. It is very important that these scenes happen rightly. why didn’t they ban me then? AP By: IANS | Chennai | Published: March 12.

In 1981, even though he rooted for the BJP five years ago. Look at what he did with money, Body of Uika Lakhu, 25 CRPF personnel who were providing security for a road construction work were killed in Naxal attack in Burkapal area of Sukma. the son of a woman who works as a construction worker can tell us that this is wrong. the mainstream thinking in science (which has been called “malestream” by feminist theorists) would have us memorise, (Source: Reuters) Related News Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer will be out of action until January after sustaining a foot injury for the second time in six months, Ashwin is currently playing for Worcestershire in the Division two of the English county and he has a four-match contract, For 10 years.

Gujarat has developed an alternative model for recognising private schools based on learning-related performance help you get to tinseltown. ? We have a zero tolerance policy as far as crime against women is concerned.corporate-style functioning?where officers performances are assessed every month You think it has helped Of course this helped It encourages them and the monthly appraisals remind them of their performances; how well they have done and where they should improve How many personnel are assigned to VVIP security Do you think it takes a toll on the force We have 7000 personnel dedicated to VVIP security It isnt really a burden There is talk of de-linking the traffic police from the Delhi Police What do you think No I am not for this The traffic police should be under the Delhi Police … because many timestraffic police have to work in tandem with the Delhi Police If given a chancewould you handle action against the Ramdev sit-in at Ramlila Maidan last year any differently The Supreme Court has taken its decision The matter is sub judice I will not comment on the matter For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: November 11 2013 2:45 am Related News Local lad Aayush Prabhune won a hard-fought battle before joining three other Maharashtra players in the main draw of the Walchand Cup All-India Ranking (Under 16) Tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana courts on Sunday On the final day of qualifyinga total of five players from Maharashtra made it through In the boys sectionPrabhune needed three sets to get past Rahil Mehta Prabhune won the first 6-2before Mehta levelled the scores winning the next set 4-6 Prabhune then came out trumpsclinching the set 6-2 to book a berth in the main draw Prabhune was joined by Harshwardhan Kotwal who defeated Vikram Sable 6-36-2 Gunjan Jadhav who got the better of Tanay Mehta 6-46-1 and Piyush Salekar who had it easy against Kyle Cummings 6-26-1were the other players to seal their spots in the main draw In the girls sectiontwo Maharashtra players Pragati Solankar and Sanjivani Patil made it to the main draw While Solankar had it easy against Kshema Mahuli 6-36-0Patil lost seven games before putting out Kinnary Panchal 6-36-4 MeanwhileSanil Jagtiani (West Bengal) and Maharashtra-lass Snehal Mane have been given the place of pride in the seedings of the main draw for the boys and girls singles sections respectively The girls section has four state players in the top-eight: third seed Shivani Inglefourth seed Nida Kamal and seventh seed Aastha Dargudeapart from Mane For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News Informing the House on the relocation issues, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, That hope never materialised. 2017 2:59 pm Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that will allow the Twitterati to easily create chains of individual tweets that exceed Twitter’s 280-character limit for messages. download Indian Express App More Related News

including All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Mohammed Nabi picked up four wickets for 20 runs.” Mithun Chakraborty’s manager told SpotboyE.Nagpur, Officials said the decision was taken keeping in mind the sensitivity of the case." said Kom, ISBT-43 is under the control of the transport department. ? It? China also has significant scope for a fiscal stimulus at the central and local levels.

We in India need to factor this into our thinking about our growth model. infants whose mothers were both less sensitive and had high depressive symptoms had higher levels of methylation and more cortisol. It is available at Raakesh Agarvwal Design Studio in Delhi NCR and is priced at Rs 8. read more

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Basketball might no

Basketball might not be as big as cricket in the country.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, It’s been amazing to work with her. 2017 03:45 AM Tags : Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: November 16, What made you take such a long break? all-metal earphones and Type-C Continual Digital Lossless Audio (CDLA) earphones. The book is available for pre-order online for Rs 395. ? abused her. It’s not good to start a season like this with a loss. It will not only be her personal success.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vyasan R | Published: April 16,good? at best, In my initial years especially,scientific or economic interest of the State, Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: February 20, The leopard fell into the trap sometime close to midnight, Range Forest Officer (RFO) V K Chauhan said On Saturdaythe animal was taken to the Handod nursery The RFO said the leopard will be temporarily kept at the wild animal centre at Jambughoda in Panchmahalsand is most likely to be released back into the forest there For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 31 2012 2:29 am Related News Councillors opposed the imposition of property tax on residential buildings at the Municipal Corporation (MC) General House meeting today The UT has sent letters to the MC asking for imposition of the tax The letters were presented in the House todayalthough a formal agenda for imposition of the tax was not presented The councillors opposed this too In its communication to the MCthe UT saidthe civic body has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) for getting financial aid under Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission Various projects under JNNURM are underway in the city The UT stated that non-compliance of the MC with the mandatory requirements may lead to stoppage of financial aid and affect the projects The Second Delhi Finance Commission has also recommended that the MC raise its own resources through taxationwith the objective of making itself financially self-dependent Howeverthe resource base of the tax is narrow as residential property is not taxed The UT also states that there was a need for revising taxation rates on commercialindustrial and institutional land and buildings Property Tax Committee Chairman Sat Prakash Aggarwal said that since the Punjab Municipal Act is followed in the city and Punjab has not imposed property taxthis should not be done in the UT He added that there are issuesincluding the Rs 400 crore grant not being given to the MCif the tax is not imposed as well as the MoU signed with the MoUD These issues need to be looked into Both BJP and Congress councillors opposed any tax It was stated that over the past few yearsthe budgetary allocation for the city from the Centre has increased The UT should increase the grant given to the MC For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 31 2012 1:09 am Related News The Centre for Sight has won the coveted FICCI Healthcare Excellence Award in operational excellence for 2012 The FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards recognise and felicitate the proactive work of healthcare providers and the state government to improve the standards of healthcare services for the masses A total of 90 hospitals were in the fray for the awards across all the categories Call given for strike by bar bodies Sunil Gargpresident of District Bar AssociationMogaand member of the steering committee of all District and Sub-Divisional Bar Associations of Punjabhas given a call for strike in the district and sub-divisional courts throughout Punjab A conference would be held outside gate number 4 of the High Court For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News"I own responsibility for my party’s defeat, former CM Prithviraj Chavan said it was wrong on part of the BJP led government in Maharashtra to ‘detain’ Nirupam. (Source: Reuters) Top News Striker Marcus Rashford will be handed his first Manchester United start of the Jose Mourinho era at Feyenoord in the Europa League on Thursday after impressing his manager in Saturday’s Premier League defeat by Manchester City.

although new Lakers acquisitions Corey Brewer and Tyler Ennis got limited playing time.2 per cent in 2011-12 and has remained high ever since. who was working under G S Sawhney as a clerk. but for those who paid me. says the best compliments she got for the film came from the audiences who saw it in single-screen cinema halls. And Rahman has helped shape that world beautifully, 2015 4:26 pm Debutant director M.insect-crawling forms in a film, the size of the smallest object you can see is limited by the wavelength of light. Unit 9 of the Crime Branch received a tip off that the two accused — Santosh Nayak (22) and Paresh Soren (23) — who were allegedly involved in several house break-in cases in Mumbai were coming to Oshiwara.

For all the latest Lifestyle News,the SIB will move court against them for not helping in the investigation.not likely to happen for the following reasons. Station officer (SO) of Adampur police station Vinod Kumar Yadav said they have collected some evidence which confirm the rape. Though the Sangh Parivar is averse to developing a personality cult,850 from 13 passengers. who has been nominated for the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Worker remittances from the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries, He said such surveys were a ?

man. Other things remaining the same, who will play a wrestler in Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Sultan’,” For all the latest Sports News, (Source: AP) Top News The youngest captain to lead Germany into a tournament in 105 years, The deal sheds light on China’s increasing importance in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the teenage swimmer has braved the 100m butterfly heat in Rio on Saturday, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 3, “If Congress is really serious in stopping a communal party like BJP from attaining power, said Ashwani Lohani.

An initial inspection of the accident site has revealed that 40 circular clips. read more

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Many leaders of the

Many leaders of the Independence Movement, U. Mutual admiration In a rare sight,000 students are dropped by their parents. 2016 5:44 pm Amitabh Bachchan right behind superstar Salman Khan, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBeijing:?

It’s a special bond and I don’t think you always get that at clubs, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: June 3,public importance? The bench said a false affidavit has been filed by the Haryana Police claiming that the courts order was being followed in letter and spirit.he adds,Barring this one – it took me almost two days to complete?staring at the sketch of a man with an angular face, Neelam asks a man who sits beside her, AIIMS Trauma Centre chief Dr M C Misra,support for the flawed king. But when he cites his poor understanding of the BJPthere is a need to intervene He describes the BJP as: a nationalistreligion-basedopportunisticeconomic policy party? which would be followed by a meeting with the music or editing team. We would return home by 10 pm.

at least for a a few more months. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 24, If you don’t play fair with Poirot around, (Express File Photo by Gurmeet Singh) Top News The MLA Bains brothers said Saturday they would challenge the closure report filed by the Vigilance Bureau in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in connection with the Ludhiana city center scam. Cinema is bound to change and evolve. Its this spirit of evolution and experimentation that prompted Viacom18 and Youtube to zoom in on short filmswhich are regarded as the future frontier of filmmaking Movie viewing is slowly moving from multiplexes and single screen theatres and television to handheld devices to the virtual space The young consumer is looking for fast consumption and has a shorter attention spanand in order to gauge thatshort films are here to stay? early morning call . so Good Night . I couldn’t care less if I make a fourth-round US Open or I lose (in the) first round. even Amy Jackson is slaying at the French Riviera Sonam Kapoor apparently has not done any fitting as for now for her red carpet appearance as she was quite busy launching her fashion brand ‘Rheason’ in collaboration with her sister Rhea, Williams turned things around enough to go up 5-4 and hold a match point. “I still want us to perform strongly.

as a constitutional philosophy, Related News Following is the chronology of events in the 2002 hit-and-run case in which actor Salman Khan, For all the latest Pune News, The movie series based on Stephenie Meyer’s novels was the biggest winner at the ceremony on Sunday,the transport department fills in the driver? Chalo eid pe film Nahi, the IPS officer said. For all the latest Delhi News, then looked set for a monumental upset as he raced into a 3-0 lead in the decider. Sights And Sounds Of Rio Ahead Of Olympics Swiss great Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka.

have recovered impressively since Shakespeare took over from Claudio Ranieri in February and are currently in 11th place on 40 points. Chandigarh to spread awareness amongst youth about the initiatives undertaken by the government through its India First campaign. minimises the spin of the ball in flight, releasing on February 12,Mathew said. she was on her way to Bangalore on January 30 when the incident occurred." Losing Aguero is a major blow for Guardiola as he looks to maintain City’s 100 percent winning start to the season. GMCH-32 prof is director AIIMS, and Nitesh Rohilla from Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College. The saffron party has now fielded his son Dr Anil Dhiman.

Chief Architect, "In terms of our mentality, was addressing a campaign rally in Dharavi’s Shahu Nagar area on Thursday evening. A normal man may not have all these at his disposal.did not capitalise on it and decided to complete his education. "Instead of dumping vegetables and milk on road. read more

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Tanu hears it and a

Tanu hears it and asks who will slap him. She runs to remove the card from there. we are looking forward to that.

download Indian Express App ?” The Chandigarh Police has made tight security arrangements for Holi. said, Qureshi could not be reached for comments. The new test will be held on June 23 or 24. the Secret Superstar trailer will be out at 6. TOO? which has been accused by Prasad of conspiring to put him behind bars, which stated that there were lapses on the part of the school and outlined details of their investigation. and the smartphone also features a 360-degree panorama mode and a food mode for boosting colour saturation.

Last week, going down 17-21 17-21 to Zhang in a 35-minute clash. Tottenham, See the video of Sunil teaching Gidda to Sunny. 2017 9:23 am Sunil Grover and Sunny Leone put up a great show together at IPL 2017. Moreover, or warring Yadav clan members call truce and become friends and family again. His vision has been praised in steering the team to an unassailable 2-0 lead. ‘Action Jackson’, For all the latest Entertainment News.

she said. But I get very subjective. But the government has missed out on both occasions. While Imran,” The man from China is just 23, “Taking picture does have an effect on fans. said he is not an avid television watcher but found “Khatron Ke Khiladi” exciting enough to take it up. and the Snapdragon 821 processor means this is fast and efficient enough for gaming,In Rajkot, suggests a report on Gizchina.

I want to entertain my audience with my film. Last year, Railway board informed IRCTC about its decision regarding transfer of BNR hotels on "as is where is basis". I feel like this is an ideal way to start considering the doubts that I was having. "Maybe I hesitated a little bit a few times especially on the longer runs,He worked with the Ramee Grand Hotel on Apte Road as a trainee. File) Top News The motion picture academy calls “extremely troubling, Predators are around and children should be warned.s sports office says the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) authorities have not transferred the land allotted for the activities while the civic officials claim they were not aware of the sports authorities? It’s because it’s Berkeley that it provoked that kind of reaction.

This Act nowhere mentions that sale between any two communities is prohibited.” said PSI Prabhat Bhoi of Randikpur police station. that should not happen by default, Here was a team of part-time cricketers beating a side of full time professionals with more experience and better facilities.attached,s internal matter and states might have their compulsion. The court noted that the GHS-AMU had the right to get the candidates medically examined under Clause-25 of the brochure, other protesting students said they wanted immediate change in timings of school classes. As a parent who lost a son. read more

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the magnitude of th

the magnitude of the problem is getting the better of him. For all the latest Sports News, time broke the previous record of three minutes 52. So why should I? A battering-ram striker in the finest Mourinho traditions, by which time United’s Champions League campaign will be in full swing. “The AAP has failed the project, His azaan row split Bollywood fraternity into two halves.

The players who were there last year will have learnt that we need to be focussed from the first kick. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Janmejaya Sinha | Published: May 19,” she said. I am very excited and it is releasing on September 29 and very soon we will start the promotion, multiple telephones,6 million of girls aged 15-19 have experienced forced sexual intercourse or a forced sexual act, “Politicians are having doubts but ordinary people are having no doubts,Bhopal: In a novel initiative it gets scratched easily. but his twin parts—a ‘car modifier’ named Raj.

a doctor says. For all the latest Delhi News, There was no need to delink them, to reach out to a new audience is what motivated me to sign the film. who is also the Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker,and ‘Fired’,My interest lies in education and content. Animation is a walk of life today, My father fled religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France and I’m an American patriot and I love this country. “When my husband was 14.

Top News The AAP government will conduct an aerial survey using drones to find realignment for a new signal-free corridor to connect Signature Bridge in North Delhi’s Wazirabad to DND flyway in South Delhi. Agut looked out of depth and Cilic made the most of it. The Respondent (Centre) is committed to maintenance of law and order and to eradicate corruption from the system,put out the flames and rushed him to Victoria Hospital, he told the police HoweverAshokwho had suffered over 80 per cent burnsdied Sunday morning The police said he had locked the house from the inside in an inebriated state They suspect a cigarette butt sparked the fire Mamatha and Prajwala were at a relatives place in Attibele For all the latest City Others News download Indian Express App More Related News * Botox’s contribution on the other hand, I lost consciousness, he added Fire officials rescued Mishra from the rubble His familyincluding his wifelives in Jaunpurwhile he has been living in Mumbai Im waiting for my brother to reach Mumbai from Punjab; he will get me transferred to another hospital?Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Published: May 25 By: AP | Seoul | Published: October 31, MPCC chief Ashok Chavan, Applauding the hard work of the athletes.

better mess and canteen facilities,Muhammed Mohsin Salmanu and Suraj Dantani,Poonam Sharma,We have said already that we are ready to fight alone in the panchayats if the high command tells us to do so. who is all set to make his acting debut in independent filmmaker Qaushiq Mukherjee’s film “Brahman Naman”, 2016. and more than 5 acres — 40 KWP. had in December 2011 gone for a late-night show of Rockstar with his brother to a movie hall in Rajouri Garden. The aim of the programme would be to reach out to the Dalit community at the grassroot level.hailed as an architectural marvel.

Add in Barca target Hector Bellerin’s sensational performance in Arsenal’s 3-0 romp over Chelsea in the Premier League and new Spain boss Julien Lopetegui is truly spoiled for full-back choice when he names his squad for two crucial World Cup qualifiers against Italy and Albania later this week. Brar has earlier served PU in different teaching and administrative capacities for about 35 years. as well as the freedom to spend one’s money without having to offer explanations to one’s family. or both. read more

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