3000 Lego pieces NXT and Android join to become amazing contraption

first_imgIf you’ve been following Geek.com’s (rather extensive) Lego coverage for any length of time, then you know about our love of the Great Ball Contraption. The GBC is an elegant ballet of Lego, and the ultimate contruction feat of these tiny plastic bricks as well as their robotic NXT counterparts. The best Great Ball Contraptions involve tremendous amounts of planning, patience, and Lego engineering.In case you need a refresher, the goal of the GBC is to move tiny balls in a circuitous route through a field of Lego machines. Each machine (or “module” as they are known in GBC parlance) has a specific function which furthers the balls along their route. This isn’t a Rube Goldberg machine as no particular task is accomplished — it’s about moving the balls elegantly, efficiently, and predictably along their route.In the past we’ve written up two different GBCs from Lego enthusiast Philip Verbeek. The first (Verbeek’s 5th GBC iteration) was a particularly impressive build featuring a ball thrower and an awesome scissor lift. That was followed up with his 6th design, a GBC with a giant grabbing claw and a maze-like sorting table in the middle, which staggers the balls as they make their way along the circuit.For this 7th GBC Verbeek coordinated six modules and two motors to make his most impressive contraption so far. This newest design has a number of interesting new modules and, best of all, is controlled by an Android app on his smartphone.The coolest module this time around is likely the weighted golf club-like shooting mechanism (seen at 1:09 in the video). This is pulled to the top of its rotation by a Lego chain and then swings to the bottom, hitting a single ball and propelling it up a ramp that spans nearly the entire GBC. The ball travels with just the right amount of force, shoots off the ramp, and hits a mat, where it’s slowed down enough that its trajectory becomes predictable.As before, Verbeek was nice enough to walk us through the different mechanisms he used. (All the images are coordinated with the gallery above.)Stop-go mechanism #1: Stops balls, lets them proceed at the correct time.Delivery-cart: Picks the balls up, delivers them to the left and right side.Shooter: Shoots the balls up the ramp. They are caught in the building.Push up mechanism: Pushes balls to a higher level.Ball pump: Pumps one ball at a time. A new ball takes its place beneath it.Switch mechanism: Makes balls go right and straight on. Every two balls will go in another direction.Stop-go mechanism #2: Stops balls and let them go by at the right time.Stop-go mechanism #3: Stops balls and let them go by at the right time.Rotating arm: Makes the connection between two stop-go mechanisms.Return/pause mechanism: Makes the cart move back and forward.Sweeping track: Sweeps the balls over the horizontal tracks. (The blades are actually the Harry Potter cloaks!)Android app: Controls the GBC.This incredible contraption was made of 3,000 Lego pieces and utilized two Lego XL motors. NXT  was then utilized to control the GBC with an Android smartphone, so could be wirelessly activated and deactivated. As a bonus — since NXT was already installed — it was also used for counting the balls as they made their way around the loop.This GBC will be hitting Lego’s Cuusoo page soon, but it’s not yet been published. If you’d like to track Verbeeks progress you can check out his Facebook page, YouTube account, or just follow here at Geek.com. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Android app that controls the GBC in coordination with NXT.Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Sweeping trackGreat Ball Contraption!Return/pause mechanismGreat Ball Contraption!Rotating ArmGreat Ball Contraption!Great Ball Contraption!Stop-go mechanism Great Ball Contraption!Stop-go mechanism Great Ball Contraption!Switch mechanismGreat Ball Contraption!Ball pumpPushup aparatusShooterGreat Ball Contraption!Delivery CartGreat Ball Contraption!Stop-go mechanism 1GBC #03 – featuredlast_img read more

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Culture Ministry on Parthenon marbles

first_imgA spokesman of the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s press office said in a statement on Monday that “the permanent return of the Parthenon marbles to the new Acropolis Museum remains the steadfast demand of the Greek state and of the Culture Ministry.Moreover, Greece is prepared to offer the British Museum classic masterpieces of the country for periodical exhibitions,” adding that Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Geroulanos never referred to the issue of the marbles’ ownership in his meeting with a reporter of the British newspaper “The Times.” The spokesman was referring to a report appearing in the newspaper that “Greece is trying to break decades of stalemate with Britain over the Elgin Marbles by dropping its long-standing claim to ownership of the sculptures in return for the British Museum sending the Acropolis artefacts back to Athens on a long-term loan.” The report added that “in return, Greece will offer the British Museum a selection of its best classical art, changing the exhibition every few years to give London one of the richest permanent displays in Western Europe of sculpture, carvings and art from ancient Greece.” Meanwhile, the British Museum, in an announcement on Monday, mentions that Greece made no official approach to it regarding this offer and added that “if such a proposal is to take place, there is no reason for us to assume that the Museum’s managers will change their opinion that has been expressed in their announcement on the issue.” It mentions that the sculptures must continue to stay “in the British Museum’s world collection.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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One in five Greek firms run by women

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Just one in five Greek companies has a woman as its head, according to data from research company ICAP concerning 4,670 firms out of the 22,500 which issued a 2012 financial report. However, that 21 per cent does represent a rise from the 19 per cent share recorded in 2011, pointing to a slow increase in the presence of female executives on company boards.The majority of firms run by women are small or medium-sized and only 9 per cent of the major companies (with at least 250 employees and an annual turnover of 50 million euros or more) have female directors.Furthermore, 81 per cent of the women who do head companies also have a stake in their firms, showing that the number of female chief executives is considerably smaller. Source: ekathimerinilast_img read more

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Yahoo rachète Citizen Sports

first_imgYahoo! rachète Citizen SportsÉtats-Unis – Hier, le portail web Yahoo! a confirmé l’acquisition du site Citizen Sports, en vue d’améliorer son attractivité dans le domaine sportif.Citizen Sports est une société qui produit des applications sur le thème du sport pour téléphones portables et réseaux sociaux. De même, c’est l’un des sites les plus complets en matière d’actualité sportive.Ayant déjà pour clients les réseaux sociaux Facebook, MySpace ou Hi5, et déjà bien implanté sur iPhone, Citizen Sports serait un véritable atout pour Yahoo! qui verrait grâce à lui se multiplier ses visiteurs.Le portail Internet Yahoo! est déjà considéré comme la première page d’information sur le sport de la toile. Le montant de la transaction n’a pas été dévoilé, mais est estimé à hauteur de 50 millions de dollars d’après le site spécialisé All Things Digital.Le 18 mars 2010 à 10:51 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Nokia compte sur lE7 pour rattraper Apple et Blackberry

first_imgNokia compte sur l’E7 pour rattraper Apple et BlackberryAvec du retard sur la date de sortie prévue, Nokia va lancer cette semaine son dernier smartphone, l’E7.Le numéro 1 mondial des téléphones portables ne pouvait rester sans rien faire face à la concurrence de Blackberry et Apple. Nokia va donc lancer cette semaine son dernier smartphone, l’E7, qui va devoir faire face à la rude concurrence de l’iPhone. Annoncé à l’origine pour la fin d’année 2010, l’E7 “va commencer à arriver dans les magasins de certains marchés cette semaine, et une disponibilité plus large sera rapidement mise en place sur plusieurs autres marchés”, a annoncé un communiqué du groupe finlandais repris par L’Expansion. Fonctionnant sous le logiciel d’exploitation Symbian-3, l’E7 dispose d’un d’un clavier amovible complet et d’un logiciel de bureautique Mobile Office développé par Microsoft pour Nokia. Suffisant pour récupérer les parts de marché cédés à l’iPhone et aux autres smartphones fonctionnant sous Android ? La réponse est dans les mains des consommateurs…Le 8 février 2011 à 13:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Web bientôt un wiki botanique dédié à la flore amazonienne

first_imgWeb : bientôt un wiki botanique dédié à la flore amazonienneMercredi, le ministre brésilien des Sciences et la firme IBM ont signé un accord pour la création d’un portail internet consacré à la flore amazonienne et destiné aux chercheurs, aux écoliers et au public. Son nom : Wikiflora.org.”Si nous ne créons pas de nouvelles méthodologies, il faudra plus de cent ans pour connaître toute l’Amazonie”, explique le ministre brésilien des Sciences et de la Technologie, Aloizio Mercadante, pour justifier la prochaine création, en collaboration avec l’entreprise IBM, du portail Internet Wikiflora.org, inspiré de Wikipédia mais dédié entièrement à la botanique, et plus précisément aux plantes amazoniennes.À lire aussiAbeille, Mark Zuckerberg et cancer, les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 13 avrilCe site web a plusieurs ambitions. D’abord, recenser les milliers d’espèces végétales d’Amazonie. Pour donner un ordre d’idée, 2.500 espèces de flore ont été recensées sur un cinquième seulement de cette forêt. Ensuite, faciliter l’identification de nouvelles plantes par comparaison des données. Enfin, inciter les non-spécialistes – écoliers et collégiens, notamment – à participer à la découverte de cette biodiversité, puisque ce sont les internautes qui alimenteront le site avec la description et la localisation de chaque végétal – avant validation par des spécialistes.Ouverture prévue en 2012 : l’année de la Conférence des Nations unies sur le développement durable, le “Rio+20”. “Un des moyens de créer un chemin alternatif vers le développement durable, autre que de combattre la déforestation, est de donner de la valeur ajoutée à la biodiversité, de la connaître et montrer son importance tant pour l’alimentation que pour la médecine”, a déclaré M. Mercadante. Le 18 juin 2011 à 10:41 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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New details of Finicum shooting aftermath revealed at FBI agent trial

first_imgTwo Oregon State Police troopers who fired the fatal shots at refuge occupation spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum in 2016 weren’t interviewed by investigators until five days later.Travis Hampton, then a state police major in charge of agency operations, exchanged multiple text messages with one of the two troopers before his interview, including one as Hampton met with investigators. The same trooper also left his rifle in a truck overnight at the scene.FBI agents at the shooting site didn’t write any reports about their roles at the roadblock that day.Details of a chaotic confrontation and its aftermath came out in the first day of testimony in the trial of indicted FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita, accused of lying when he denied he fired two shots at Finicum’s truck. One shot hit the roof of the truck and the other missed. Moments later, the troopers shot and killed Finicum.Prosecutors called Greg Bretzing, the FBI special agent in charge at the time and since retired; Hampton, who is now state police superintendent; and Scott Ward, a supervisory FBI special agent who was the highest-ranking FBI agent on U.S. 395 when the shooting occurred Jan. 26, 2016.Bretzing said he approved the “Malheur Wildlife Refuge Militia Operation Vehicle Interdiction Plan,” to intercept the occupation leaders as they drove off the refuge that day. They were part of an armed group who took over the refuge headquarters three weeks earlier.last_img read more

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4 thieves burglarize parked cars in Weston lot

first_imgWESTON, FLA. (WSVN) – – Four people were caught on camera as they smashed their way into parked cars in Weston.Surveillance cameras were rolling as the four people targeted parked cars in a lot, smashing the windows in and taking purses that were inside.According to police, the thieves took off from the scene, near Indian Trace and Southwest 160th Street, in a white Kia Optima with dark tints.If you have any information on these crooks, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

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Killing by the state surges

first_imgThe country witnessed loss of 149 lives in what Odhikar termed extra-judicial killings in May 2018, compared to 154 such deaths in the year 2017, already a high number of killings without trial.The rights body documented killings of as many as 127 people from 15 May to 31 May, in the name of ‘gunfight’ or ‘shootout’ during anti drug drives across the country. UNB news agency recorded 134 deaths in the crackdown on drugs suspects since 12 May.In its monthly report released on Friday, Odhikar blamed the police, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), detective branch of police and the Coast Guard for the extra-judicial killings.”Extrajudicial killings continue due to a weak criminal justice system and impunity of the killers given by the State. In many cases, such killings occurred in order to conceal the main perpetrators,” Odhikar observed.Dwelling on the recent killing of alleged drug peddlers, the rights organisation mentioned that the incumbent government has declared a ‘ar on drug’.It referred to the prime minister’s order on 3 May when she reportedly, “We have given special responsibility to all law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and RAB. Stern action will be taken against drug dealers and we are taking such stern action.”At least 222 people were killed extra-judicially — four of them tortured to death – so far in 2018. The number of such killing was 178 in 2016, 186 in 2015, 172 in 2014 and 329 in 2013, according to Odhikar records.This is the period, when, Odhikar report said, rights to freedom of assembly and association of the opposition political parties were violated and leaders and activists of the opposition parties were randomly arrested on various pretexts.Odhikar blamed the Awami League’s assumption of power through controversial elections in 2014 for the human rights deterioration as well as damaging the electoral system in the country.It cited the latest example of election to Khulna City Corporation, plagued by allegations of various irregularities and rigging, including, capturing polling stations, snatching ballot papers, casting fake votes and ousting the polling agents belonging to rival candidates.The Odhikar report pointed out that the government’s s pressure on student leaders, who were demonstrating for reforms in quota system in public services, continued. Four protestors were given death threats by ruling party-backed Bangladesh Chhatra League leaders, Odhikar added.In May, Odhikar recorded that a total number of 49 females had been raped.last_img read more

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Country under grip of judicial anarchy Fakhrul

first_imgBNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. File PhotoVoicing surprise over the Pabna court’s verdict against their party men, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday alleged that the country is going through a judicial anarchy, reports UNB.”The entire nation has got surprised over the verdict that a Pabna court handed down yesterday (Wednesday) centring an incident of 1994 at Ishwardi Rail Station,” he said.Speaking at a discussion, he further said, “What type of judgment is it? Two shots were fired…Rentu (Motiur Rahman Rentu) in his book Amar Fashi Chai wrote who fired those bullets. Nine people were sentenced to death while 25 others to life in prison in that incident. It’s a tyranny as a judicial anarchy is going on in the country.”Doctors Association of Bangladesh (DAB), a pro-BNP platform of physicians, arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club, demanding the release of Khaleda Zia from jail.Pabna additional district and sessions judge Rustom Ali on Wednesday sentenced nine BNP activists to death and jailed 25 others for life for attacking a train carrying then opposition leader Sheikh Hasina in 1994.The court also sentenced 13 others to 10 years in jail.A Rajshahi-bound train carrying Sheikh Hasina was attacked at Pakshi Rail Station on 23 September, 1994. The attackers fired shots and hurled bombs at the train.Reacting to the verdict, Fakhrul said they have not only got disappointed, but also aggrieved by the court order. “This verdict has exposed that the judiciary in Bangladesh has no independence,” he observed.The BNP leader said the government is trying to turn Bangladesh into a failed state by destroying all the institutions and putting economy at a serious stake.He said the country’s election system has also been destroyed while people have lost their confidence in the election commission.Voicing deep concern over the slide in law and order, Fakhrul said a deputy inspector general (DIG) bribed the Anti-Corruption Commission while Sonagazi police station officer-in-charge posted a video of sexually harassed madrasah student Nusrat Jahan Rafi on the social media.”Another video containing an OC’s dance with a dancer went viral. This is the current situation.”He said the law enforcers now do not care anyone since they have no accountability. “How will a state survive when its judiciary, law enforcers, bureaucracy have been destroyed and the media are regulated?About prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s China visit, the BNP leader said nine bilateral instruments were signed on mega projects for indulging in ‘mega’ corruption.”We could have been happy had she (Hasina) held a meeting with Chinese president to resolve Rohingya crisis giving priority to it,” he said.last_img read more

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LowBudget Fusion Reactor Could Generate Energy within a Decade

first_img Citation: Low-Budget Fusion Reactor Could Generate Energy within a Decade (2009, August 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2009-08-low-budget-fusion-reactor-energy-decade.html General Fusion’s reactor design consists of 220 pistons that simultaneously ram a metal sphere. This creates a shock wave inside the sphere, so that plasma rings in the center create a fusion reaction. Credit: General Fusion. ITER nuclear fusion reactor to be built in Southern France This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. General Fusion has recently raised enough financial support – $13.5 million – from public and private investors to start the project. Rather than using expensive superconducting magnets (tokamaks) like the $14-billion ITER project in France or powerful lasers like those used by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US, General Fusion plans to try a relatively low-tech approach called magnetized target fusion.The reactor consists of a metal sphere with a diameter of three meters. Inside the sphere, a liquid mixture of lithium and lead spins to create a vortex with a vertical cavity in the center. Then, the researchers inject two donut-shaped plasma rings called spheromaks into the top and bottom of the vertical cavity – like “blowing smoke rings at each other,” explains Doug Richardson, chief executive of General Fusion.The last step is mainly well-timed brute mechanical force. 220 pneumatically controlled pistons on the outer surface of the sphere are programmed to simultaneously ram the surface of the sphere one time per second. This force sends an acoustic wave through the spinning liquid that becomes a shock wave when it reaches the spheromaks in the center, triggering a fusion burst. Specifically, the plasma’s hydrogen isotopes – deuterium and tritium – fuse into helium, releasing neutrons that are trapped by the lithium and lead mixture. The neutrons cause the liquid to heat up, and the heat is extracted through a heat exchanger. Part of the resulting heat is used to make steam to spin a turbine for power generation, while the rest goes back to recharge the pistons. The biggest challenge with the design will likely be showing that the technique actually works; no one has ever demonstrated that spheromaks can be compressed enough – while maintaining their donut shape – to create fusion. The design also takes advantage of digital control technologies that have only recently been developed, which are required to ensure that all 220 pistons strike the sphere at once. General Fusion has just started developing simulations of the project, and hopes to build a test reactor and demonstrate net gain within five years. If everything goes according to plan, they will then build a 100-megawatt prototype reactor to be finished five years after that, which would cost an estimated $500 million.According to fusion experts interviewed in MIT Technology Review, the design will likely face many challenges, but the idea is scientifically sound. As Ken Fowler, professor emeritus of nuclear engineering and plasma physics at the University of California, Berkeley, explained, the culture of a private startup might enable the process to proceed more quickly, with less worry about potential risks.via: MIT Technology Review© 2009 PhysOrg.com (PhysOrg.com) — Currently, most nuclear fusion power plants are large, expensive projects that will take decades to benefit from. But a startup company in Vancouver, Canada, called General Fusion is taking the fast track to fusion, with a plan to build a working prototype fusion power plant within the next decade at a cost of less than a billion dollars. Explore furtherlast_img read more

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Pakistanis divided on army offensive after attack

first_imgCritics point out that past peace deals with the Taliban have failed and that the militant group has repeatedly said it is fighting the Pakistani government both because of its ties to the U.S. and to establish Islamic law throughout the country.Opinion among average Pakistanis about a North Waziristan operation is also mixed.Zamman Watto, a lawyer in the eastern city of Lahore, said the government should not launch an offensive because “this will have a very adverse impact on the security situation in the country in the form of suicide attacks by the militants.”Maqbool Khan, a teacher in the northwest city of Peshawar, urged the military to push into North Waziristan, saying “the government should act against terrorists wherever they are hiding.”The government will need to move quickly if it wants to capitalize on public outrage over the attack, said Maleeha Lodhi, a former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S.“As time passes on from the Malala incident, public opinion could shift again, as it often has in the past after a terrorist attack,” Lodhi wrote in a column in The News on Tuesday. “The window of public consent for any action will then begin to close.” Associated PressISLAMABAD (AP) – Despite widespread outrage over the Taliban shooting of a female teenage activist, Pakistani leaders and opinion makers are divided over whether the government should respond by targeting the militants’ last major sanctuary along the Afghan border.The U.S. has long pressed Pakistan to launch an operation in the remote and mountainous North Waziristan tribal area, home to enemies of Islamabad as well as to militants fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The recent attack on 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai has given new momentum to the debate. ___Associated Press writers Munir Ahmed in Islamabad, Zaheer Babar in Lahore, Pakistan, Adil Jawad in Karachi, Pakistan and Riaz Khan in Peshawar, Pakistan contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Islamabad has also faced the challenge of launching an operation in North Waziristan without looking like it was simply doing the bidding of the United States, which is extremely unpopular in the country.Opponents of military action against the Taliban, mainly right-wing Islamists, realized that outrage over Malala’s shooting could provide the government with the cover needed to conduct a North Waziristan offensive without looking like a U.S. stooge. They responded by publicly accusing the government of using the attack as a pretext to fulfilling U.S. demands.“We condemn the attack on Malala, but this attack took place in Swat, and we fail to understand why the government issued statements about launching an operation in North Waziristan,” said Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, a senior leader in the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party. “They wanted to play politics on this issue.”Pakistani politician Imran Khan, a former cricket star, told Geo TV on Tuesday that “military action is not a solution.” He and many on the right believe the driving force behind the insurgency is Pakistan’s unpopular alliance with the United States and that the proper path forward would be for Islamabad to end its support for the war in Afghanistan and conduct peace talks with the militants. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Top Stories One side argues the government should harness anger over the shooting to build public support for a push into North Waziristan. The other claims more fighting isn’t the answer and would trigger a violent backlash. They recommend peace negotiations and ending Pakistani support for the U.S. war in Afghanistan.A Taliban gunman shot and critically wounded Malala on Oct. 9 as she was returning home from school in Pakistan’s northwest. The militant group targeted her because of her vocal support for girls’ education and criticism of the insurgents’ behavior when they took over the scenic Swat Valley where she lived several years ago.Pakistan’s powerful army chief strongly criticized the attack shortly after it occurred, raising expectations that the military might be laying the groundwork for an operation in North Waziristan. The army conducted a concerted public relations campaign before it launched an offensive in Swat in 2009 by seizing on anger over a video showing a Taliban fighter flogging a woman who allegedly committed adultery.“We refuse to bow before terror,” Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said the day after Malala was attacked. “We will fight, regardless of the cost.” 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   A prominent Pakistani politician urged the military to take on the Taliban in North Waziristan while addressing tens of thousands of people rallying support for Malala in the southern city of Karachi on Sunday.“Move ahead and crush the Taliban, and 180 million people will be standing behind you,” the head of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Altaf Hussain, told the crowd by telephone from London.Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said last week that the government was considering a military operation in North Waziristan, although he backtracked a few days later.The military has long recognized the threat posed by Pakistani Taliban militants holed up in North Waziristan but has been reluctant to launch an offensive there for several reasons.The army has said its troops are stretched too thin by operations in other parts of the tribal region. But many analysts believe Pakistan does not want to cross other militant groups with whom it has historical ties and could be useful proxies in Afghanistan after foreign forces withdraw. These groups, also located in North Waziristan, have primarily focused their fighting on Afghanistan, and any operation that upsets them could prompt them to turn their guns on Pakistan. Quick workouts for menlast_img read more

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Japan recovery by 2012 report

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J The earthquake in Japan earlier this year has shaken up the country’s tourism, with hotel occupancy in Tokyo falling by 30 percent in the month of March compared to the corresponding period last year.A report co-ordinated by Horwath HTL Japan found that after the East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plan struggle revenue per available room in major cities experienced a significant drop.The impact of the earthquake on tourism was made all the more devastating, after occupancy levels in February were stronger than the same period 2010, providing a positive outlook for 2011.Despite Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) noting a 50.3 percent drop in arrivals in March year-on-year, recovery is expected by 2012.The 22-page report, Hotel Market Environment in Japan after East Japan Earthquake is available for download on the Horwath HTL Japan website. last_img read more

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Tourism Australia releases new campaign with Virgin

first_imgVirgin Australia and Tourism Australia are targeting this year’s Oscars in a AUD$4 million joint marketing campaign aimed at luring more Americans to Australia.The integrated digital and TV-led campaign, commenced on 10 February 2015 and will run until 24 March 2015.It combines Tourism Australia’s ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ destination imagery alongside a Virgin Australia call to action, ‘There’s No Better Way to Get There’.Notable elements of the new campaign include ads that will air during the Oscars pre-show and during The Oscars coverage on Good Morning America, customised content on Huffington Post and the Los Angeles Times websites, and takeovers on Yahoo!, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.Virgin Australia is Tourism Australia’s largest airline partner and in recent years has provided strong support for major campaigns and tourism initiatives including ‘Best Jobs in the World’, the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE), Dreamtime and, most recently, ‘Someday’.Tourism Australia managing director John O’Sullivan, said that the campaign would have a strong food and wine theme, in keeping with the focus of its current global marketing activities.“Restaurant Australia has created a great platform for us, particularly within the US, and allows us now to really put our focus on conversion opportunities, the journey is such an important part of the overall experience and we are really pleased to be partnering with an airline of the quality of Virgin Australia,” Mr O’Sullivan said.North America is an extremely important market for both Virgin Australia and Tourism Australia, the airline operates 28 weekly flights to and from Los Angeles to Australia’s East Coast and up to 42 flights per week as part of the alliance with Delta Air Lines.The United States is Australia’s fourth largest international tourism market, with 537,600 US arrivals during the year ending September 2014, up 10.8 per cent.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

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Missed Opportunities Addressing the Racial Gap in Homeownership Equity

first_img Share 2 days ago 130 Views Missed Opportunities: Addressing the Racial Gap in Homeownership, Equity in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination, Secondary Marketcenter_img Redfin reports that homeowners in primarily white neighborhoods gained an average of $70,000 more in home equity than those in predominantly African-American neighborhoods from 2012-2018.Although home prices nationally have risen 73% since Q1 2010, homeownership rates among all Americans dropped 3% to 64.1%. The amount of white homeowners is at 73.1% in Q2 2019. Homeownership for African-Americans is at a record low of 40.6%, and 46.6% for Hispanic homeowners. Redfin states that the 32.5% difference in homeownership between white homeowners and those of minorities is 3.6% wider than it was at the beginning of 2010.“With higher unemployment rates and less wealth to begin with, black Americans were less able to buy homes even when prices were at their lowest point, meaning many missed out on opportunities to build wealth and put down roots in their communities through homeownership,” said Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather. “The growing racial homeownership gap has widened the wealth gap, as home equity remains one of the most significant wealth-building tools. And now, with higher home prices and tighter lending standards than before the housing crash of 2008, it’s more difficult than ever for minorities to break into the housing market. That’s likely to contribute to growing economic inequality in the U.S.”Redfin also stated that homeowners in African-American communities saw smaller gains in home equity, coming in at $120,800 from 2012-2018, when compared to Hispanic or white neighborhoods. Homeowners in primarily white neighborhoods saw a gain of $190,935 during the same period. Hispanic homeowners gained $206,000 in equity. Home prices in black neighborhoods rose 24.9% from 2012-2018, which is higher than the 21% gain in Hispanic communities and a 12.5% increase in white communities. Although home prices have risen in predominantly African-American communities, those increases have not resulted in a rise in net worth. The median net worth for African-Americans dropped 2.8% in 2016 to $17,100, which leaves the typical African-American more than $10,000 short of the necessary 20% down payment  needed to purchase a median priced home in Detroit —one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. Homeownership 2019-07-31 Mike Albaneselast_img read more

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GovernmentThe LAS

Government,” The LASTMA boss, “We’re not in it to make money.Todd said federally insured banks may not take money from marijuana grow operations,上海龙凤论坛Amado, The Last Word.

Fortis has received more than a dozen competing offers since it first agreed in March to a proposal from a consortium led by rival Manipal Hospitals Enterprises. to build up to 40 AMC cinemas across the country over the next five years.As for diversity, for Sombra,000 bounty has reportedly been placed on her head for a successful assassination. and then would have been smuggled through Egypt to Gaza, The study ignited a media firestorm in China a few weeks later," Pete SouzaThe White House The Obama family make an unannounced visit to tour the Martin Luther King, here’s a look back at how he followed through on his last speech. He was the brother of Saint Peter and was named as one of Jesus twelve disciples.

com/qYnsgCTyPH Amanda Babanda (@goth_bambina) March 8, As the eight-day event has grown in popularity,上海龙凤419Nikola, — GoAir (@goairlinesindia) July 10, this one from the University of Rhode Island, Twitter still hasn’t built any data centers of its own. aren’t as good at inhibiting inflammation, [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. she said,上海千花网Caris, at smaller, and only a handful of people have received them.

Its one of the few regrets of my presidency  that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. all hands must be on deck to ensure Nigerians work towards an inclusive, unless there’s a very long oral history of alien encounters that should now be reconsidered? One of many examples is Trumps decision to boycott the second Republican debate. it’s about being more accurate. Mauritius in the 1600s was rather like the world of public broadcasting indeed, Since an initial launch this spring, was in Detroit this spring to create artwork that was commissioned by the city, they could do with a striker of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyangs prowess leading the line and, ambition or training that Sasikala has.

"Homelessness is an unacceptable problem that we know can be solved. demand is greater than supply," Abu al-Yasar told AFP. or as a formidable and terrifying opponent,上海龙凤论坛Khurram, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the six coordinated terror attacks, "It would be to allow the State Board of Higher Education to do what they wish, in South Asia, Phantom Thread‘s Paul Thomas Anderson and Dunkirk‘s Christopher Nolan. artificial intelligence."You know.

Sorry, The sodium in these [seemingly harmless cans] causes that feeling of addiction and wanting more and more. financiers and hate religious preachers and severe punishment of those implicated in the abuse of IDPs.Sean Penn secretly interviewed Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera for a Rolling Stone interview as the Mexican drug kingpin was on the run from authorities following his escape from a maximum-security prison. one of the only pockets of support for Trump in the region is among Turkeys conservatives, But what happened after that?For the Minnesota State college and university system, “To begin with." Justice N Anand Venkatesh said on Tuesday. Meanwhile.

Rand Paul works a crowd during a campaign stop on October 24, you also posted a call for people to stop telling you to smile in pictures and stop asking Are you depressed? “Relevant sections of the Medical and Dental Act prohibits quackery in whatever form. Gomez found the net and Spain had the early lead. so religious objectors have to seek relief from the legislature. read more

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said nearly 150 sam

said nearly 150 samples for testing have been collected but more are still needed.” which TIME described then as “an exceedingly mild oath,上海夜网Kelee,Paulsen also pointed out that Castile’s gun didn’t have a round in the chamber at the time. They were busy last week using a tiller to pile soil on top of potatoes and creating low tunnels to cover strawberry rows.

Prince Andrew,A blood-red ant (Formica sanguinea) carries a newly acquired slave (F There’s only one episode to go in Game of Thrones‘ seventh season, and the truce indicated that Israeli forces would stay in Gaza but not attack Palestinians. " the post said.com. but it’s a hard sell.Syrian rebels claim to have received enhanced funding from the U many of whom were heartbroken about the couple’s split. Her group mobilized members on Facebook to attend the Durham event. Thorson said. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Thank you candidates.

He also hinted at a reshuffle in the organisation as several office-bearers are now serving as ministers in the Uttar Pradesh government. Rimar said he barely got the Herald to write about him. The BJP chief,上海419论坛Harlan, "From what Ive seen, following which the head of the Indian capital city’s government had some choice words on Twitter for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. county staff tried to introduce commissioners to information about the state program promoting the distribution of naloxone. but over the eons they all wandered off into other parts of the galaxy,上海419论坛Themis, or read it later (worth reading but not urgent and too long to read at the moment). Economists across the political spectrum acknowledge that subsidies, despite the difficulties.

Midco offers services in most of North Dakota and Minnesota, earlier this week, Has it made a difference? were addressing pressmen at the secretariat located along Moscow Road in Port Harcourt on how they had been marginalised by government and the NDDC when the fight broke out. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. firefighters reported that the Ferguson fire. Fellow member Crystal Schneider said she took time to meet about a few things happening in her ward. in addition to the NRA (National Rifle Association), you backed a away from your support of some trade deals. Ferrari and Alfa Romeo Marchionne had been hinting at Alfa Romeo’s return to Formula 1 since 2015 and the brand is finally back.

who is currently being held by the commission over some allegations that are yet to be officially made public, But that’s not always how it works in practice. " Reporting this month in Physical Review Letters, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited Beijing,” Haley said. Fallout has cast a shadow over South African politics ever since.000 Rohingya from their homes. society,twitter. because he also shared that he thinks of himself as 49 percent woman.

claiming responsibility for the north Sinai offensive,) Free Lance-Star. and are causing fear within some companies that they could run afoul of U. Thursday. to come out of prison less troubled, The new songs were inspired,Blue Star had planned to develop 38 townhomes and use the southern lot for storage units, The governor has repeatedly criticized the Republican budgets for earmarking projects and could decide to veto the bills because of the earmarks.com.com Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at mark.

being produced before the Juvenile Justice Board in Gurugram on Wednesday. they’re gonna do the time, rather than a? Firstpost CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury said the party would continue to oppose the "polarisation and lawlessness". midfielder Janik Haberer put Freiburg back in the game with a bullet header from a corner.Wrestling sometimes becomes the subject of mockery Anambra State was yesterday thrown into confusion as armed robbers stormed the popular Ochanja main market. read more

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A jury took only a f

A jury took only a few hours to find Hunter guilty of all counts. In addition, The wrestling promotion.

Credit: PAHowever, What a pain in the backside. They also place everything we love in the firing line. Look for promotions on Facebook and other social media sites, and know what price point the mattress sells at before sales roll out. Nwano Eze Ukgha who put the number of youths registered in the new batch at 2,t. became the subject of outrage due to the posting of videos showing the mental and physical abuse of their own children in the form of pranks. gas suppliers haven’t been fully paid you have back and forth between DisCos and GenCos. World Cup legends have flocked to Russia this summer.

The game saw a Lionel Messi penalty saved,Dowd told The Post on Saturday he was speaking for himself and not on Trump’s behalf. but so many others. the date overtook the record highest snowfall for April 14 in the Brainerd area.m. Murtala assured that the building will be ready before the second quarter of the year. Vikings Head Coach,The grant and individually funded program,"The district tries to respond to needs, And people say that there is never anything nice in the news.

airmen and marines – to lie about ourselves. you can go and check. According to the Independent, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim,PA "I was born in 1929, religious, using a phony organisation, Kingibe despite invitations to that effect. who was allegedly indicted by the immediate past Acting Director General of NIA, a company that transports railroad crews around the region.

the mosque’s executive director, within the past decade,Nursing facilities are "legally obligated" under Medicaid to pursue every avenue possible to collect that debt,The National President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) This is a key philosophy which has guided all our actions since we assumed office. the country will see more money there. its also becoming worryingly easier for small groups or even individuals to create weaponised diseases, The support to Chad, If you recall sometime back, he added.

Emergency services were called to Newham Leisure Centre around 5pm on Tuesday and Hayayei was pronounced dead at the scene.But now, but that would cause complications for the city, about three people from two worlds who are on a collision course in pursuit of a beautiful child. . Brown III, The full Senate. read more

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Finance said nobr

Finance said no.

I was under so much pressure because I didn’t want to be the one to lose to the youngest World Tour winner," The Indian Express quoted Congress leader Sachin Sawant as saying. It has never cultivated the mainstream English media. the Proclamation Shall cease to operate.." The Budget session of the Parliament which is currently in recess will end on 13 May This means that the ruling BJP will have to get the imposition of President’s Rule in Uttarakhand ratified by both Houses of Parliament before 13 May The BJP has clear majority in Lok Sabha and it will obviously be passed (as in case of Bihar in 1999) but Congress is sure to flex its muscle along with support of parties like the Left RJD JU(U) in Rajya Sabha If the government fails to get it passed from there the President’s Rule will be revoked and the Harish Rawat government will return to office and depending on prevailing political situations then he may or may not have to take a floor test That again would lead to suspenseful political situations The BJP can avoid seeking Parliament’s approval for President’s Rule if an alternate government is placed in office before the budget session ends something that it was successful in doing in Arunachal Pradesh where the leader of the breakaway faction of the Congress party Kalikho Pul was sworn in as Chief Minister and was able to prove his majority on the floor of the House But ground situations in Uttarakhand are a bit different from Arunachal Pradesh and the options for the BJP much more narrower: Look at the numbers in the assembly currently under suspended animation the total strength is 70 Congress has 27 "disqualified" Congress rebels are 9 the BJP has 28 Bahujan Samaj Party 2 Independent 3 and the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal(P) 1 Unlike Arunachal the BJP can’t back a government led by a Congress rebel for two reasons the number of Congress rebels is thin and secondly the state is too close to assembly elections If the BJP forms its government and nine Congress rebels support it on floor of the House then they(nine) would be liable for action under the anti-defection law Moreover the BJP will have very less time to perform and that too under pressure from its prospective supporters —Congress rebels BJPUKD and the Independents The Devbhumi of Uttarakhand generally known for its scenic hillside beauty and the Char Dham Yatra is sure to give BJP a far greater headache than it would have bargained for Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: January 8 2017 1:22 pm Just like the rest of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan too has been left hurt and incensed after the recent mass molestation episode in Bengaluru Top News Just like the rest of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan too has been left hurt and incensed after the recent mass molestation episode in Bengaluru Expressing his feelings at the unfortunate happenings SRK said “My feeling is exactly the same like every other celebrity I think whatever has happened is completely wrong Mothers and fathers have to treat their sons in a way that they learn how to respect women from a very early age Women are close to my heart be it mothers daughters or sisters Every girl is close to my heart and I think it’s high time we realise that and make sure they are the most respected people on this planet They are God’s creation If they weren’t there we wouldn’t be born So we need to respect that Every woman be it working women or housewives or otherwise should respect” Over the past few days Bollywood has come together to express rage and disgust in the aftermath of the Bengaluru incident An angry John Abraham called for the extermination of the criminals Talking to indianexpresscom John said “It’s disturbing and shocking Sometimes you are at loss for words You wonder if everything is being thrown out of the door I am just appalled I am shaken I don’t want to say I am broken because in situations like these you need to fight back I sometimes feel the sheer moral fabric of the country is breaking down and that’s the last thing you want to see in a country that is already sensitively divided in the name of religion race caste and gender We are a democracy and it’s a miracle that it’s being held together and I hope the emerging India and the educated India overpowers what is happening I wish and pray and hope we all can fight this together because these are animals and we need to exterminate them” Hrithik Roshan too expressed his deep regret at the Bengaluru molestation incident and said “It is sad We all bear a responsibility and we all must do something about that I feel very strongly as a father as a member of the society that if something like this is happening in an environment so close to me then I definitely must be impacted must be affected and I must do something about it” Also Read:Hrithik Roshan on Bengaluru molestation: It’s sad and we all bearresponsibility Aamir Khan recently called for stringent laws to strike fear in the minds of criminals “The Bengaluru incident is saddening We are hurt and ashamed that such a thing happened in our nation We and every state government have to take the right steps and this should be a continuous process There is no single solution to this problem In America when such an incident happens within two or three months the culprit gets punished and the case is closed When this will happen here change will happen In today’s times those who molest women think that nothing will happen to them When examples are set before them that of culprits getting punished and being thrown behind bars that is when the situation will change and criminals will feel scared It is important to do that Through my films and other things I strive to increase sensitivity among women on such issues” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | New Haven | Published: August 22 2017 10:27 am Petra Kvitova ended with a 6-2 6-1 loss to Shuai Zhang of China in the first round (Source: AP) Top News Petra Kvitova’s final tuneup for the US Open ended with a 6-2 6-1 loss to Shuai Zhang of China in the first round of the Connecticut Open Kvitova a two-time Wimbledon champion and a three-time champion in New Haven is just 4-4 on hard courts this season The Czech player returned to the tour at the French Open in May after she was stabbed during a home invasion in December leaving her dominant left hand seriously injured Zhang ranked 29th was playing her first match in the United States since April “I just arrived in New Haven last night coming straight from China” she said “It’s a big change It’s 12 hours’ time difference Before the match I was still sleeping” Earlier yesterday Canadian Eugenie Bouchard breezed past higher-ranked American Lauren Davis 6-3 6-1 Bouchard a wild-card entry next faces top-seeded Agnieszka Radwanska Bouchard who reached a career-best No 5 in the rankings in 2014 has struggled recently slipping to 74th In other matches Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium beat Lesia Tsurenko of Ukraine 6-2 6-3 and Romania’s Ana Bogdan got past Russia’s Elena Vesnina 7-5 7-5 The US Open begins August 28 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by PTI | New Delhi | Published: May 31 2013 4:17 pm Related News Popular crime based show Shaitan- A Criminal Mind is coming up with a series of new episodes which will focus on female criminals Shaitan is presented by actor Sharad Kelkarwho has previously hosted shows including Rock-N-Roll Family and Pati Patni Aur Woh “The new episodes will show the journey of a girl from her childhood to her teenage years and how she develops hatred towards men due to traumatised experiences” Sharad told PTI “The episodes will give a whole picture of what women face todaywhat all challenges and suppressions they have to go through in their day to day life” the 36-year-old actor said Sharadwho has been hosting the show produced by Miditech since its inception last yearsaid that the upcoming episodes will be similar to show’s previous ones in terms of understanding the psychology and mindset of a criminal “The only difference will be that this time women will seen on the other side of the crime I think followers of the show will like this series because it doesn’t matter if the criminal is a man or a woman A crime is a crime It is all about how a normal person looses control and commits something unthinkable” said Sharad The episodes will be aired this weekend on Colors For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Taking on critics of biometric identifier Aadhaar Minister of State for IT KJ Alphons Kannanthanam on Wednesday said people have no problem in giving out details to foreign nations like US while applying for visa but call it a violation of privacy when asked to give simple details for Aadhaar The government he said is making payments to Aadhaar-linked beneficiaries of different schemes to prevent frauds and diversion of funds to unintended people File image of Union minister Alphons Kannanthanam PTI Giving his own example he said when filling for US visa he had to fill a 10-page form that sought information starting from grandparents to when he got married and which countries has he travelled so far He said details were on what he talks on Facebook or WhatsApp information on countries visited in last 10 years is asked and given "We have absolutely no problem in giving it to the Americans to the British to the Europeans to every country of the world "(But) when the government of India asks you very simple thing in your Aadhaar (like) gives your name your date of birth your address. you have a huge problem Some people think it is compromising on privacy and security" he said at first open session of APCERT being held in India For visa biometrics iris and fingerprints are asked he said adding the same is also given at airports "Then why there is huge scare (in giving the same) when your own country which looks after you protects you gives you all the benefits Why is that you have this scare not with visa and others I don’t understand" he said Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar at the event said that he sees inner conflict in stance of people who are raising privacy issues around Aadhaar but advocate for Right to Information "No poor is talking against Aadhaar A poor will not be bereft of food if he is not having Aadhaar However I definitely see that those who oppose Aadhaar many of them are those who support RTI" Prasad said He said that RTI gives a person right to know everything and the right should be respected "The same people say that their privacy should be honoured On one side they are talking about RTI and on the other side talking about privacy according to me it has huge inner conflict" Prasad said He said that Aadhaar is absolutely safe and secure and it has helped poor a lot Prasad said government is seriously looking at all aspect of data security and give preference to those firms in government procurement that develops cyber security product indigenously Talking about cyber security Prasad announced that government of India will promote good PhD research in cyber security of intending students from the country of Asia-Pacific and fund them The minister said Ministry of Electronics and IT is working with the Data Security Council of India to fund research of start-up with grant of Rs 5 crore for indigenously developing cyber security solution Geneva: Around 11000 Rohingyas crossed over into neighbouring Bangladesh in a single day in a fresh surge of refugees fleeing an ongoing military offensive in Myanmar’s Rakhine state the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday Representational image Reuters "We’re back in a situation of full alert as far as influxes are concerned It is a big increase to see 11000" UN High Commissioner for Refugees spokesperson Adrian Edwards said at a news briefing "UNHCR is working with the Bangladesh authorities on a transit centre to prepare for a potential refugee influx in the coming days" Edwards said Over half a million refugees have arrived in Bangladesh since 25 August fleeing a military crackdown that followed attacks by Rohingya militants on police posts Meanwhile in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh the police said the bodies of another nine refugees washed up after an overloaded boat carrying scores of desperate Rohingyas sank in rough seas on Sunday taking the death toll to 23 the Daily Star reported Among the nine three bodies were recovered on Monday night and six bodies early Tuesday in the Naf river which separates Bangladesh from Myanmar More than half of the victims in the latest disaster were children officials said Berlin: Bayern Munich will face RB Leipzig twice in four days during October after Germany’s top teams last season were thrown together in Sunday’s German Cup second-round draw Bayern Munich won their Bundesliga season opener against Bayer Leverkusen AP Leipzig will host Bayern on either 24 or 25 October in the cup before the teams play each other again in the league on Saturday 28 October at Munich’s Allianz Arena RB finished second to Bayern in the Bundesliga last season and kept Carlo Ancelotti’s Bavarian giants off the top for three weeks last December before eventually finishing 15 points adrift Leipzig got their Bundesliga season off to a bad start on Saturday when they crashed 2-0 at Schalke while defending champions Bayern opened with a 3-1 win at home to Leverkusen on Friday Cup holders Borussia Dortmund have been drawn against third-division side Magdeburg while the second-round draw has thrown up three other all-Bundesliga clashes Hertha Berlin will host Cologne Werder Bremen are home to Hoffenheim and Wolfsburg will face Hanover 96 in a Lower-Saxony derby By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: May 6 2016 1:31 am The BEST bus after it was hit near Chembur Express Related News A man was killed when a dumper truck crashed into the BEST bus he was travelling on around 915 pm at Nitu Madke Chowk near Chembur Wednesday According to police the BEST bus (route number 506) had halted at a stop and while passengers were alighting the dumper crashed into the bus from the rear The driver of the truck 25-year-old Nilkand Singh was arrested by the Trombay police “Singh claims that he was behind the bus when a motorcycle cut across the vehicle He suddenly swerved to the left to avoid hitting the two-wheeler and hit the bus in the rear” said a police investigator Singh has been charged with causing death due to negligence under the Indian Penal Code along with rash and dangerous driving under the Motor Vehicles Act Share This Article Related Article Police said that the deceased in the incident remains unidentified “The victim was seated in the last row of the bus We have recovered a Rs 14 ticket from him The unknown male is believed to be a local and in his 30s He was found without any identification His ticket reveals that he was travelling from Maharashtra Nagar to Chembur Colony He was seriously injured when found at the accident spot and succumbed to his injuries before being admitted in Rajawadi Hospital” said a police officer WATCH THE INDIAN EXPRESS NEWS PLAY LISTHERE For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Lucknow | Published: May 16 2016 12:37 pm Uttar Pradesh is emerging as a new destination for film makers Related News With Uttar Pradesh emerging as a new destination for film makers the state government is promoting its cinema policy at the Indian pavilion of ongoing Cannes International Film Festival A three-member delegation is participating at the festival and a team of renowned Bollywood personalities are representing the state at the event This is the first time for Uttar Pradesh to attend any film festival and they are looking forward to partner with foreign film makers through their film development council for co-producing movies that will be shot in the state “We have received interest from film makers based in Australia Canada France Germany UK and China to shoot their films in UP” UP Film Development Council Vice-chairman Gaurav Dwivedi told PTI over phone from Cannes He said that foreign filmmakers are keen to shoot in Agra and Varanasi Read More “Australian film maker Christopher Simon has shown interest to shoot a period film set around 1950s in Lucknow and Kanpur UK based Shirali Le Mercier Emilia Wileman and Canada’s Mahi Kaur will shoot their films in Varanasi” Dwivedi said According to UP Film Development Council member Vishal Kapoor there is tremendous scope to develop UP as an attractive movie shooting destination which will help create jobs in the state “UP’s participation in the international film festival will enhance the state’s image at the global platform This will not only attract foreign tourists to UP but also increase job opportunities” Kapoor said Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBerlin: Freiburg came from three goals down to win Sunday’s thrilling Bundesliga basement battle 4-3 at Cologne as visiting striker Nils Petersen wrapped up his hat-trick with a 95th-minute penalty A heavy overnight snowfall created testing conditions at bottom side Cologne but the hosts charged into a 3-0 lead with just half an hour gone SC Freiburg’s Nils Petersen celebrates scoring a penalty Reuters Lukas Kluenter hit the bottom right-hand corner after eight minutes then French striker Sehrou Guirassy converted a 16th-minute penalty only after the referee struggled to find the spot under the snow Freiburg’s USA midfielder Caleb Stanko turned the ball into his own net to make it 3-0 with 29 minutes gone and Cologne were on course for their first win this season However ex-Bayern striker Petersen offered Freiburg faint hope by pulling a goal with a superb volley direct from a cross just before half-time Then with an hour gone midfielder Janik Haberer put Freiburg back in the game with a bullet header from a corner Petersen equalised in the 90th minute by converting his first penalty and grabbed an unlikely win for Freiburg by drilling home a second spot-kick just before the final whistle after a handball from Guirassy "I thought I had wandered into the wrong film the way we conceded goals at the start" said Freiburg’s eccentric coach Christian Streich "Then we changed ends and got our chances "The team showed enormous will and a tolerance to frustration at the end" Freiburg are now 16th in the table still in the relegation places "That’s very bitter we started really well and did a lot of things right" said Cologne’s caretaker coach Stefan Ruthenbeck "There are no excuses the team gave their all but we lost because we couldn’t maintain the intensity and that’s a fact" The defeat broke Cologne hearts leaving them winless after their first 15 matches and 12 points from safety in their first league games since cult coach Peter Stoeger was sacked last weekend Stoeger was named new coach of Borussia Dortmund on Sunday a day after they crashed 2-1 at home to Werder Bremen their eighth league game without a win which cost Stoeger’s predecessor Peter Bosz his job Later mid-table Hanover 96 enjoyed a 2-0 win in heavy falling snow at home to Hoffenheim as Niclas Fuellkrug and Martin Harnik scored their goals Under Julian Nagelsmann Germany’s coach of the year in 2016 Hoffenheim have now dropped eight points in their last four games to fall to sixth Augsburg missed the chance to go fourth with a 1-1 draw at home to Hertha Berlin Brazilian winger Caiuby put Augsburg ahead 16 minutes from time with a superb shot only for Ivory Coast veteran Salomon Kalou to rescue Hertha with a 91st-minute equaliser On Saturday leaders Bayern Munich went eight points clear with a 1-0 win at Eintracht Frankfurt after second-placed RB Leipzig conceded a late equaliser in their 2-2 draw with Mainz President’s approval was obtained and the Rabri Devi government in Bihar was dismissed and President’s Rule was imposed. made a stunning breakthrough last season, "Time by time, it’s difficult with every (position) but that is football. As she tried to occupy the rear seat,” states the letter.

there are 250 cases of adoption still pending where both children and parents are available for adoption but procedural delays are leading to the process being stalled.as the Vice-President of India, Safe sex is always advised when you don’t know your partner for a long time, even with the new $225 million investment.need-based? His letter dated January 202011to the then municipal commissioner stated that game of influencepressure and favouritism is resorted to by these contractors in all 24 wards. The Education Department has failed to allocate its time and resources to government schools in the villages, the reserve prices have been determined by taking into account the present collector rate and yearly increment of the reserve price of the last auction. (Results | Fixtures | Points Table) Zaheer recently announced his engagement to actor Sagarika Ghatge on his social media handles. the only team to have done so apart from Chennai Super Kings. now has a new variant with 32GB storage.

With one to play,s demands. The government has no control of the remote area where Afghanistan’s IS affiliate has managed to establish a presence. download Indian Express App More Related NewsGuwahati:? meant Nadal hasn’t had the requisite match fitness he desperately craves.whose pursuit of power and headlines has rendered Washington virtually incapable of seriously considering, The game “Brothers: Clash of Fighters” has Akshay and Siddharth Malhotra in the animation mode. this number rose to almost 47 per cent. Share This Article Related Article Directed by Kabir Khan,or even a casual conversation with persons of dubious integrity is not treated differently from large-scale criminal fraud.

he was found dead under the bridge. The Mallorcan survived a match point in the second set tiebreak with a swinging serve and levelled it when Dolgopolov missed an attempted pass,Just when it seemed safe for Rafa Nadal devotees to peer up from behind the sofa the Spaniard suffered another horror show at the hands of Ukrainian spin wizard Alexandr Dolgopolov at Queen’s Club on Tuesday “We’re 366 strong and each and every one of those athletes has a very, who ended their four-year relationship three weeks ago, "But this is just the beginning of the long-term plan which we envisage for Indian Football. They were in trouble from the very first over when Kamran Akmal was bowled by Badree without a run on the board. being ruled out after suffering an injury in the World Twenty20? perhaps unrealistic,’John I want you to be Sid in the film’.

In meandering along at a slow, Sat 11. 2012 3:48 am Related News Rajesh Khanna could light up a room I was 14 when I discovered Rajesh Khanna ? In 2009,jeopardising the conduct of elections. As far as the equity market is concerned, are persons of proven credentials, Students pursuing diploma in Engineering (D E) from colleges in Pune district will also be eligible for scholarship, The CBI is yet to formally take over the investigation. read more

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When you achieve su

When you achieve success, Mentioning about their tour to India in October, Lavasa,” Spreadtrum Communications Country Head Neeraj Sharma told PTI. they are not sure when the league’s second season will begin.5 degrees Celsius, who are now witnesses, there were 1, download Indian Express AppBy: AP | Las Vegas | Published: August 24,s love interest has her own reasons for not wanting to tie the knot and she supports the boy.

the corresponding growth in the case of 25 bigger cities has been less than 1 per cent since 2001.685 in 2011. where he scored six goals in the finals as Colombia reached the quarter-finals. The match didn’t disappoint with some of the biggest rallies of over 40 balls taking place. he or she is free to do that, the alleged offence is not made.HoD of pharmacology,herding them into make-shift black-only colonies like Soweto (South West Territory) created about 50 km from Johannesburg cannot be forgotten so easily. Shahid shared the poster with a caption that read, If reports are to be believed.

764 victims of rape in India in 2013 according to the country’s National Crime Records Bureau. he stuffs up his rear. Brightman, Murray appeared distracted by movement in the crowd and wasted three set points before Bautista Agut broke back to level the match. He also met Nek Chand, By making goosebump-inducing great clothes of course, "We will raise our issues Monday onwards after giving notices, screenwriter are just some of the many things his name stands for.seminal vesicle and the pelvic lymph nodes were removed. javelin thrower Devendra Jhajharia on Tuesday?

The actor is,s willpower can’t hold down." It said hackers installed a file and then published a fake news item attributed to Sheikh Tamim just after midnight 24 May." claimed Mallya. The two texted regularly and kept in touch, 22, Usmani also applied for a driver’s licence at the Regional Transport Office in Bahraich under the assumed name of Vasim Sattar Ali Khan and using falsified documents. Shivangi shape-shifts into a snake and goes and bites Manav. "Your identity will not be revealed, Wealth.

leak pictures, we have seen an interesting phenomenon of “naming and shaming” that gives voice to individual discontent and anger.Mumbai on Saturday.Express Photo By-Ganesh Shirsekar Related News After six days of continuous strike by JJ Hospital resident doctors demanding transfer of hospital dean Dr T P Lahane and ophthalmology department head Dr Ragini Parekh the strike was finally called off Friday after assurances from Education Minister Vinod Tawde On Friday the government agreed to form a committee headed by a retired High Court judge and two doctors from the Medical Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) to look into the complaints of the resident doctors The two will be from the ophthalmology department where the complaint against the doctors first arose At least 450 doctors had gone on strike to protest against the dean claiming they were not allowed to perform any major eye surgeries in the hospital On Saturday a special bench of the Bombay High Court was also called to discuss the issue of the doctors’ strike A special holiday bench of the Bombay High Court asked the MARD to immediately call off the indefinite strike Saturday and resume work The association said it would comply with the court orders “The poor and needy patients are not being attended and suffering the most because of the strike by the resident doctors” said HC Afak Mandaviya an RTI activist who moved the HC through his lawyer Datta Mane Thursday to seek action against the striking doctors The HC accepted a suggestion by MARD to reconstitute a grievance redressal committee after they complained that the existing one comprised the Dean who it had grievances against The advocate appearing for MARD said the new committee must be headed by a retired HC judge and must include an independent IAS officer The court would hear this matter Monday Mane informed the court that from April 4 to April 6 13 patients had died in the state-run JJ Hospital He also said that in one day between 8 am on April 8 to 8 am next day 11 patients had died in Aurangabad four in Nanded eight in Ambejogai four in Yeotmal and one in Sangli These figures were however denied by the advocate appearing for MARD and the government pleader For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 22 2012 2:03 am Related News Fire started from Shoppers Stop shop cause not known A major fire broke out at Koregaon Park Plaza (KPP) mall on Thursday evening People present in the five-storey mall were evacuated soon after the fire was noticed Teams of fire brigade and Pune police rushed to the spot and rescued about 10 persons trapped inside No casualties or injuries were reported till reports last came in Firemen were engaged in dousing the flames till late evening The exact cause of the fire was not knownpolice said Fire brigade officials suspect that the fire started due to a short circuit in some air conditioners at Shoppers Stop shop around 530 pm Chief Fire Office Prashant Ranpise said”We got a call at our control room about a fire on the first floor of KPP at 538 pm Soonthree fire tendersthree water tankersa rescue vana sky lift and other equipment were pressed into service” “The fire broke out at Shoppers Stop garment store Cloth and plastic kept inside the store helped in spreading the fire to the second floor which was gutted in the fire Police managed to evacuate people and 10 persons trapped inside were rescued later” Ranpise saidadding that there was no problem with the fire safety system at the mall There was a panic in the region due to the fire Additional police force was deployed at the spot Police and security guards at the mall prevented people from entering the mall Vaibhav Satputea salesman working at the mallsaid”There was a fire alarm around 530 pm Soon I rushed out of the mall along with other employees” Siddhartha SehgalheadPioneer Property Zonethe mall management companysaid”There was an accidental fire in KPP mall today which started from Shopper Stop shop People evacuated the mall immediately and our emergency management team along with authorities brought the fire under control” Sehgal said at any given timethere are about 8000 people in the mallincluding the employees The mall has 60 operational outlets We have state-of-the art fire safety equipment and all were functional when the incident took place But there was lot of smoke inside We will be able to assess the damage once the smoke clears” Assistant Commissioner of Police V T Pawar said”Investigation would be done to confirm the cause of the fire and to find out whether the mall possessed the completion certificate” MP Suresh Kalmadi and Congress city unit chief Abhay Chhajed also visited the spot For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Naveed Iqbal | New Delhi | Published: September 2 2012 12:38 am Related News The 18th Delhi Book Fair (DBF) and 14th Stationery Fairorganised by the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)was inaugurated at Pragati Maidan on Saturday The fair opened to a moderate crowd on Saturday and publishers said the opening day is usually slow and they expected the number of visitors to increase On Saturdaymany schoolchildren attended the fair with their parents and teachers As a resultthe childrens books section saw the maximum rush Mir Ali from Urdu AcademyDelhisaid there were few takers for Urdu literature at the Fair Urdu books sell lesser here as compared to the World Book Fair?including exhibitors from China, “One of the workers’ safety belt failed, Abraham,6 Telangana 11. from the glamorous to the bizarre. doctors, beating the heat by finishing in 53 minutes.

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