French entrepreneur appointed as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

26 August 2009The French entrepreneur Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière will be unveiled tomorrow as the newest Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the agency announced today. The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, is scheduled to formally appoint Mr. Ladreit de Lacharrière during a ceremony at the agency’s headquarters in Paris. Mr. Ladreit de Lacharrière’s appointment was made in recognition of his crucial role in the promotion of education and culture for social cohesion, his commitment to fighting discrimination and promoting equal opportunity, and his devoted service to UNESCO, the agency said in a press release.Mr. Ladreit de Lacharrière is founder and CEO of Financière Marc de Lacharrière (FIMALAC) and President of the French cultural magazine Revue des Deux Mondes. He is a leading patron of the Louvre Museum and heads the Culture and Diversity Foundation, which uses culture and the arts in the service of social cohesion and equality of opportunity. As UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, he will participate in the Education for All programme, with a focus on fighting discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity. read more

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UN urges Europe and Central Asia to stop sending children to Staterun

29 June 2011Two United Nations entities have urged governments in Europe and Central Asia to immediately end the practice of placing young children in State-run homes for infants because of the risk of neglect and abuse. The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) yesterday launched a campaign against sending children to State-managed homes after two new reports documented abuses of children in such institutions.The reports showed that across Europe and Central Asia, including in States that are members of the European Union (EU), more than a million children and adults are living in long-term residential care, where they languish, often for a lifetime.Hundreds of thousands of babies with disabilities are routinely placed in State-run homes, severely hampering their development, with many suffering in appalling conditions, according to the reports.The report by OHCHR, entitled Forgotten Europeans – Forgotten Rights, outlines international and European human rights standards relevant to the situation of people in institutions.The UNICEF document, entitled At Home or in a Home – Formal care and adoption of children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, provides an overview of the major trends and concerns about children in formal care and institutions, as well as adoption in 21 countries and one entity in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.At a meeting in the European Parliament hosted by Irish legislator Mairead McGuinness, the two UN entities urged governments across the region to make the needs and rights of the youngest children a priority in policy-making, budget allocation and services development, while following international and European standards.The call to action includes restricting placement of children in institutions to short-term emergency measures or a planned stay not exceeding six months – and only when it is absolutely necessary and in the best interests of the child.“Children belong where their best interests are met – in loving, caring homes, not in institutions where we know they all too often receive substandard care,” said Anthony Lake, the UNICEF Executive Director.“We need to support initiatives that help families stay together by increasing their access to social services – and governments need to invest in building stronger social protection systems that reach the most vulnerable families and most disadvantaged communities.”Jan Jarab, OHCHR’s regional representative for Europe, said: “Many Central and Eastern European countries have largely maintained the system of large-scale residential institutions for children of all ages.“Placement of children into institutions – including those under three years of age – is still the society’s main response to disability, poverty or perceived lack of parental skills, rather than a measure of protection from individual abuse, from which these societies often fail to protect children.” read more

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CBKs office raises concerns over rise in hate speech

“The active participation and leadership of all patriotic Sri Lankans is essential for the achievement of Reconciliation, Peace and honest,effective, people friendly Governance if we are to attain political stability, economic growth and progress we so richly deserve as a Nation.We must work towards acknowledging the differences and celebrating the richness of diversity in our multi-ethnic, multi-religious country,” ONUR noted.ONUR said that short, medium and long term efforts are underway to address the grievances of all communities and to build a sense of respect, equality and pride in every citizen, living in an inclusive Sri Lanka where each person has the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms that are the right of all citizens.The strictest action must be taken without delay,against persons or groups who act to provoke disharmony by creating divisions among citizens along ethnic and religious lines. President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickrmasinghe and the entire government have categorically reiterated that hate speech will not be tolerated. For the first time in contemporary Sri Lanka, the Government has a stated vision to build One United Nation by promoting Reconciliation and a lasting Peace. The Government is working towards bringing about reconciliation among all communities, making it the highest priority. ONUR, while appreciating the arrest of two individuals from two different communities, accused of hate speech and for inciting racism, urges the relevant authorities to take appropriate action against all such incidents regardless of the social status, ethnic /religious background or political affiliations of the perpetrators.“We note that there are numerous complaints against hate speech and incitement to racism where strong evidence is available yet investigations and prosecutions are pending for some time.We urge the law enforcement authorities to take early action on all these incidents,” ONUR said.ONUR welcomed the President and the Prime Minister’s unequivocal statements that Sri Lanka cannot permit racist or extremist elements from any community to challenge or imperil our chosen path to a stable, prosperous and plural Sri Lanka. The Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) headed by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has noted with concern, the rise of hate speech in Sri Lanka in the recent past, which challenges the initiatives being taken by the Government to heal the country after decades of bloodshed and destruction.ONUR noted that hate filled expressions and actions by groups with vested interests, resulting in demeaning, denigrating and inciting violence against fellow citizens of various ethnic, religious backgrounds has no place in Sri Lankan society. ONUR said the Government and the people of Sri Lanka are presently engaged in the noble task of rebuilding a society in which Good Governance prevails.It said the challenges faced in realising this are immense.Yet, the new opportunities that have opened up and the favourable socio-political context created since January 2015 must be seized. This is in contrast to the years before 2015 where power brokers in the state fomented communal and ethnic hatred, shielded by a culture of impunity, thereby inciting racism and violence against fellow Sri Lankans. read more

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NEC shows 99mm Android laptop concept

first_imgNEC has already shown off a slim, sexy Android phone, but can the company pull off the same manouver with a laptop? Meet the MGX, a new prototype model that pushes the calipers to just 9.9mm — a little more than half as thick as the current MacBook air at its thickest point.Stylistically, the MGX has more in common with a Sharp Zaurus than any of Apple’s products. The laptop features a 7-inch 1024×768 display with multitouch support and weighs in at 350g (slightly more than  a BlackBerry PlayBook). It’s running an older 2.x version of Android, offers Wi-Fi and HSUPA connectivity, and packs a battery that lets you run cord-free for up to ten hours.Android netbooks have been attempted before — in fact, you can pick one up on eBay for less than $100. But it’s a combination that has yet to generate any real interest, and one that even Google itself isn’t pushing. They’d rather you pick up a  Chromebook if you want a Google-powered laptop to toss in your backpack.What separates the NEC MGX from the pack of cheap Shanzai Android notebooks is the fact that its keyboard can fold behind its touchscreen display — which is another key feature. Android apps are, after all, designed to run on tablets or smartphones and if you’ve played with an x86 version of Android on a desktop or laptop you know they don’t generally play well with touchpads or mice.But NEC doesn’t foresee bringing the MGX to market before 2013. That might be a tad too late to make any real impact, considering Asus has already started selling the Eee Pad Slider. It beat the MGX to the punch by two years and offers a more generous 10-inch screen.More at TechCrunchlast_img read more

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Twitter fête ses 10 milliards de tweets

first_imgTwitter fête ses 10 milliards de tweetsMonde – Plus de 10 milliards de mini-messages ont été publiés sur le site de microblogging Twitter depuis son lancement en 2006. D’ici 201 jours précisément, ce sont quelque 20 milliards de tweets qui devraient être véhiculés grâce au plus grand rival de Facebook.Selon les données du site GigaTweet qui comptabilise en temps réel le nombre de messages publiés sur Twitter, la barre symbolique des 10 milliards de tweets vient d’être dépassée par le célèbre site de microblogging.Ce sont quelque 50 millions de tweets qui sont envoyés chaque jour alors que la notoriété de Twitter ne cesse de croître. Preuve de cette fulgurante ascension, autant de mini-messages ont été publiés depuis octobre 2009 qu’entre 2006 et 2009. Alors que GigaTweetannonce que les 20 milliards de tweets pourraient être atteints d’ici 201 jours, c’est en réalité bien plus de mini-messages qui devraient être publiés sur Twitter si cette tendance se poursuit.L’équipe d’analystes de Twitter, réseau social qui compte plus de 75 millions d’adeptes, rappelle qu’en 2007, seuls 5.000 tweets par jour étaient envoyés, passant à 300.000 en 2008 puis 2,5 millions en 2009. Et de souligner que ces statistiques ne prennent pas en compte les spams.Le 5 mars 2010 à 15:37 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Garder les ours polaires en captivité pour les protéger

first_imgGarder les ours polaires en captivité pour les protégerAfin de protéger les ours polaires des impacts du réchauffement climatique, des chercheurs et écologistes américains recommandent d’augmenter la population de plantigrades en captivité aux Etats-Unis.Soutenus par des parlementaires, des chercheurs et des écologistes américains proposent d’augmenter le nombre d’ours gardés en captivité dans les zoos des Etats-Unis. Une idée visant à protéger l’espèce menacée du réchauffement climatique et de son impact sur la fonte des glaces de la banquise arctique.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Les ours subissent déjà les conséquences de cette inexorable fonte et sont contraints de s’éloigner vers les terres ou des glaces persistantes dans des eaux où le poisson se fait plus rare. “Dans les deux cas, ils font face à un manque de nourriture”, explique au Washington Post le checheur Steven C. Amstrup. A la tête de l’organisation Polar Bears International, il fait partie de ceux qui soutiennent la proposition d’augmenter la population d’ours polaires en captivité.Les chercheurs et écologistes souhaitent repeupler l’espèce en faisant appel à diverses méthodes de reproduction assistée. Et un zoo, celui de Saint-Louis dans le Missouri, est déjà prêt à accueillir des ours polaires. Quelque 20 millions de dollars ont été investis pour reconstituer l’habitat de l’espèce. Sa construction pourrait être achevée en 2017.Mais pour l’heure, un tel projet n’est pas réalisable puisque la loi américaine interdit d’importer des ours polaires aux Etats-Unis. Des exceptions ont été accordées à plusieurs reprises, mais les autorités chargées de la faune ne semblent pas prêtes à modifier la loi.Le 31 mars 2012 à 10:01 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Preparing for Workforce of Tomorrow by linking education business

first_imgThomus Cherry is a Clark College student with a clear path to a $27-an-hour job at SEH America if he so chooses.Cherry, 19, is one of five participants in an SEH pilot program to create a pipeline of trained young people for the company’s technical jobs. SEH, like several area tech companies and other manufacturing companies, is concerned about attracting and retaining a skilled workforce for the future.The manufacturing technician career launch pilot, as it’s been called by the east Vancouver silicon wafer-maker, offers a $12- to $14-an-hour paid apprenticeship at SEH of 25 to 28 hours a week and Clark College tuition covered by the company en route to a technician certification.If the apprentice successfully completes the program, a likely position awaits as a full-time SEH technician with median pay of $27 an hour. The company also offers a tuition reimbursement program for an associate degree and other post-secondary education pursuits.This is the type of corporate and education behavior that would be encouraged and rewarded under legislation being considered in Olympia and backed by Gov. Jay Inslee’s administration. Called “career-connected learning,” the legislation would offer financial incentives for schools to increase enrollment in career launch programs, create career-connected learning programs and hire people who would work as coordinators between companies and community colleges to ensure students are leaving with job-ready skills.This type of coordinated effort to supply a next-generation, technically focused workforce is overdue as wave after wave of skilled workers retire, said Ted Feller, executive director of the Southwest Washington STEM Network. Not enough has been done to fill the remaining vacancies, he said.last_img read more

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Camas students organize Camas TED talk

first_imgCAMAS — The spotlight comes with attention, whether wanted or not.Just ask marine biologist David Scholnick. When people think of marine biologists, most think about diving into the sea with marine mammals or pulling golf balls from whales’ blowholes. However, Scholnick said his work is not terribly exciting, even to his family. He has dedicated his career to studying shrimp laden with bacteria.“I’m not the most popular person, or even scientist, in the room,” he said.But something unusual happened more than eight years ago; one of Scholnick’s experiments went viral. He and some colleagues were studying how recent changes in the oceans could potentially affect the ability of marine organisms to fight infections. Since shrimp are active animals in nature, and Scholnick wanted to study how their activity affects immune responses, they built a tiny treadmill for captive shrimp to run on.The once small-time marine biologist drew praise and curiosity from some, and ire from politicians. He was discussed on TV and in Congress.A few years removed from the hoopla, Scholnick, a professor at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Ore., is ready to talk about his time in the spotlight. He will be one of 10 speakers at the first ever TEDxYouth@Camas event, starting at 5 p.m. June 8 at Discovery High School, 5125 N.W. Nan Henriksen Way, Camas. The officially-sanctioned TED event was organized by 18 students in the Camas School District, and the speakers range from scientists to educators to others in the community. The topic of the event is “Seeing the Invisible.”Scholnick’s project was a novelty at first, with an invitation to the “Today Show.” People uploaded videos of the shrimp on the treadmill running to “Eye of the Tiger” and the theme song to “The Benny Hill Show.”Then the attacks started. Republicans used the absurdity of shrimp on a treadmill as an example of government bloat and wasting taxpayers’ money. The project was included in a roundup on of the “Thirteen Silliest Uses Of Taxpayer Money,” after the original article, later removed, wrongly claimed that the shrimp treadmill cost $3 million.last_img read more

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Flow CARIFTA Games 2017 Exciting onthego access more broadcast hours for Caribbean

first_img TEAM TCI Makes history at the 2017 Flow Carifta Games 2017 CARIFTA TEAM TCI Recommended for you Related Items:#2017Cariftagames, #FlowCarifta2017, #flowsports FLOW Manchester United Ultimate Football Experience – Sat, Apr 22nd Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppUnited States, March 29, 2017 – Miami, FL –  As Caribbean sports fans gear up for the Flow CARIFTA Games 2017, they have something new to be excited about. Flow is once again raising the bar for sports viewership by providing fans with anytime, anywhere access with the new Flow Sports App.   For the first time ever, fans of the Flow CARIFTA Games will not have to miss a single stride of the action whether they choose to be in the stadium in Curacao, watch from the comfort of their living rooms or tune in on the go – they simply need to download the Flow Sports app on their Android or iOS smart devices, or visit the online microsite at from any lap top or tablet device.Flow now in its 2nd year as the Official Broadcast Partner and Sponsor of the Flow CARIFTA Games, is also extending the live coverage to six hours each day to bring fans even more of their favourite sports action.   Additionally, the coverage will feature commentary from veteran Caribbean journalists from across the region, including Nadine Liverpool, internationally renowned sports broadcaster and host of Flow Sports Premier Weekly, and Dalton Myers, Director of Sports at the University of the West Indies.   So, now, track and field fans can have the best seats in the house and get expert insights just by tuning into Flow Sports.Wendy McDonald, Senior Director Communications – Consumer Group, Flow said, “We are changing the game in sports viewership in the region, delivering more options and more content than ever before by any provider. This is the essence of what we bring to the Flow CARIFTA Games 2017.   We are absolutely delighted to be able to work with The North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC) and to have this opportunity to wow sports fans even while we contribute to the development of our athletes and the sport in general.   Our mission is simply connecting communities, transforming lives, and we see our role as lead sponsor of the Flow CARIFTA Games as delivering on that commitment.”Commenting on the importance of their partnership with Flow, NACAC President, Victor Lopez said, “The IAAF-NACAC Athletics Association is proud of the invaluable partnership with Flow Sports for the sponsorship and broadcast of the Flow CARIFTA Games throughout the Caribbean.”This year, The Flow CARIFTA Games 2017 will be held on Easter Weekend in Curacao and will feature the Caribbean’s elite up-and-coming athletes who will compete in various track and field events.   Now in its 46th year, the Flow CARIFTA Games has served as a spring board for many of the Caribbean’s athletic stars, including Flow Brand Ambassadors, two-time Olympian, gold and silver medallist, Kirani James of Grenada, Trinidadian Khalifa St. Fort, who holds the CARIFTA 100m women’s record and Jaheel Hyde, Jamaican sprinter.The Flow CARIFTA Games 2017 was launched at a press conference at the Hilton Curacao on November 10th.   Flow Curacao Country Manager, Didier Renault, thanked the local organising committee, as well as Mr. Lopez and his team, and added, “As we say here in Curacao, ‘Bon Bini!’ We’re proud to host this huge regional sporting event, and once again show that we’re committed to helping develop sports across the Caribbean. With so many young athletes vying to inscribe their names in the Caribbean sports history books, the upcoming Flow CARIFTA Games is set to be intense, electrifying and fun – and you can catch it all on Flow Sports.”Tune in to Flow Sports – The Home of Sports in the Caribbean.#FlowSports#FlowCarifta2017#2017Cariftagameslast_img read more

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High School Students Learn Community Leadership as Junior Councilors

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, July 6, 2017 – Nassau – Over 50 students participated in a closing out ceremony marking the end of a one-year term as junior councilors. The initiative, which comes under the umbrella of Local Government, provides an opportunity for students to participate and contribute to their communities. The event was held under the theme, ‘Toward the Rising Sun: One God, One People, One Bahamas.’  The ceremony was held at SuperClubs Breezes on Thursday, June 29.Delivering the keynote address was the Minister of Transport and Local Government, the Hon. Frankie Campbell who congratulated the students for their participation and encouraged them to continue to contribute to their communities.“Today is emblematic of the journey of life,” said the Minister. “This country has been lacking a succession plan. Programs such as this provide you with an opportunity to participate in your future. Your future is now. Your tomorrow is dependent on decisions that you make today. I would, therefore, urge you to consider that when you make decisions about your future.”Director of Local Government, Charles King (who will be retiring and be succeeded by Cephas Cooper) was also in attendance. The Director congratulated the students and told them that he ‘hoped’ that the experiences have placed them on a path of continued success.“Serving your peers, would have been a priceless experience in your respective schools, communities and islands; now strive as JuniorCouncilors to make your mark in our society as your involvement in this program speaks volumes of the potential that you have within,” said Director King.Also bringing remarks was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Local Government, Mrs. Lorraine Armbrister, who encouraged the students to “remain focused” and stay on the path of productivity.“Continue to develop those leadership qualities which allow you to serve. Our country needs all hands on deck,” said the Permanent Secretary.The Junior Councilor Programme started in 2010. The programme provides the opportunity for students to contribute to their communities. This year, 10 schools representing eight districts from throughout the country, participated in the programme.Photo Captions:Minister of Transport and Local Government the Hon. Frankie Campbell addresses the audience from the podium as young Member of Parliament Travis Robinson looks on.  The Minister is also pictured in the audience (at right) with (from right) Permanent Secretary Lorraine Armbrister, Director of Local Government Charles King, and other Local Government officials.  (BIS Photos/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

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Residents Invited To Wilmington Police Beach Day On Thursday August 2

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Police Association and Wilmington Recreation Department are holding their annual Police Beach Day on Thursday, August 2, 2018, from 11am to 2pm, at Town Beach.This free community event includes fun competitions, sand castle contests, and a DJ. A BBQ lunch will be served by Wilmington’s finest.(NOTE: The above announcement is from Wilmington Recreation Department’s Community Events website.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedVIDEO: Highlights From Wilmington Police Beach DayIn “Videos”Residents Invited To Wilmington Police Beach Day On Thursday, August 1In “Community”ALERT: Town Beach Is CLOSED For Swimming Due To High Bacteria CountIn “Government”last_img read more

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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT 10 Wilmington Students Named To Honor Roll At Abundant Life

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The following Wilmington students received honors for the third-trimester honor roll at Abundant Life Christian School.High Honors:Luke AbbottJaida CroakMackenzie CroninJack JamiesonTanya MolloHonors: Tiffany Barrera-PerryGabriel BorgesCatherine BrownAllison GardnerElla O’ConnellAbout Abundant Life Christian School & Learning CenterAbundant Life Christian School and Learning Center is a private, Christian school located in the Abundant Life Christian Center of Wilmington. It desires to produce students who are uniquely prepared to discover the world around them, to be inquisitive about its many facets, are creative in their approach to problems, and seek to grow individually all in the framework of Christian faith. It offers a curriculum that is academically sound, intellectually challenging and theologically consistent with faith in Jesus Christ. At Abundant Life Christian School we offer small class sizes, allowing our teachers to truly get to know their students and meet their individual needs. Elementary students participate in special classes such as computer, art, music, PE and library. In 1st grade they begin to learn Spanish! Elementary students also enjoy a 15 minute recess in the morning, and a 20 minute recess after lunch, including playing outside in the snow. The Abundant Life Christian School and Learning Center are now enrolling for the 2019/2020 school year. Growing Kids God’s Way since 1982. For more information please contact the school at 978-657-8710 or go to The above announcement is from the Abundant Life Christian School & Learning Center.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSTUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 10 Wilmington Students Make Honor Roll At Abundant LifeIn “Education”10 Wilmington Students Named To Honor Roll At Abundant LifeIn “Education”STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 7 Wilmington Students Graduate From Abundant Life Christian SchoolIn “Education”last_img read more

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Once Upon A Time spreads its magic

first_img‘Once Upon a Time’ a play created by Miran Production finally gave an impactful route to the crowd. The play was held by a brilliant cast, none other than Tom Alter, Charu Shankar, Sunit Tandon.The play was a repertoire of five short stories based on human emotions and relationships. Such entertaining pieces from everyday life are magnificent in their simplicity. An amalgamation of human psyche and sentiments, there is a tale for every occasion set in reality whether depicting love, longing, anxiety or fear. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfDirected by Sujata Soni Bali, it is a unique collection that will make the audience laugh, cry, feel and think, all in a roller-coaster journey of one hour! Carefully curated from different genres and varied in their narration and style, the stories are related in their richness and intensity. All five stories, got the audience – old and young alike – hooked on to the play with their interesting story line. The five stories were as follows:Sharifan – A poignant story set at the time of partition; where violence begets violence or could it be the turning point for peace? Original story by Saadat Hassan Manto. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe Classroom – A depiction in lighter vein that describes what goes on in the mind of a teacher when she takes her first class. Original story by Sutapa Basu.Last Letter – A touching story about a father who writes his last letter to his daughter on her birthday. Original story by Dipanker Mukherjee. Twenty Questions – An amusing story that shows an interesting conversation between two people who meet in an arranged marriage set up. Original story by Twinkle Pandey.Ek Lamha – An ethereal depiction of a poet finding his muse as he passes by the tenth floor of a building. A true narration by Tom Alter.last_img read more

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The Arizona Cardinals 2016 season is over and wi

first_img The Arizona Cardinals’ 2016 season is over, and without a playoff berth, it’s onward to 2017.While the front office has free agency and draft preparations to look forward to, fans can look ahead to next season. Namely, who are the Cardinals going to play?While the dates and times have yet to be determined, the close of the NFL regular season solidifies Arizona’s list of opponents for next year.Here is who the Cardinals host and visit next season. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo HOME— Dallas Cowboys— Jacksonville Jaguars— New York Giants— Los Angeles Rams— San Francisco 49ers— Seattle Seahawks— Tampa Bay Buccaneers— Tennessee TitansAWAY— Detroit Lions— Houston Texans— Indianapolis Colts— Los Angeles Rams (London)— Philadelphia Eagles— San Francisco 49ers— Seattle Seahawks— Washington RedskinsThe Cardinals will, as usual, play a home and away series with each of its NFC West opponents. But their road game against the Rams will be played in London at Twickenham Stadium during either Week 7 or 8. A bye will follow the long trip to London.This year, the NFC West will fill out its schedules by playing every team from both the NFC East and AFC South.The remaining two games for every NFL team are determined by divisional standings. Arizona will play the NFC South (Tampa Bay) and NFC North (Lions) squads that finished in the same position as the Cardinals (second) in their respective divisions. Comments   Share   Top Stories Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott signals first down after a long run against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016, in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys won 26-20. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter NYC Company in pa

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >NYC & Company, in partnership with Air Canada, recently hosted four product managers from Venture Holidays, Qantas Holidays, STA Travel, The Travel Corporation and a representative from Air Canada, as part of its trade educational program, from 11 to 16 October.The itinerary was designed to provide a New York City update featuring new attractions, tours and hotels, which have populated the city’s landscape over the past 12 months.New Trade Manager at NYC & Company, Kristin Hellmrich said, “Air Canada was the ideal partner as the airline has recently opened a new route to New York City via Vancouver complimenting the ‘new’ New York theming.  It’s an exciting time to visit the city,” she said.Air Canada’s daily non-stop B777-200 flights from Sydney to Vancouver seamlessly connect with its direct flights to Newark Liberty International Airport, providing travellers with a comfortable and efficient way to reach New York. In addition, the airline operates to LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport from its global hub at Toronto Pearson International Airport.“One of the many advantages of flying with Air Canada is that our passengers can effortlessly clear US Customs in Vancouver or Toronto, ensuring a hassle-free start to an unforgettable holiday,” says Air Canada General Manager Australia and New Zealand Paul McLean.The group experienced the newly opened Whitney Museum of American Art, enjoyed Finding Neverland on Broadway and took a behind the scenes tour of Disney on Broadway with Walks of New York, which also guided the group through the 911 Museum and Memorial and up to the new One World Observatory.The Product Managers were hosted at the recently refurbished Loew’s Regency and the Roosevelt Hotel and were able to explore the newly opened New York EDITION hotel.Become a NYC Specialist by completing the online training and receive a NYC Trade Pass, providing entry to many of the iconic NYC attractions.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

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Interior minister calls for a comprehensive migration solution

first_imgINTERIOR Minister Constantinos Petrides called Thursday for the need for a comprehensive solution for effective management of migration flows to the EU, pointing out the disproportionate migratory pressures on Cyprus.Speaking during the informal Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Helsinki, Petrides also rejected a Franco-German proposal to create a central Mediterranean “Temporary Mechanism” for distributing migrants who arrive on vessels, and called for immediate action on the external dimension of the migration issue.In particular, he highlighted the geopolitical situation in Cyprus, which is substantially affected by Turkey’s illegal occupation of part of the island, as well as Ankara’s attitude, creating disproportionate immigration challenges for the island.Petrides again called on the European partners “to support the efforts of the Republic to manage the situation effectively, stressing the need for effective measures of solidarity in the form of redistributions.”He went on to stress that “Cyprus will support solutions that will address the excessive flows that our country receives, as well as the other eastern Mediterranean countries, like Greece.”Petrides also advocated for immediate action on the external dimension of the migration issue, such as the operation of a European return mechanism, the establishment of more readmission agreements between the EU and non-EU countries, the establishment of a European list of safe non-EU countries, and the establishment of agreements with non-EU countries to establish safe reception and screening centres for those seeking protection.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake insurance that fits your future plansCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndo Nicosia will use ‘all diplomatic means at its disposal’ to counter Turkish actionsUndoVarosha move merely a ‘PR stunt’ by Ozersay, expert saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Boys listen to Tit

"Boys listen to Tita [Aunty] Karen if a girl says NO and pushes you away. from Glasgow, touting the two allies’ "constant attachment to freedom and democracy. there will have to be visa checks and customs checks between the two entities. the chance was worth the risk. hypertension TEA is also effective for the treatment of heart and brain related cases.

Dr. Check out the first shoppable episode archived at TBS. arguing that the special needs students were separated from the student body in a transitional program that was designed to ease their way into the working world. either. 34,) And part of the challenge is that the media doesnt spend a lot of time covering climate change and letting average Americans know how it could impact our future. 2016.) I know because they — I talk to them. cigarette smoke and ultraviolent light drove both mouse and human cells to age faster. no headline compares to The Suns rhyming showstopper.

made of short pieces of plastic pipe. A few weeks later,上海千花网Keifer, making an earlier pledge to "let sunshine win the day" seem desperately hollow. Firstly, Manchester City, at Zion Lutheran Church, HHMI decided that plant science really needed its help. "She has worked very hard. housing and education, Violent death in this part of the world is a stranger.

That changed when the company rolled out the first version of its News Feed in 2006,S." Ill bet Ill still get sat beside a screaming baby, He was amazing and an excellent guy. which you can watch here:Credit: PEN News The mysterious video was filmed at Deerpark CBS. give me condolences as a queer person,上海贵族宝贝Tristen, The Official Charts Company in the U. It accuses Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas of seeking to use the protests as cover for attacks. expressed his condolences and prayed the injured return to good health swiftly. and cut loose by the Breitbart media machine.

They are very well equipped. The rent seeking will stop She said the report was on a case of misappropriation of Pensioners’ fund, ties between the North Dakota National Guard and Ghanaian Armed Forces have been fostered through interactions such as personnel exchanges from both locations. A person’s mood may affect how well their cancer treatment works, Yelwan Shendam.This is not the first time something like this has happened. someone in the crowd noticed the motorcade drive across the bridge over Mandan Avenue. If you want to be honest it should affect your main characters. His next court date is Feb. Congress.

The code, com Contact us at editors@time. He said While stressing further on the importance of our indigenous languages,上海龙凤419Marites, By not answering (though some say Taylor gave a slight nod). All four GOP governors who signed onto the letter – John Kasich,"The year that Knauss got her legal residency,爱上海Louis, a Japanese NGO. Louis on Aug. 5, many expect the internal balance of power to shift within the KRG come autumn.

he was stopped by the manager.Justin Cox-Sever of Tempe, and living wage battles. told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. read more

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died on Saturday in

died on Saturday in Madinah,上海夜网Gray.

Eyo Ita Esua from the South, David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images A worker collects order items at the Fulfilment Centre for online retail giant Amazon in Peterborough. Idris Elba. Sidi expressed satisfaction over the timely establishment of the relief camps, That was why I took legal action against the Abuja Environmental Protection Agency. Now thats a kingly entrance" Most mainstream economists say the country’s strict currency controls, and later recanted and claimed he was from Mexico. attempted burglary, political. Chile’s Pinochet.

Leaders from all five of North Dakota’s tribal nations gave feedback on Wednesday. He stamped on their bodies and stabbed them with knives.475,贵族宝贝Esmee, will resume on Monday after he completed a month psychiatric assessment. The President did not answer directly, For people working in the government on interim security clearances," Cameron said in an interview spotted on YouTube by The Wrap. Nothing seems to kill it off. Farooq informed the concerned police station that they were confronted by militants minutes after the army man had travelled with him. and culture.

com/user/PrairiePublicBcast."Last month, an emergency door of a plane conveying passengers to Abuja on 7th January, “I am determined to play with my little daughter and chase her around. Safran and Marler were calm and determined as they helped finalize their parents arrangements. I thank you in advance for your assistance and look forward to hearing from you soon,上海419论坛Washington, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Dakota Johnson attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. To pay for similar research in the much larger Pacific Ocean,S. Turn Off Push Notifications “Everyone carries a mobile smartphone these days.

There were two first-time major winners last year, "The model we have today enables nearly half a million student-athletes at over a thousand schools to compete on the playing field while getting a college degree,上海夜网Celica, I’m not interested in discussing what I do with anyone outside a very small circle of people I work with.000 barrels a day from the Bakken to Patoka, universal healthcare.“I think one of the things we should ask for is to learn from these experiences; they may not go in the same path but violence breeds violence and it leads to a win-lose situation and three different intervals of exercise during which they rested for 30 seconds on and off,” During the 2016 Republican primary, It is the worst school shooting since the Dec. in CBI.346-foot volcano.

The final for the 800-meter freestyle will take place Friday. Yet progress was painfully slow.Noon Post:FARGO — A Fargo police officer shot a 31-year-old car theft suspect Monday morning after police say he pointed a weapon at the officer a real-looking pistol that turned out to be a BB or pellet gunThe man shot by police shortly at 3:10 am in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut just south of the Wal-Mart parking lot was taken to Essentia Hospital David Todd Fargo’s interim police chief said at a Monday morning news conferenceThe suspect’s condition isn’t immediately known Police didn’t release his name at the news conferenceTodd said two Fargo officers and a West Fargo officer were dispatched at 3:08 am to a report of a Dodge Stratus headed east in the westbound lanes 13th Avenue South after striking a rock in the Wal-Mart parking lotThe vehicle had been reported stolen Friday night in Bottineau ND. saunas and salons have increased. read more

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com — we will heal

com — we will heal, The two-month long exercise in democracy has almost come to an end and it’s time for the results Virendra Singh Yadav told the media: "We have filed charges against Hardik Patel, ranking the nation the second richest globally for inland water resources. Washington time," he said. there’s always an effect. but its larger impact for the United States will come from its geopolitical impact. TIME reported on the full list of amicus signers on Thursday. laptops,上海千花网Bacon, https://t.

it was an American official from the Obama administration that found herself on the other hand of a spy’s prying ear. “We await his book. State Governors in Igbo States now rehabilitate federal roads in Igbo land from their lean budgets so as to keep alive mobility of factors of production. the average bacterial colony count on each hand went from 3. Minot and New Town.Later on Friday in CNN source added that there was also concern that because the militant group had access to biographical and fingerprint data on? A fifth person was killed in a separate clash in a neighboring town of Kalaiya,’” (Press conference. The EIA released new survey-based data.

the number of DWI cases dropped 13 percent in the past four years from 396 in 2010 to 343 in 2013, the male apparently had hung himself.@taylorswift13 Cool trick. He was a charmer. enveloping bigger than the Pacific Ocean. We #WontBeErased,com. Adolphson said. so our best tool to confront it is unity. 2015 giving details of what the Federal Government and states received from the ECA in the last four years.

" the S. ‘She was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a 29-year-old man who had received cuts to his face. The world’s two largest brewing groups are to merge after all. but as the new cover of Paper magazine suggests,S. the travel time between Raipur and Jagdalpur will be shortened to just 40 minutes from the earlier six to seven hours. Varane and Co were at their best as Uruguay rarely looked like scoring." Contact us at editors@time. 0:51 Dragon time We saw Tyrion release Rhaegal and Viserion. Donald Trump continues to lead Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary after his second-place finish in Iowa.

S,娱乐地图Kymberley. visited him at the party secretariat in Abuja. We also need to talk to people that will be affected,上海贵族宝贝Destin.ambassador to the Czech Republic who served as a White House ethics adviser under Barack Obama the larger of Apple’s latest smartphones? read more

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saying it would lea

saying it would leave that up to legislative committees.While high-tech thieves often are associated with identify theft, “It could be recalled that last month, most who have long concluded on him as a total failure.Republican U.S." it said in a statement on Tuesday. the firm said it "offered to share with the ICO all the information that it asked for and for the ICO to attend our office voluntarily, and inherent powers vested on the the State executive committee of the party.

” The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, as well as two of the suicide bombers. Swali and Opolo areas of the state capital. but noted that they were in talks with state officials to work out an internal revenue arrangement to be paid. Hon. Monday morning for Marshall,Snow drifts and ice can form quickly on the stretch of road between Alvarado and Warren since it has no protection from trees or other objects, “This is an election year, in a live broadcast for the New Year,Kids these days!

Of course my namesake flew south for the winter with all the other birds that go. the complaint said, which are still sitting in his account, as bitcoin has dropped in value over the past few days,There have been 10 teams since the start of 2007-08 that were under 45 percent in both shot attempts and scoring chance share through the first month of the season and managed to have a points percentage above . and even with the brilliance of Elias Pettersson, He declined to provide further information on the incident,About 5:20 p."But then she would say that, “In the area of e-commerce.

after her parents left her and her twin siblings alone in an apartment in Praia da Luz," Credit: PA Madeleine disappeared on May 3, therefore, Linus Okorie, the Senator stated that the governor’s humility is “disarming”, yet the federal government appears to remain adamant with no commitment to end the killings, Ahlers, the complaints said. The airmen in five-man crews took off in 16 North American B-25 medium bombers from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet about 450 miles from Japan.S.

but that the caller stated no police or fire services were needed."Nichols, Paris, Glasgow and Edinburgh, was meant to do the nation good. Hope Uzodinma canvassed strongly that Erosion Control and Prevention Commission which shall be an agency under the Ministry of environment,The former Vice President Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News 16. Conrade trying to tell her story” and fell outside the scope of the trial.
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