2019 Mazda MX5 gets 181hp and higher redline

first_imgThe redline for the 2019 version of the car is moving up to 7,500 rpm and Mazda is reportedly adding a telescoping steering wheel. That telescoping wheel is a big deal for drivers that like to have legs close to the pedals but want the seat to recline and have the steering wheel still close at hand. This is a position many track day hounds and autocrossers are familiar with if its wet or cold and you want to run with the top up on the car and not bash your helmet on the roof with each bump.The updated MX-5 is reportedly launching in Japan and looks exactly like the 2018 version of the car looked. At least one publication did get to test the car last week and since it was a Japanese version of the car, some of the features might change before the car hits Stateside. That said the power bump won’t be something that changes.Prior to this bump, the MX-5 had 155hp and the engine redline was 6,800 rpm. The key to the boosted redline is said to be new valve spring rate giving more tension and lighter pistons with a lower dome. The connecting rods are 41 grams lighter with a more compact shape and shorter and thinner bolts. The crankshaft was also optimized all in an effort for faster spin.The car also gets a low-inertia dual mass flywheel that absorbs vibrations. The higher redline allows the driver to shift less says the tester. The steering wheel can telescope over a range of 30mm. We have no idea if all this will make it to the US spec car, but the power bump is a sure bet since the same rating was spied in the NHTSA filing a few months back.SOURCE: Road & Track We heard a while back that the next MX-5 would get a power bump up to 181hp. That rumor first started circulating in March, now the power bump is official for Japan and will indeed mean that the lithe little MX-5 has 181 hp. There are some other tidbits that the 2019 MX-5 will get along with the extra power.last_img read more

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