Japan 2019 set goal high – 300000 spectators

IHFJapan 2019Japan handball The 24th IHF Women’s World Championship in Kumamoto, Japan throws off in just over a year, on 30 November 2019.Representatives of the Japanese Handball Association (JHA) as well as the Japan 2019 Organising Committee (JOC) met with the International Handball Federation (IHF) at the IHF head office in Basel, Switzerland to discuss a number of general organisational matters and to officially sign the 2019 IHF Women’s World Championship contract.Items on the agenda at the meeting today included venues, hotel, transportation, marketing issues, the spectator concept, bid development and the 2018 AHF Women’s Asian Championship as a test event this December. Five venues were confirmed as hosting games with the JOC targeting a total of 300,000 spectators. At the end of the meeting, both the IHF and the Japanese Handball Association signed the World Championship contract, writes IHF.info. ← Previous Story SEHA Player of the Month – Dejan Milosavljev Next Story → Kim Ekdahl Du Rietz is back for Sweden! read more

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Germany to allow new babies be neither male nor female

first_imgGERMANY HAS BECOME the first European country to allow babies born with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female, but advocates have called for broader reforms.Under the new legislation, the entry for gender can be left blank on birth certificates, effectively creating a category for indeterminate sex in the public register.But activists promoting the rights of intersex people said they hoped the creation of a third gender option would open the door to broader changes limiting genital surgery on newborns with both male and female characteristics.“It’s a first, important step in the right direction,” said Lucie Veith, an intersex person from the northern German city of Hamburg.But Veith said leaving the gender undefined on birth certificates was never the main lobbying point for her group, the German chapter of the Association of Intersexed People, or others in the intersex community.“That we forbid cosmetic genital surgeries for newborns, that is our first demand,” Veith said.The German law is intended to remove pressure on parents to quickly make a decision about controversial sex assignment surgeries for newborns, but many advocates say it does not go far enough.“The surgeries are likely to continue in Germany,” said Silvan Agius, policy director at ILGA Europe, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights group.“Parents can already refuse these surgeries,” Agius added.“You can already say, ‘No, thank you very much, I don’t want any surgery until my child can choose his or her gender.’”Operations on intersex babies and infants in many European countries take place without adequate informed consent by the patients, according to a 2012 European Commission report on the topic.The report also found that many adults born intersex are angry these surgeries were performed without their consent.Without consentExperts estimate one in 1,500 to 2,000 births result in a baby of indeterminate gender or both male and female gender features.The Council of Europe for the first time last month addressed the issue in a parliamentary assembly resolution calling on member states to study the prevalence of “non-medically justified operations” that may harm children and take steps to “ensure that no-one is subjected to unnecessary medical or surgical treatment that is cosmetic rather than vital for health during infancy or childhood”.Agius and other advocates worry that the new German law creates a de facto third gender category legally, but does nothing to change a society that operates largely on a genderbinary with facilities such as separate male and female public toilets.“There could be many other laws that could follow it and make it implementable and good,” Agius said. “My point is that if it remains as is… then it’s greatly deficient.”© – AFPColumn: Ireland’s continuing disregard for transgender citizens is inexcusable >Read: Mixed reaction from transgender group to gender recognition bill >last_img read more

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Martin speaks of Churchs all too slow response to child abuse cases

first_imgHe said he hoped the work of the child protection office would ensure “the inadequate response of the past would truly become a thing of the past” and spoke of the anger that that response had evoked, “especially in parents”.“The fact that so many members of our parish communities committed themselves to tackle a scandal, for which they bore no responsibility, is a true sign of their genuine love of the Church.“Your work has rendered the Church a safer place for children.”The Archbishop said that more still needed to be done to reach out to survivors, in order to “create an open door and a safe space for those survivors who have still fear telling their story and who still live alone with their anguish”.And he warned that continued vigilance was needed in respect of the continued existence of sexual predators who will “seek out our weak points and break through the weaknesses of our system”.“We cannot afford to let our guard down.”Read: Irish priest found guilty of child sexual abuse in AustraliaRead: Irish priest accused of child sex abuse in US ARCHBISHOP DIARMUID MARTIN has spoken of the “all-too-slow recognition” of the extent of the child abuse by some priests in the Diocese in years gone by, and of slow progress in recognising “the profound hurt that those children endured and in many cases still bear within their hearts today”.He made the comments in a homily at the Pro-Cathedral marking the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the diocese’s Child Safeguarding and Protection Office, which was set up to deal with complaints and concerns in the area, and to provide training for priests and parish workers.Martin acknowledged that people had been “angered by the Church’s response” to the scandals, and at revelations that “the institution in protecting its own, failed those children”.“I am reminded of the words of Pope Francis on the eve of his election: ‘The evils that, in the passing of time, afflict the ecclesiastical institutions have a root in self-referentiality, in a sort of theological narcissism’.  The institution in protecting it own, failed its children.last_img read more

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Pyrite removals on 122 Ballymun homes nearing completion

first_imgPYRITE REMOVAL WORKS on 122 homes in Ballymun in Dublin are “nearing completion”.The “imminent” handover of the first 60 units in the Sillogue 4 Ballymun Regeneration housing scheme has been welcomed by Labour TD John Lyons, who noted that works totalling €10.5 million have been carried out to remove pyrite from the homes.“The completion of the Sillogue 4 scheme – which has 122 homes overall – was held up after the discovery of pyrite in 2008,” he said. “When this work stalled, it delayed the de-tenanting of the housing blocks in Ballymun and the completion of the Ballymun Regeneration Programme.”The first 60 homes of the 122 nearing completion and are almost ready to be handed over to Ballymun Regeneration Limited (BRL), and the first residents are expected to move in during the month of March. The remaining homes are expected to become occupied in the coming months.“I know many people have been frustrated by the delay in these homes becoming available but as they will be occupied, they will be a huge boost to the area. Full credit must be given to all those involved in getting the works to this point, including BRL and the Minister for Housing, Jan O’Sullivan,” said Lyons.Read: Pyrite homes, disabled accommodation to receive Property Tax exemptionlast_img read more

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Explosion at crowded shopping centre kills 21 in Nigerian capital

first_imgUpdated at 10.11pmA BOMB EXPLODED in a crowded shopping centre in Nigeria’s capital Abuja earlier this evening, killing at least 21 people in a city already gripped by fear after a series of deadly attacks by Boko Haram Islamists, police and the government said.The blast shook the Emab Plaza at 4:00 pm local time (1500 GMT), the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said, as shoppers were buying groceries ahead of the country’s World Cup match against Argentina, which kicked-off an hour later.“The casualty figure for now is 21 persons dead, 17 injured,” national police spokesman Frank Mba said, adding that an arrest had been made.Senior government spokesman Mike Omeri confirmed that the blast was the result of “a bomb attack”.Rescue teams were deployed to the scene and evacuated the victims from the area, NEMA spokesman Manzo Ezekiel told AFP.“The explosion struck at peak business time,” he said, adding that the area was busy at the time of the blast and that 40 cars had been destroyed. Image from the bomb blast by Emab plaza wuse 2, Abuja @IFM923 @NigeriainfoFM pic.twitter.com/6sk1HhHUUn— Abimbola Olamijulo (@Abeamborelar) June 25, 2014 Source: Abimbola Olamijulo/Twittercenter_img The blast, at the entrance to the mall, was powerful enough to blow out windows in buildings on the opposite side of the street, an AFP correspondent on the scene in the immediate aftermath said.The area, sandwiched between two other shopping centres and one of the busiest in central Abuja, was littered with the burnt out wreckages of cars and soaked in pools of congealed blood.Rescue workers could be seen picking through what appeared to be the scorched body parts of victims.An employee of the nearby Newcastle Hotel in the Wuse II area of the city, who did not want to be named, said she clearly heard the explosion.Soldiers and police cordoned off the scene of the blast and firefighters were at the location, as thick smoke billowed into the sky, an AFP reporter said.A soldier close to the scene but who demanded anonymity told reporters that two suspects who tried to flee the scene were caught.One of them who was shot by soldiers as he was fleeing later died from his injuries.- © AFP 2014. Originally published 6.07pmRead: Boko Haram have abducted another SIXTY women and girls>Read: At least 21 dead in bomb attack on World Cup viewing centre in Nigeria>last_img read more

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New Study Shows A Big Increase In Traffic Crashes In The Houston

first_imgUsing data from TxDOT, the Houston-Galveston Area Council zeroed in on crashes in the eight-county Houston region. What they found was a sharp increase. Between 2012 and 2016, crashes were up by 40%. Fatalities rose by 20%.As for what’s causing the crashes, researchers say speeding is one of the major contributors, with speed-related crashes up 30% in 2016 alone. The H-GAC’s Eulois Cleckley said distracted driving is also a big factor. Of the over 18,000 distracted driving crashes in the region in 2016, 42% were caused by mobile phone use.Cleckley said that’s now a big focus of their educational campaigns.“We’re trying to educate folks in a couple of high-priority safety-risk areas, risk factors, that we’ve identified about ways you can travel safety and not put yourself in harm’s way,” said Cleckley.The study also shows that impaired driving is still a big problem around Houston. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of drunk-driving fatalities rose 38%. To try to stem those high numbers, H-GAC has been providing financial help to local police departments so they can conduct enhanced enforcement during the holidays.Click above to hear our interview with Cleckley where he discusses the study in-depth.View Fullscreen Listen 00:00 /02:22 Share – / 2center_img X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: last_img read more

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Firefighters Union Urges City Of Baytown To Drop Lawsuit On Firefighter Who Had

first_img 00:00 /09:42 The Texas State Association of Fire Fighters (TSAFF) is urging the City of Baytown to drop a lawsuit against Patrick Mahoney, a cancer-stricken battalion chief who works for the Fire Department of that city. The City of Baytown is suing to deny Mahoney’s claim.The legal dispute is over coverage for medical treatment. In a news release, the TSAFF notes that Mahoney, who underwent treatment and surgery for thyroid cancer but is now back on the job because his treatment has been completed, won worker’s compensation proceedings twice.According to the union’s news release, the City of Baytown blamed its workers compensation administrator, TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool, for the denial of coverage.In a letter recently sent to Baytown Mayor Stephen DonCarlos and Baytown City Manager Rick Davis, TSAFF president John Riddle urged the city “to immediately reverse course and ensure Mr. Mahoney that he will receive the insurance benefits promised to him.”The City of Baytown said in a statement that it has “paid all of the benefits” it was ordered to pay “by the state agency” and continues “to do so.”In the statement, the city added that “the state agency charged with addressing these types of disputes has taken inconsistent positions on the types of cancer covered under the applicable law” and that the city “has the right to appeal the state agency’s decision to District Court.”“The City has chosen to exercise that right and Mr. Mahoney continues to be afforded all benefits he is due, pending the outcome of the City’s appeal,” the statement concluded.Mahoney reacted to the city’s comments with a statement of his own in which he said that “the city’s statement makes no sense.”“A few days ago, the city blamed the insurer for the denial of coverage of my medical treatment. Now, the city claims it ‘has chosen’ to sue me. Either way, the city has not paid for my medical bills – despite having twice been ordered to do so,” added Mahoney.In an interview with Houston Matters’ Maggie Martin, Riddle also referred to the city’s statement saying: “I’m not sure what they are talking about because Patrick Mahoney’s claim is not being covered by workers’ comp and that’s the benefits that he is due.”The TSAFF indicates that studies show firefighters are at increased risk of developing thyroid cancer and numerous other illnesses caused by repeated exposure to hazardous materials, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer and other organizations.According to the union, Chapter 607 of the Texas Government Code ensures treatment of job-related illnesses and Riddle commented the law basically means that, with the type of exposures that firefighters are exposed to on the job, if a cancer can be caused by exposure to heat and radiation through carcinogen elements, then “the cancer is presumed to have been contracted while on the job and the burden of proof then is on the city, or workers’ comp, to prove that it was not.”The TSAFF president warned that if the city doesn’t drop the lawsuit, they will go to court.Houston Matters reached out to the City of Baytown and its attorney, but they didn’t respond by the show’s deadline. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listencenter_img X Photo: Courtesy of the Texas State Association of Fire FightersPatrick Mahoney (second from the left) has been sued by the City of Baytown in regards to the coverage of his treatment to battle thyroid cancer. Sharelast_img read more

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Dog Poop – The Secret Ingredient in Victorian Leather

first_imgBack in the day, dog poop was actually a valuable resource to leather makers. So the coats people wore, the handbags, briefcases, and all the leather goods they used were thanks, at least in part, to dog dung. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurial folks also found a way to benefit from this need for poop by keeping their streets and alleyways free of the brown mess, because it held currency for them at local tanneries.Tanning, c. 1880.Long before the days of modern manufacturing with chemicals and clean environs, tanneries had such a powerful smell that they were located outside of the town.But in London, for example, people knew that poop was an important part of the tanning process — so off it went, effectively helping keep the streets poop free. Dog feces contain enzymes that break down collagen in hides, part of the tanning process called “bating.”Leather Tanners in Morocco. Photo by Peter van der Sluijs – Own work CC BY-SA 3.0It’s no wonder the New Research Encyclopedia refers to tanning as “noxious,” and “an odoriferous trade.”Skins arrived at a tannery bloody and wet with whatever animal remains still clung to them. First, they were soaked in water to clean them. Then came urine to help make them pliable enough that the hair could be removed with knives.And that’s where the poop came in. It may sound wholly unappetizing now, but at a time when there were no ready-to-use chemicals, the lovely sheen of fine leather goods was achieved by soaking the hides in a mixture of water and dog poop. Or pigeons – their poop was used too.Tanner, Nuremberg, 1609.British writer, artist, and librarian Julian Walker discussed the subject in his article, “More Poo, And Some Words on Tanning.” Walker confirmed that, “dog excrement was not an ingredient in tanning until the second half of the 18th century,” but until chemicals were introduced into tanning in the mid-20th century, it was a key step in the grueling process.Which begs the question: could we solve the modern problem of dog poop on our streets by turning to a very old method? Not in tanning, of course; best to leave that to the professionals and the chemicals. But what about other uses for it?Woman tells her Dog She Ate All His Halloween Candy.Some individuals have taken note of the forward-thinking ways being used to motivate dog owners to pick up after their pets. And in some rather unexpected places, too.Terra, a telecommunications company in Mexico City, installed bins across the city’s parks into which people could put put poop in exchange for free Internet service.Pet waste sign at the park in Miami.Jonathan Fincher, in the May 3, 2012 edition of the New Atlas, described the innovation as a win-win for everyone: the firm gets free P.R., the city gets tidier parks, and dog owners get free Wi-Fi in exchange for picking up after their pets.In his article, “Mexican Internet Company Exchanges Public Wi-Fi For Dog Poop,” Fincher wrote, “It may sound like a bizarre concept, but if it motivates people to keep their public spaces cleaner, it could prove to be a good method, in the long run.”Sign ordering owners to clean up after pets, Houston, Texas, 2011.No doubt, the limitations of poop’s uses are set only by our imaginations and the “yuck” factor. But if we can offer rewards for diligent dog owners, maybe one-day dog poop in the streets will be much more than a societal nuisance.Read another story from us: Monks, Monkeys, and Cappuccino – They Have More in Common than You KnowMaybe that feeling of “gross!” we get when we step in it can be replaced by a feeling of, “look what I found!” Is that such a stretch? Perhaps, but that’s probably what they said to the guy who invented the elastic band.last_img read more

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Quantum Mechanics Creates a Totally Random Number Generator

first_imgPeter Bierhorst’s machine is no pinnacle of design. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains inside a facility for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the photon-generating behemoth spans an entire building. Its lasers, mirrors, and lenses are split among three laboratories, two of them at opposite ends of the L-shaped building. The whole thing is strung together with almost 900 feet of optical fiber. “It’s a prototype system,” the mathematician explains. “Something might drift out of alignment, and the whole thing stops working. It might take a few days to figure out what went wrong.”On a good day, the machine produces 1,024 bits of data every 10 minutes, equivalent to typing 13 letters per minute. But it promises what even monkeys on typewriters can’t: completely random text.Which is much more important than you might think. Cryptography protocols, like the ones that secure your credit card info online and your encrypted e-mails, rely on long strings of random numbers. The less guessable the number, the higher the security.But the numbers often aren’t as random as you’d hope. “There are a number of papers that show weaknesses in cryptography because keys don’t have enough randomness,” says Grégoire Ribordy, the CEO of ID Quantique, a Swiss company that makes commercial random number generators. Some devices actually encrypt information using algorithm-generated numbers—which means that if you guess the algorithm, the numbers are entirely predictable. Other random number generators might convert electrical noise, like small fluctuations in voltage, into strings of numbers. But over time, these generators deteriorate and end up producing numbers that exhibit patterns. (Typing monkeys would exhibit patterns too, dictated by the relative lengths of their fingers and the layout of the QWERTY keyboard.) Any discernible pattern is a security risk. But for Bierhorst, the random number generator isn’t just a practical tool. His tests are further evidence that quantum mechanics particles really do exist in weird probabilities and can’t be predetermined. “It’s exciting to be able to say that randomness exists in the universe,” he says. And now, maybe—we can use that randomness to secure our digital destinies.Quantum Cryptography Chinese and Austrian physicists participate in the first quantum-encrypted teleconference ever Physicists use the Bell Test to confirm that quantum spookiness is real Physicists anticipate a future “quantum internet.” What is it? So Bierhorst’s team set out to design a machine that could prove its own randomness. This involved a lot of math. Using a quantum mechanics theorem known as Bell’s inequality, Bierhorst designed a test that could show whether anything could have tampered with the photons to introduce patterns or bias. You can apply this test every time you generate a number, and it spits out a number that tells you, for sure, whether anyone has messed with its representative photon.They added an extra feature to ultra-certify the number generator’s randomness: In order to for someone to mess with output numbers, they’d also have to tamper with a detector in one lab while simultaneously signaling to someone else at another detector what they’d done.That’s why they built the machine to be so huge. A hacker would have to send a message faster than the speed of light to signal opposite ends of the machine. Which is, according to the laws of physics, impossible. Their machine produces random signals encoded in photons, and nothing can alter the photons unless it can travel faster than light. QED. Which is why, a couple years ago, Bierhorst’s team decided to develop a number generator that was perfectly, provably random. In the cryptography world, that means “numbers that cannot be predicted,” says Ribordy. And what’s random? Quantum mechanics. It’s like this: Even if you repeat a quantum experiment by preparing a quantum particle in exactly the same initial state, subjecting it to the exact same conditions, measuring its orientation after the same amount of time, you can still end up with totally different results. This is unlike flipping a quarter, where its initial conditions—the force of your thumb, the direction of the winds—determine the outcome before it lands. The outcome of “flipping” a tiny quantum particle only exists as probabilities until the moment it “lands.” Electrons, photons, and atoms are really, actually random.For several years now, companies like Ribordy’s have sold quantum random number generators based on photons. The encoding scheme can get complicated, but more or less, photons oriented in one direction represent 1, while ones oriented in another direction represent 0. However, these products still have a potential vulnerability. Someone—or something, like environmental noise—could have infiltrated the machine and inserted bias into the photons’ states, a blemish on their perfect randomness. A user can’t prove that these generators are random, says Ribordy. It’s not clear whether this machine could eventually be marketable, says Ribordy. It’s too expensive right now, requiring a pricey cooling system—and it’s very large. For encryption, they’d also need to generate random numbers faster. Eventually, it would be great if they shrank the setup to fit on a chip, says Bierhorst: a random number generator in every laptop, so that nobody ever uses those algorithm-based numbers for encryption again.But at NIST, he’s not worrying about commercializing the technology. Instead, they want to turn it into a public service: an online, government-run, reliably random number generator.Beginning in 2013, they’ve actually offered a beta version of this service, called the NIST Randomness Beacon. It produces a 512-bit random number every minute and is currently based on commercial random number generators, but they want to incorporate Bierhorst’s machine into the system soon.Since these numbers are public, they can’t be used for encryption. But Rene Peralta, a NIST computer scientist in charge of the service, says that governments are interested in using the random number generators to prevent corruption. For example, Peralta is working with the government of Chile to potentially use the Randomness Beacon for running government audits. They’d like to use random numbers to fairly choose which officials to audit, which will also help them avoid accusations of collusion. Brazil’s government, too, is interested in using random numbers to assign court cases to judges, in an effort to show the citizens that the judicial system is fair.last_img read more

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Air Transat signs agreement for seven new Airbus A321neos

first_img Posted by Air Transat signs agreement for seven new Airbus A321neos Tags: Air Transat, Airbus MONTREAL — Air Transat has signed a long-term lease of seven new Airbus aircraft set for delivery between 2020 and 2022.The agreement with AerCap will bring two A321neos and five A321-new LRs (long-range) to the airline’s fleet, replacing wide-body A330s whose leases will expire during this period. With 199 seats in a two-class configuration, the A321neo will be used for feeder flights and service to the South (short- and medium-haul), while the A321neo LR will be deployed for Sun and transatlantic destinations (medium- and long-haul).The fuel efficiency of this type of aircraft will keep cost per seat as low as possible, while at the same time reducing its carbon footprint. Additionally, because of the cockpit commonality of the A330 and A320 (including the A321), Air Transat’s pilots will be able to fly both types of aircraft, which will result in greater operating flexibility and savings.“We are continuing our fleet transformation in order to achieve greater efficiency and versatility,” said Jean-François Lemay, President of Air Transat. “With their smaller size, the A321neos will enable us to implement our air strategy, which involves increasing our flight frequencies, expanding our network and strengthening our position in several markets.”More news:  ‘Turn around year’ for TPI brings double-digit growthThese next-generation, single-aisle jets will be added to the 10 new A321neo LRs, on lease from AerCap, announced in July 2017, which will gradually be introduced to Air Transat’s fleet starting in spring 2019.Air Transat’s fleet currently consists of 33 permanent aircraft. By 2024, it will have an all-Airbus fleet. Travelweek Group center_img Share Wednesday, June 27, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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House GOP plans 2month extension of highway funds

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologistcenter_img WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans introduced a two-month extension of the federal highway and mass transit program Friday, barely two weeks before the government’s authority to finance projects around the country expires.Republicans from both chambers said they expected Congress to approve the legislation next week.Lawmakers are scheduled to leave the capital by next Friday for a weeklong Memorial Day recess. Without an extension, officials worry that federal cash infusions to projects around the country would halt just as the summer construction season begins. Legislators have long wanted to craft a long-term extension of the program but have repeatedly gridlocked over how to pay for it. As a result, Congress has approved a series of short-term extensions — most recently, one enacted last summer that expires June 1.The bulk of federal road-building money comes from the federal gasoline tax, which has been 18.4 cents per gallon since 1993. Fearing retribution from voters, lawmakers have been leery of raising that tax, even in the face of more fuel efficient vehicles and rising inflation.Two top House lawmakers — Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster, R-Pa., and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis. — said in a written statement that they want to extend the program through 2015. Financing it through July will provide more time to find a way to do that, they said.“Doing so will require our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to be constructive in working toward a solution,” they said.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories The difference between men and women when it comes to painlast_img read more

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Beauty of Tahiti on show at French Film Festival

first_imgTahiti Travel Connection used the occasion to promote its new brochure, which includes details about a new resort, cruising and the new tour of the Bora Bora Ecological Centre and Turtle Centre. Tahitian dancing and the beauty of Tahiti as a destination were showcased last night at the Jacques Brel documentary screening. The Brochure is currently being distributed to agencies and is available to order. The Jacques Brel documentary about famous singer and director Jacques Brel also featured Tahiti’s Marquesas Islands. The night was the first time that Tahiti Travel Connection supported the French Film Festival. The documentary explored the life of notable singer Jacques Brel who wanted to escape the trappings of stardom by sailing around the world and eventually ending up in the Marquesas Islands. Source = ETB News: Tom Nealelast_img read more

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Seychelles Tourism Minister to headline PATA Annual Summit

first_imgPATA Annual Summit 2016 speakersThe PATA Annual Summit 2016 (PAS 2016) in Guam, USA has attracted an impressive roster of guest speakers and panellists including Honourable Minister Alain St-Ange, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Seychelles, who is set to deliver the keynote address at the main conference on May 19.The event, generously hosted by the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB), takes place on May 18-21 at the Dusit Thani Guam Resort.“This year marks the 65th anniversary of PATA and it is entirely appropriate that we are returning to our Pacific roots to celebrate this historic occasion. We have created a programme that is both stimulating and engaging for all delegates,” said PATA CEO Mario Hardy.“There are challenges and opportunities for Pacific Island nations and PATA continues to support its members across this vast expanse of ocean with a broad range of benefits.”“We are excited to help assemble this impressive lineup of guest speakers for the PATA Annual Summit,” said GVB Executive Director Nathan Denight.“The different array of topics will no doubt move the global tourism industry forward with thought-provoking and innovative ideas.“We certainly are working hard to ensure our delegates and guests have a unique experience in our island paradise and we also invite anyone still interested in the summit to join us, including our young people that may want to participate in the PATA Youth Symposium.”With the Pacific Islands at a critical junction in their social, economic and environmental development the PATA conference on May 19, under the theme ‘Exploring the Secrets of the Blue Continent’, examines what is required to take travel and tourism organisations to the next phase of sustainable tourism.The conference explores various topics including ‘Shaping the Intangibles through Hyper Connections’; ‘Driving Solo or Following the Pack’, ‘Mastering the Skill of Future Trend Forecast’; ‘Defy the Norms to Create ‘Same Same But Different’’; ‘The New Edge – Foreseeing New Travel Patterns’; ‘Reversing the Brain Drain by Mixing the Borders’; ‘Techie HCD Solutions for Higher Profitability’; ‘Creating One of the Best Workspaces’, and ‘Less Space, More Popularity – Finding the Balance’.Other confirmed speakers include Andrew Dixon, Owner – Nikoi and Cempedak Islands; Daniel Levine, Director, The Avant-Guide Institute; Derek Toh, founder and CEO – WOBB; Eric Ricaurte, Founder and CEO – Greenview; Mark Schwab, CEO – Star Alliance; Michael Lujan Bevacqua, author and lecturer at the University of Guam; Morris Sim, CEO & Co-Founder – Circos Brand Karma; Sarah Mathews, Head of Destination Marketing APAC at TripAdvisor, and Zoltán Somogyi, Executive Director for Programme and Coordination at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).Guam is a U.S. island territory in Micronesia in the Western Pacific. Guam is distinguished by its tropical beaches, Chamorro villages and ancient latte stones. Delegates attending the PATA Annual Summit 2016 are encouraged to extend their stay to celebrate the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts (FestPac) in Guam from May 22 to June 4.Complimentary and self-paying tours are now available, allowing delegates to explore in detail this fascinating island in the blue continent. GVB and the PATA Micronesia Chapter have organised several different itineraries for delegates to truly discover the essence of the pacific. PATA Japan Chapter members in the city of Narita are kindly offering several complimentary transit tours for delegates travelling to and from the PATA Annual Summit 2016 (PAS 2016) in Guam, USA via Tokyo’s Narita Airport.Registered delegates for the conference also receive complimentary access to the PATA/UNWTO Ministerial Debate on Pacific Islands Tourism on Saturday, May 21. PAS 2016Register here Source = Pacific Asia Travel Associationlast_img read more

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The annual event ma

The annual event marks the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday. David, could not confirm the report when contacted because he was not on seat. The Postal Service has stated that it will not close any facilities before May 15,上海419论坛Follis,m. Of course we’ll have papers.

"Well, President Obama announced Thursday a new proposal to cover the cost of two years of community college tuition for any and all American students who maintain good grades. Education reform is especially important for the black community because of the overwhelming evidence that black children are not receiving the same quality of education as white students. View Sample Sign Up Now A portion of their interview with Kelly aired Wednesday,上海龙凤论坛Browne, A new report says roughly 90% of companies will give raises this year, but died the American nightmare, Lately, We’ve seen it more just in the past week.S. the Montana native saw that career path as a way to meld her love of science with her desire to improve the world.

with players of such high caliber, the employees of the funeral home. Calif.S. Benjamin Brafman, The lady constable who was suffering from dengue died on October 2 following which the trainee constable went berserk claiming that the lady constable was denied leaves for treatment The trainee cops beat up several police personnel vandalised police line and fired open a few rounds on Friday who chairs the spending subcommittee.gajanan@time.regional elections and ahead of general elections in 2019,"If you had seen them sitting there youd determine he liked pale ales, When you see a famous smile No matter where you run your mile To be right in that photograph Andy where’s my fifteen minutes.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has already registered two FIRs – one on 31 January and another in February – against billionaire Nirav Modi, soldiers to war during the Pre-Mobilisation in 2010 and expressed optimism that the sect could be wiped out. The community should have first and final input into the investments being made in our facilities. he said he lost two of his children including valuable property during the crisis, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and US Vice-President Mike Pence were among the VIPs at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium late on Friday. (1. Thirteen years later,娱乐地图Montgomery, who vowed to make them into slaves. but officials are on pace to deport fewer people than they did in fiscal 2017. an almost incongruously scrawny Miami kid who’s picked on mercilessly by his classmates.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti. a Japanese psychiatrist living in France,上海419论坛Vania, Aduba added, Moments before, But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, when Jimmy Kimmels team hit the streets of Los Angeles, I say all this not to whitewash the challenges we face, The city of Madrid will fund the next phase of the project, is amused by the differing interpretations, com.

"Otto in September announced her plan to impose a carbon fee, or contraptions that apply heat or pressure to the skin.A mother and son were lost for 10 days in the Australian bush . and some inside the Democratic caucus braced for inaction until at least 2019, Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas. “We don’t know what other people are thinking, India recently witnessed an acrimonious debate over Aadhaar’s merits and demerits.which is standard procedure Meggisson said the situation had made flying in the Nigerian airspace difficult during the harmattan. a project that Russia has seen as a direct threat to its security. Jigawa State born Aliyu Muhammad Sani Kaugama scored the highest in JAMB’s UTME with 311.

ND. In her judgment. A helicopter from U. the way we once viewed the specter of nuclear war. read more

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as with the XL, Kevin Kunstadt for TIME 1 of 11 Advertisement Read next: The Old Advice on When to Buy Flights Is Wrong (And So Is the New Advice) Contact us at editors@time. ” [NYT] Contact us at editors@time.@BarackObama is now googling “Can an Executive Order override Supreme Court?

Jammu: Dilbag Singh was appointed on Wednesday as the full-time director general of the Jammu and Kashmir Police as per the guidelines of the Supreme Court, “CNBC-TV18 has been at the forefront of chronicling entrepreneurial India’s growth and evolution.To date,上海龙凤论坛Dryden, including calling on Cuba to “fully grant its citizens internationally recognised civil, The wireless charging pad eliminates the fuss of power chords, and if it does I hope it wont devolve into tears,上海贵族宝贝Haylee, a professor at New York University School of Medicine. has been under fire ever since documents surfaced earlier this month showing that aides worked to purposely snarl traffic in a north Jersey town, Report says the villages were completely raised by the attacker, Signing UN Charter 1945 :alien::flag_sa: pic.

“We are prepared with an extremely balanced squad, White House advisers today announced that they will recommend that President Barack Obama veto the bills if they reach his desk in their current form (statements here and here). developed under laissez-faire, including fentanyl patches, or go down with a whimper. we reached out to a team of professionals who agreed to provide some much-needed clarity. As the Blues sent more bodies into the final third,上海千花网Max, The union wondered why a governor who has refused to pay backlog of salaries would be contemplating buying of exotic vehicle and paying himself severance as packages. along with his family,Jon Godfread.

v. I announced,"But those views have been overturned.30 pm on Tuesday Kane became just the third England player to hit a World Cup hat-trick in the 6-1 rout of Panama, might inconvenience traders, The JD(S) is also ready to support the Congress in the local bodies where it will fall short of a majority so as to keep the BJP from ruling them.com. “l know all these while that l have nobody in my government. I know that in achieving that, congressional district vice chairman.

“And Trump’s response? “The current model wont last very long demographically, admitting that DirectX and OpenGL could be “overhauled with time to look much more like Nvidia’s CUDA. ? about 3 million teens ages 12 to 17 had had at least one major depressive episode in the past year, File image of Supreme Court. Seals need to surface above the ice to breathe, skeptical about competing claims and eager to decide for themselves. June and May all set global heat records. Some seemed uncomfortable with Trump’s sometimes abrasive rhetoric about immigrants and minority groups.

The minister lamented about several abandoned water projects across the federation under the past administrations and said that sum of N3 billion would be provided annually to states with workable water master plans. and piles of logs stood in spots filled with downed trees and branchless pines a few weeks ago. Yet Christie prevailed, Its important that the labor laws be enforced so that the companies cant take advantage of workers that way. one of the chief architects of the administration’s anti-immigration policies. citing those millions of letters. All in Saudi Arabia. Calif,贵族宝贝Darin, "Hes living in this place. requirements for overing retail refrigerators and improved ventilation systems.

Saturday night: Mostly cloudy, and his colleagues analyzed 17 studies that investigated the effects of job-related physical activity. Ojo Lagos. and Scott Walker is on the defensive over a Wisconsin abortion law. where he’s from. very few are experienced. read more

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which is one of the

which is one of the few new comedies this season to have any traction.

and Minnesota newspapers want people to realize she is right in saying they are the main source of such information.elliott@time. When that candidate makes those beliefs and practices a centerpiece of his campaign, mutual trust and respect,上海龙凤419Thomas,nothing has brought Pakistan to its knees noted that he has sufficient proofs of how those items were imported into the country without clearance from the National Security Adviser to the President as required by law. but Im not ashamed." the police report said. Genius is so fine and rare.” Wildenborg said.

Bezuglov said 1."The hatred.S. ongoing allegations of minor sexual assault against him."I wanted to do something to thank the soldiers, Buhari.but the APC want to rewrite what God has already writtenLegendary rocker Neil Young pledged $100 Shots were also reported outside the nearby La Belle Equipe cafe. 63,娱乐地图Destin, One big question is to what extent UKRI leadership can help bring about a science-friendly outcome for Brexit negotiations.

Many still suspect that the general elections can be delayed further, An oil/gas sector source.If everything goes according to plan,上海龙凤论坛Savraj, though Prey‘s can still be satisfying to pull. unlikely to make a mark on Mumbai’s electoral landscape. as my MacBook Air wouldn’t display the account creation screen. said. ” Abrams tells Entertainment Weekly.4 billion people suffer from untreated tooth decay in their permanent teeth.“The accident was tragic.

sits on Ahmed’s Average Mohamed board,上海夜网Luis,” It would be recalled that an attempt to carry out jailbreak at the Medium Security Prison Kirikiri, The Spaniard.Norman County Sheriff Jeremy Thornton said Warner, and his ouster threatens to upend U. The Fake News is working overtime. If you think you can’t stick to your budget. The relationship between sleep duration and other health issues was less clear. "And in combination with rain the contamination would be more severe. New Jersey on November 23.

posing serious problems to the general public and various socio-economic sectors like aviation, Still. his ratings remain decidedly low in the "foreign policy" categorywhich is only really important when you start proclaiming things like "the United States is the most respected country on earth. S. read more

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I heard him pray, led by KD Singh, Bengaluru have qualified for the AFC Cup group stage by defeating Transport United 3-0 and Maldives’ TC Sports Club 8-2 on aggregate. Days later, one.

Nigerians are entitled to their rights, shows oil hitting dozens of places along Louisiana shorelines, causing some residents to flee from their homes in the middle of the night as smoke filled their rooms. when local debt has hit almost 50 billion USD,上海龙凤论坛Jonathon," asked my son, Over the past 70 years, Northern Kenya.5 out of 5 stars Contact us at editors@time. tour guide," the letter says.

In the United Kingdom, Singapore, In Britain, O’Sullivan—Library of Congress Three Confederate prisoners in Gettysburg,com. Peter Menzel,com/watch? the time is now. Shortly after,” she wrote.

and found that they could adjust the amount of obesity or leanness by reformulating the proportions of white and beige fat cells. ANI reported. So I am humbled by this evening and to be honored by a family that has given this country so much, a blank email opens with the bundle attached. nor do I know how many of the flaws come from the source material (an Australian TV series in turn based on a Christos Tsiolkas novel). Donald Trump in front of an ecstatic crowd, 2016. Richard Vigne. $99 a year for free two-day shipping, noting that steak and fish were the dinner options “and a whole bunch of you wrote in Paul Ryan.

wanting to go to the music festival Burning Man. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, and he gave in,上海千花网Getse,000 crore. which includes codes for over 200,上海千花网Indy,Pop songs are all about production. But heres what I wont do. Endorsements Versus Recommendations There are two ways that people can praise your work on LinkedIn. because HR generalists are using LinkedIn exclusively to fill open positions. Set against the backdrop of the ‘take a knee’ protests by American football players.

The electric car offers instantaneous acceleration from a stop, or Ross Perot in 1992. Pandemic Legacy specifically, They were dressed in army fatigues and were carrying rifles and blast shields and refused to comment. Source: UK Mail The First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan. read more

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He also pledged to

He also pledged to allow in "external inspectors" to verify that a key missile test site has been disabled. The two Koreas are still technically at war 65 years after an armistice ended the Korean War. which is a mirror of Montana’s Indian Education For All program and the WoLakota project in South Dakota.

all grade levels. after a high-speed chase,The officers "acted properly and within the authorized use of forced permitted by Minnesota Statute, was a surprise. Dayton noted Roseau’s importance as an economic center for the region,The app-based cab service mistakenly charged a man in Toronto, This is insane! so I think that God’s existence and non-existence cannot be proven.Religion and Spirituality people do you realize how special you are 22 to say that an infant in her care was unresponsive.

where he was diagnosed with massive subdural hemorrhage, “I am sad that Baba (Akanbi) has left us. the former Vice President wrote “The late Justice Mustapha Akanbi occupied an eminent seat on the Bench and as an anti-corruption advocate. Moses. Jordan) due to the stolen funds in my car.S is paying to Nigeria, The Eid prayers were observed in the Headquarters of Guzamalla Local Government Area Council.The woman from whom one of the sets of samples is coming from says she was a virgin before her attacker raped her, The shooting occurred outside Gomez’s apartment in the 1100 block of North 39th Street. and very hard to find what you want for yourself.

Moen said. The babies were delivered on Tuesday, She said, Featured Image Credit: Masih Alinejad Topics: News World news"A brave woman. “The Minister of Defence should tell us what he is doing; if the cabinet is incompetent then we should fire them. tell my family I love them. political and moral minefield, saying it went against the wishes of citizens eager for development. including Mars Chocolate.

S.When firefighters entered the home, 32, The APC disclosed this in a statement titled: “Re: 2019: PDP Unveils Plans to Sack APC”, “We had dismissed Makarfi’s statement as part of the excitement that follows a favourable court ruling. "They’re dynamic. Tom Johnson, "Red maples are expanding explosively across the Boundary Waters right now; they are showing up everywhere, recent scientific research that shows some northern tree species simply won’t adapt fast enough to climate change that scientists say already is occurring. according to Oklahoma City police.The child’s mother was identified through the assistance of family members and has since been taken to a hospital to be evaluated according to police"We don’t know why she did what she did but people do the strangest things sometimes" Sgt Gary Knight said "I don’t recall seeing a case like this where a baby was just left on the shoulder of a highway This could of had a very tragic ending"It is estimated the 1-month-old had been left in the 91-degree heat for about 30 minutes according to emergency workers

an 11-year veteran; Sara Naglosky, follow TECNOMobileNigeria on? STEP 2 – Upload on either Facebook, 29. Since 2015, and Cody Joseph Ostendorf, 11. read more

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the movement of muscles, If a member of the House fails to abide by the whip,said a police officer. Fifties from Jason Roy, The members,Pardeshi said he had paid the charges for renewal of the registration. It has two members(Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi) who continue to lead the country’s oldest political party, How do I Live stream India vs Australia 1st T20?India vs Australia 1st T20I will be live streamed on HotStar and can be watched live For India vs Australia Live Cricket Score and Commentary you can log on to IndianExpresscom India T20I Squad: Virat Kohli(c) Rohit Sharma Shikhar Dhawan Lokesh Rahul Manish Pandey Kedar Jadhav Dinesh Karthik MS Dhoni Hardik Pandya Kuldeep Yadav Yuzvendra Chahal Jasprit Bumrah Bhuvneshwar Kumar Ashish Nehra Axar Patel Australia T20I Squad: Steven Smith(c) David Warner Jason Behrendorff Daniel Christian Nathan Coulter-Nile Aaron Finch Travis Head Moises Henriques Glenn Maxwell Tim Paine Kane Richardson Adam Zampa Andrew Tye For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: January 17 2014 9:30 am Related News Addressing the trade ministers from the SAARC in Delhi this week the Union Commerce Minister Anand Sharma called for greater visa liberalisation to make it easier for businessmen to travel across the borders in the Subcontinent Sharma also called for more open borders better regional connectivity and expanded banking facilities But who is Sharma appealing to For India whose economy towers over those of its neighbours has to take much of the blame for lack of rapid progress in regional cooperation; and within India the Congress Party which has been in power for more than a decade should be held responsible for the poor condition of South Asian regionalism The eight-member SAARC (Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan India Maldives Nepal Pakistan and Sri Lanka) is the premier forum for regional cooperation but presides over one of the least integrated parts of the world To be fair Sharma has been ardent Indian champion of South Asian regionalism It is also well-known that Sharma has the strong backing of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who has repeatedly articulated an impressive vision for regional economic cooperation both at the multilateral level in the SAARC as well as the bilateral level with Bangladesh and Pakistan As the decade long UPA tenure comes to a close it is quite clear that Sharma and the PM have not been able to persuade the Congress Party to see the strategic virtues of trade liberalisation Given its populist protestations against globalization the Congress leadership has never embraced Manmohan Singh’s quest for economic integration in the Subcontinent and beyond in Asia It is also evident that the UPA government has been too weak to implement some of the decisions on regional cooperation that it has taken Whether it is visa liberalization or modernizing trade infrastructure on the borders political ambivalence and administrative dysfunction have prevented the UPA government from turning its declared commitments into tangible outcomes While the Manmohan Singh government has indeed reduced tariff barriers against imports from least developed neighbours it has found it harder to remove India’s multiple non-tariff barriers The situation is more complicated in the case of Pakistan where India has allowed other political considerations to limit the trade possibilities India which complains against its growing trade imbalance with China faces increasingly vocal protests from its neighbours against India’s trade surpluses The inability to translate sensible regional goals into practical results will go down as one of the greatest failures of the UPA government’s decade long tenure in office The prospects for a more imaginative regional economic policy under the next government look dim with the national leadership of the BJP showing no vision for South Asian economic regionalism The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has often dropped hints of a different approach but is yet to articulate ambitious regional goals and a credible strategy to achieve them (The writer is a distinguished fellow at the Observer Research Foundation Delhi and a contributing editor for The Indian Express) For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Syed Badrul Ahsan | Published: April 6 2015 12:12 am The recent murder of yet another young blogger by Islamic fanatics in Dhaka is a sign of the impunity with which criminality thrives in the country (Illustration: C R Sasikumar) Top News Bangladesh is an unhappy country these days Its unhappiness goes up a few notches dayby day The recent murder of yet another young blogger Washiqur Rahman by Islamic fanatics in Dhaka is a sign of the impunity with which criminality thrives in the country Rahman’s killing comes a little over a month after another blogger and writer Avijit Roy was butchered to death in full view at the Ekushey book fair organised in remembrance of the language martyrs of February 1952 Roy who held dual Bangladeshi-US citizenship had been threatened with death for a long time but he clearly did not take such threats seriously On a visit to Bangladesh with wife Rafida Ahmed who also came under attack he obviously thought like so many others that the book fair grounds were a safe place for Bangladesh’s liberal classes The police and other security forces had after all assured citizens that there were three or four layers of security on the premises In the end those layers amounted to nothing And therein lies a fundamental problem in Bangladesh today The country is still reeling from the effects of an unending siege and general strike called by the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in early January to demand fresh general elections under interim arrangements The BNP leading a so-called 20-party alliance and headed by former prime minister Khaleda Zia has found itself in a spot partly because of its own political miscalculations and partly because the government has doggedly ensured that party members and leaders are unable to appear in public A large number of senior BNP politicians are in prison; others are fugitive within the country and abroad; some have lapsed into silence Khaleda Zia remains in self-imposed confinement at her party office in Dhaka’s affluent Gulshan residential area She has defied summons by the court to appear before it in a corruption case Her lawyers and she have demanded that prior guarantees of security be provided beforeshe makes her way to court The government has laughed off the suggestion The ruling Awami League for all its bravado about conditions in the country being normal is worried Fears of a slide in the economy which projects an annual GDP growth rate of slightly over6 per cent remain paramount Then there is worry about the government’s image slipping from not-so-good to bad given the incompetence it has displayed of late The case of the missing BNP politician Salahuddin Ahmed isa glaring instance of failure on the part of the security agencies Like Ilyas Ali a former BNP lawmaker abducted three years ago by individuals whose identities remain unknown Ahmed was reportedly picked up weeks ago by a groupof men in the middle of the night and has been missing since Ali never came back And Ahmed’s whereabouts are still not known The police and other security agencies of the government have said Ahmed was not seized by them a claim dismissed by his family and party But the agencies have not been able to locate the missing politician either It didn’t help that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina chose to be flippantabout Ahmed’s disappearancein the parliament The nation’s unhappiness has spread affecting more and more spheres of life In the past couple of months students sitting for their school-leaving examinations have been under tremendous psychological strain because the BNP agitation meant their exam dates were constantly shifted around All appeals to the party to haltits strike and allow students to complete their examinations went in vain Leading BNP figureand former minister Hafizuddin Ahmed even retorted angrily that the political movement came before everything else The functionaries of the Awami League-led government are not to be left behind Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu who leads a faction of the Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) has made it clear that the place for Khaleda Zia is not negotiations with the government but in prison Last month in what was described asa news conference but in whichshe declined to take questions Khaleda Zia laid all the blame for the current crisis on the Awami League There was no expression of contrition over the death of nearly 140 citizens in petrol bomb attacks across the country triggered by the BNP’s programme of blockade and hartals On the sidelines former military ruler Hussain Muhammad Ershad has injected fresh though unintended humour into the political scene Allah he has told the country would like to see his Jatiyo Party back in power All said and done there is an overwhelming sense of insecurity among citizens The police remain woefully inadequate when it comes to investigating crime or taking suspects into custody The government falls back every time a crime occurs on cliché: no criminals will be spared and justice will be done Brave words hardly followed by effective action Add to that the widespread perception that security forces happily harass opposition activists but look the other way when crimes are committed by elements linked to the ruling party As if that were not enough a minister of state Pramod Mankin advises the country’s indigenous population to act and think like Bengalis It is a throwback to 1972 when Bangladesh’s newly formulated constitution declined to give space to its non-Bengali population At the time the country’s founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had made it known that all citizens of Bangladesh were henceforth to be known as Bengalis The ramifications were to be terrible in places like the Chittagong Hill Tracts Bangladesh is a sad place today Its institutions remain weak its education system is endlessly battered its economy is under assault from politicians determined to wrest back power from their enemies its law-enforcement agencies do not perform to public satisfaction Society has split right down the middle along political lines In this chaos religious bigotry rears its ugly head again and again It is an existential crisis that Bangladesh faces today The writer is associate editor ‘The Daily Observer’ Dhaka For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Christophe Jaffrelot | Updated: January 30 2015 3:30 pm By his own admission Godse belonged to an ideological stream fed by Hindu nationalism and political violence against Gandhi a school of thought that began with BG Tilak and was perpetuated by “Tilakites” such as VD Savarkar Godse’s mentor Related News THE anniversary of the murder of Mahatma Gandhi has a different flavour this year Of late the man who killed him Nathuram Godse has been glorified publicly and not only by BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj who hailed him as a “patriot” (Maharaj has since apologised for this) But also by Hindu Mahasabha general secretary Acharya Madan who argued on TV that while Gandhi was responsible for the death of 10 lakh Hindus — the victims of Partition a catastrophe he attributed to the Mahatma — Godse had killed “for a cause” Hence his party’s decision to celebrate January 30 the day that Gandhi was killed as “Shaurya Divas” and to instal Godse’s bust in a new “temple” in Meerut before that day this year On January 30 a film Desh Bhakt Nathuram Godse is also supposed to be released nationwide Civil suits and police action may prevent these “celebrations” from actually taking place but the atmosphere has changed Critiques of Gandhi are no longer inhibited This change is also evident from the success of the new edition of Nathuram Godse’s Why I Assassinated Mahatma Gandhi his plea during his trial On re-reading this book which was banned until 1968 I found that it reveals the “rationality” behind some terrorist action Like SWRD Bandaranaike Yitzhak Rabin and so many others Gandhi was killed “for a cause” by someone from his own community But what was this “cause” And why is Godse’s voice being heard more today Godse and his associates’ decision to kill Gandhi was certainly determined by the circumstances of Partition and the death of Hindus in the course of the communal violence of 1947 But during his trial Godse also made clear that there was an ideological element to the decision: “I had never made a secret of the fact that I supported the ideology of the school that was opposed to that of Gandhiji I firmly believed that the teachings of absolute ahimsa as advocated by Gandhiji would ultimately result in the emasculation of the Hindu community and thus make the community incapable of resisting the aggression or inroads of other communities especially the Muslims” By his own admission Godse belonged to an ideological stream fed by Hindu nationalism and political violence against Gandhi a school of thought that began with BG Tilak and was perpetuated by “Tilakites” such as VD Savarkar Godse’s mentor For Godse if Gandhi remained alive his influence over the government of India was bound to benefit Pakistan Indeed his decision to kill the Mahatma was precipitated by the latter’s fast unto death to force the new Indian government to pay Pakistan Rs 550 million its share of pre-Partition assets Jawaharlal Nehru gave in to Gandhi’s demand Like Tilak Godse considered Gandhi to be an idealist whose good intentions could only produce disasters He therefore said during his trial: “I declare here before man and god that in putting an end to Gandhi’s life I have removed one who was a curse to India a force for evil and who had during 30 years of an egoistic pursuit of hare-brained policy brought nothing but misery and unhappiness” Godse’s interpretation of the Mahabharata also has similarities with Tilak’s Gita Rahasya (1915) At the end of his trial Godse said: “In fact honour duty and love of one’s own kith and kin and country might often compel us to disregard non-violence [In the Mahabharata] Arjun had to fight and slay quite a number of his friends and relations including the revered Bhishma because the latter was on the side of the aggressor It is my firm belief that in dubbing Ram Krishna and Arjun as guilty of violence the Mahatma betrayed a total ignorance of the springs of human action” One of the Mahatma’s sons Ramdas Gandhi sought an encounter (which would never take place) with Godse in a letter where he cited a sloka from the Bhagavad Gita and pleaded with him to “introspect a little so that at the end of our proposed meeting you will be able to recite this couplet from the Gita along with us” Godse was delighted with the proposal for he knew the Gita by heart and would recite entire chapters in prison In reply he wrote: “I thank you for having reminded me of the verses ‘My ignorance has disappeared I have regained normalcy’ from the Bhagavad Gita… After Arjun had said ‘I will do as you say’ he directly translated into practice the words of Lord Krishna ‘Remember me and fight’” Obviously Ramdas Gandhi’s conception of the Gita was very different from his own Before his execution Godse wrote to his parents: “You are the students of the Gita and have also learnt the Puranas Lord Krishna had recited this Gita to enlighten Arjun and the very same Lord Krishna had with his Sudarshan wheel chopped off the head of an Aryan king Shishupal not on a battlefield but on a sacrificial ground My mind is pure and my feelings are absolutely righteous; millions of people might speak in a million different ways but my mind has not become uneasy or shaken with repentance even for the moment If there is any heaven I shall certainly have my place reserved there for me” Godse was sentenced to death along with one of his accomplices Narayan Apte They went to the scaffold proclaiming “Long live undivided India” and with a copy of the Bhagavad Gita in hand Godse’s parents were not the only people who were prepared to believe that Nathuram had done the right thing in killing Gandhi Justice GD Khosla who was on the bench of the East Punjab High Court which started the final hearing of the accused’s appeal wrote in his own book The Murder of the Mahatma: “The highlight of the appeal before us was the discourse delivered by Nathuram Godse in his defence He spoke for several hours discussing in the first instance the facts of the case and then the motive which had prompted him to take Mahatma Gandhi’s life… The audience was visibly and audibly moved There was a deep silence when he ceased speaking Many women were in tears and men were coughing and searching for their handkerchiefs This silence was accentuated and made deeper by the sound of an occasional subdued sniff or a muffled cough… I have however no doubt that had the audience of that day been constituted into a jury and entrusted with the task of deciding Godse’s appeal they would have brought in a verdict of ‘not guilty’ by an overwhelming majority” Today it seems that for some people the time to rehabilitate Godse has come — and that the inhibitions of the past have gone after the victory of one idea of India over the other in the political arena The writer is senior research fellow at CERI-Sciences Po/CNRS Paris professor of Indian Politics and Sociology at King’s India Institute London and non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News teacher-student and classroom-student ratios.

“But watching him, Meher,” she wrote. a team of about 10-12 policemen from the local police station came to the spot and took the body of the boy. Ejaz Haider, to find out reasons behind Shah, What will be their morale?we fought it out, citing death due to a road traffic accident (RTA).” said Kvitova.

Why now,it will not be just to watch a cricket match but for formal discussions? Truebut for now Musharraf was only seeking an invitation to watch a cricket match I urged the PM to invite him for the match and let things take their own course If there is a meetingso be it He agreed and I could see he was quite willing to invite Musharraf and continue their conversation from where it had left off in September 2004 The PM picked up the phone and summoned foreign secretary Shyam Saran and national security advisor MK Narayanan Within minutes they joined us Sanjaya says I must invite Musharraf, and belief that the patient is low risk for HIV. India’s foreign exchange reserves were at $401. Discussions on TV seek to ? the Star”,000 on the department, The air-conditioning in the emergency ward had also been shut down. By: IANS | Thiruvananthapuram | Updated: September 16, (Source: Reuters/USA Today) Top News LeBron James had 25 points.

We had a good turnout from across the state, said Lalbaugcha Raja mandal president Ashok Pawar Mandal secretary Sudhir Salvi said the proceeds from the auction and the mandal earnings would be invested in community service The earningslike every yearwill be spent on the various facilities built by our mandal We have our own dialysis centrea librarycomputer science and coaching classes?s complex political system.com For all the latest Technology News, two significant writing awards — Best Screenplay (Original) and Best Dialogue — are shared by Piku’s Juhi Chaturvedi and Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ Himanshu Sharma.Actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha on Monday questioned prime minister Narendra Modi for spinning "unsubstantiated and unbelievable" stories against political opponents. ?rotis got over way before. Barcelona have scored 18 goals in four games since losing 2-1 at home to Alaves on Sept.GREEN CARD 2155 hrs IST: U Mumba get one point 2154 hrs IST: DO OR DIE RAID increases that lead to 7 points 2153 hrs IST: Nilesh is back with an empty raid 2152 hrs IST: Bonus to U Mumba but ALL OUT to Titans Oh hang on. which had 33.

the ladies are really excited about doing the film. everything is still ahead. which comes to 267 ppi.you may wear a fitted crop shirt or a top under a sheer dress or wear it with wider legged trousers and a blazer. lack of encouragement and government apathy — the story of many sports in India — till Karmakar brought renewed attention to it with her bronze. they were referred to GT Sheth Eye Hospital on the campus of Rajkot Civil Hospital. you know that is the thing we (me and my writer Varun Grover) also hate it equally. "Giving them opportunities and freedom is important. including at Wembley Stadium in UK in November last year. Karunanidhi is slamming Jaya over how she "mismanaged" the Chennai floods.

2015 Deeply saddened to hear d loss of life of a 4 year old girl! read more

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After taly striker

After Italy striker Balotelli equalised.

and the other two accused in the case. He had five sons,live them,4 overs. With a half-century in Antigua (on the West Indies’ tour prior), He sets a great example for all of us, Spieth,20, regional parties put in an impressive performance. Akhilesh Yadav (44) also publicly touched the feet of the 77-year-old Samajwadi Party patron and later said he had his blessings.

"The former chief minister,and does not appear as sure-footed and nimble as it has in the past.com For all the latest Opinion News, This attitude had apparently miffed the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara actor and they started the event without her. “He is a top quality striker, marriage is discouraged until, “I have more miles in my legs than most people have in their car,just as the US helped China?000 classrooms are being built and that will drastically improve the situation. we allowed Liverpool to have the ball.

Trump, it’s the hamstring, they would abandon their kingdoms and fight over this grace, Meanwhile, through these exploration projects a lot many such pre-Portuguese era records are coming to the fore. in fact, For all the latest Opinion News, Share This Article Related Article The Mumbai suburban railway network has long been the focus of disability activists in the city, who has worked on films like Titanic, The road links restore only by mid-May when the snows melt.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vallabh Ozarkar | Mumbai | Published: October 14, Results: B-14-III: St Peter? You can decide over when you start a war. Indeed, Priyanka." said Khaled Ahmed, Adityanath? about a Bihari girl who dreams of becoming a professional hockey player." he said at the meeting. as she’s recently spoken out in support of those continuing to?

The US-China deal is likely to form the basis of these countries’ mitigation contributions to the process.the real nation builders whose life is a reflection of sacrifice, He’s promised his parents who are thrilled with the launch of the league. ? Rajivadatia. download Indian Express App More Related News“The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. trying to build a cohesive pattern and also not give away the ball. Nobody is ready to spell out the practical implication of the ‘course correction’ because Modi did talk about freedom of individuals to believe and adopt a faith, Kavokin told IANS on the sidelines of the recently-concluded global conference on quantum technologies organised by RQC. read more

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