Correction Carbon FeeWashington story

first_imgSEATTLE – In a story Sept. 11 about a proposed fee on carbon pollution, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Shell pledged money to the initiative. Shell pledged money to oppose the initiative.A corrected version of the story is below:Take 2 for Washington state: Carbon fee on fall ballotVoters in Washington state will be asked this fall to do what state and federal leaders have been reluctant to: charge a direct fee on carbon pollution to fight climate changeBy PHUONG LEAssociated PressVoters in Washington state will be asked this fall to do what state and federal leaders have been reluctant to: charge a direct fee on carbon pollution to fight climate change.If the ballot measure passes, it will be the first direct fee or tax charged on carbon emissions in the U.S.Experts say it will prove states can take action even if the Trump administration doesn’t, and nudge other states to follow.Initiative 1631 would charge industrial emitters that use or sell fossil fuels in the state for every metric ton of carbon emissions. The fee starts in 2020 at $15 per metric ton and increases $2 a year. It stops in 2035 if the state meets its goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.About 100 emitters such as oil refineries, natural gas power plants and fuel distributors would pay the fee, raising roughly $1 billion in the first year.The oil industry is bankrolling the campaign to defeat it. Five oil companies — BP, Phillips 66, Chevron, Andeavor and U.S. Oil & Refining — have given the bulk of more than $11 million in cash raised by a committee sponsored by the Western States Petroleum Association. Shell pledged money early on to oppose the initiative it has called “flawed,” but said it won’t participate in the ongoing campaign to defeat it.Initiative sponsors represent a broad coalition of social justice, labour, tribal and environmental groups who have spent several years hammering out the details. Many opposed the carbon tax initiative voters rejected in 2016, partly because it didn’t do enough to invest in renewable energy or aid low-income and minority communities most impacted by pollution.If passed, money raised by the fee will pay for projects aimed at cutting pollution and protecting the environment, from solar power and zero-emissions vehicles to projects that store carbon and improve forest health.Proponents say polluters who release carbon emissions responsible for global warming should pay to address its impacts. Washington is seeing rising sea levels, more intense and frequent wildfires and floods and shrinking glaciers.The science “tells us that climate change is real, we’re causing it, it’s happening now and it will get worse,” said Mike Stevens, Washington director of The Nature Conservancy, the top donor with $1 million in support of I-1631. The campaign in support has raised about $4.3 million in cash.Opponents say the burden will fall to consumers in higher energy costs. The fee would add an estimated 14 cents per gallon of gasoline in the first year. Initiative backers say each person would pay $10 a month more, an amount Gov. Jay Inslee recently said was worth paying for clean air.Critics say it will put companies at a competitive disadvantage, expand government programs and special-interest spending without proof they will reduce emissions and provide too many exemptions to be effective.“If you exempt the largest polluters, how can you say you’re going after them? You’re not,” said Dana Bieber, spokeswoman of the No on 1631 campaign.The state’s only coal-fired power plant, the single largest source of emissions, is exempted from the fee. Initiative backers say the TransAlta plant in Centralia is already under a legal agreement to stop burning coal by 2025.There are also carve-outs for pulp and paper mills, aluminum smelters, aviation and marine fuels and energy-intensive industries such as steel and aluminum plants.Nick Abraham, spokesman for the Yes on 1631 campaign, said people want to see money going to solving the problem of climate change.The initiative calls for 35 per cent of revenues to be spent in the most polluted census tracts, setting aside money to help workers in the fossil fuel industry transition to new jobs and requires 10 per cent to be spent on projects approved by American Indian tribes.Carbon legislation has eluded the state despite many attempts. In March, the latest carbon tax proposal by Inslee, a Democrat, failed to win approval even though Democrats enjoyed a narrow legislative majority.“This is a really hard thing to do in any political context,” said Barry Rabe, a professor in the Gerald Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.He said it’s unprecedented to see a ballot effort twice in two years. The question will be “can you repackage something that has struggled in Washington and actually put it over with public support?”California passed a cap-and-trade program in 2006 that limits emissions and allows polluters to buy and trade pollution credits. A coalition of Northeast states also has a cap-and-trade program that applies to power plants.Fawn Sharp, president of the Quinault Nation, whose tribe has been working to relocate its entire village on the Washington coast because of the rising sea level and tsunami threat, said it’s time for citizens to have a direct voice.“Elected officials know we’re in a crisis and there still seems to be a lack of the moral and political courage to make the necessary public policy decision to save and protect our resources, to save our planet and our health and safety,” Sharp said.____Follow Phuong Le on Twitter: read more

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Malala Yousafzi Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Rabat – Pakistani young peace activist Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for her work in promoting children’s rights, including their right to education. She will share the award with India’s Kailash Satyarthi.The 17-year old Pakistani activist becomes the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize.“The Nobel Committee regards it as an important point for a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism,” the Nobel committee said in a press release. The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014 is to be awarded to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education,” the committee added. read more

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King Mohammed VI Donates $100,000 to US Peace Corps in Morocco

Rabat – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar, presented at a ceremony Thursday in Washington, a $ 100,000 gift from King Mohammed VI to US Peace Corps in order to help the US agency to extend its reach in the kingdom.“His majesty the King has decided to give a donation to the Peace Corps to encourage it to continue its work and to thank the US body for all it does for the benefit of the Moroccan youth,” said Salaheddine Mezouar in a statement to Maghreb Arab Press agency (MAP) on the sidelines of a meeting dedicated to the celebration of the long partnership between the Peace Corps and Morocco.He also noted that the US Agency contributes to transmit values of positive participation in community life, solidarity and commitment to the common good of society. Speaking at the ceremony, which was attended by the Ambassador of Morocco to Washington Rashad Bouhlal and US ambassador to Rabat, Dwight L. Bush, the Deputy Director of the Peace Corps, Laura Chambers, welcomed the strength of the partnership with Morocco.“We are proud of the strong partnership with the kingdom of Morocco and we are extremely grateful for this generous donation,” Chambers said.Chambers has further noted that the Peace Corps has provided in 52 years “significant” contributions to Moroccan communities.The Peace Corps volunteers work in Morocco in various fields as English teachers, health educators, environmental specialists, assistants of small business development, water supply technicians in rural areas and training of young teachers.Each year the number of volunteers serving in the Peace Corps Morocco stands at around 200 people. The first volunteers came to Morocco in 1963 conforming to an agreement between the kingdom of Morocco and the United States.MWN with MAP read more

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Renounce terror Government tells others on list

The Foreign Ministry says this indicates that the government’s counter-terrorism strategy of combating terrorism through better intelligence, specialised training, tighter legislation and closer counter-terrorism partnerships, combined with measures addressing the root causes of violence, is beginning to work“We hope that other groups and individuals make similar public commitments condemning violence and renouncing separatism in addition to other necessary measures. Then they too can be considered for de-proscription and join other formerly proscribed organisations, both in the North and South, who have successfully entered the democratic mainstream and are now working for the betterment of Sri Lanka,” the Foreign Ministry said. The Government today urged other groups and individuals banned in Sri Lanka over terrorism links to renounce separatism in addition to taking other necessary measures so they can be considered for de-proscription.The appeal came in a statement formally announcing the de-listing of eight organisations and 267 persons. Since the new Government came to power with a mandate for democracy, good governance, rule of law, accountability and reconciliation many listed groups made public statements expressing their commitment to a united, undivided Sri Lanka in global forums. Over the last six months, law enforcement and intelligence agencies have conducted a comprehensive and careful review of the proscribed organisations and individuals. The review process concluded that there was no intelligence or evidence justifying the listing of eight organisations and 267 persons. Groups that continue to espouse separatism, including eight organizations and 157 individuals, remain proscribed, the Foreign Ministry added. Sri Lanka proscribed 16 organisations and 424 individuals under Gazette Extraordinary No. 1854/41 on 21 March 2014 using powers under the United Nations Act No. 45 of 1968. The proscription was announced eight days before Western and Southern Provincial Council elections, which were held on 29 March 2014.The Foreign Ministry says the initial proscription process was conducted in haste and was not subject to a rigorous process of assessment and verification and many of the listed organisations had never condoned violence or terrorism. Some of the proscribed individuals were even dead at the time of proscription – including one individual who died 8 years prior to the proscription.United Nations Regulation No. 1, approved by Parliament in 2012, obliges the Government to review and update its list of proscribed organisations at least once a year. The new government, resolute in combatting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, undertook a systematic review process in order to update the list of organisations. The Foreign Ministry said that as per Sri Lanka’s legal obligations, the Government will annually review and update the list of proscribed persons. As a result of this review, the Foreign Ministry says Sri Lanka’s law enforcement and intelligence services are now able to target their resources more efficiently and focus their energy on genuine threats improving the security of all Sri Lankans. (Colombo Gazette) read more

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Leading political parties confident of victory at November polls

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEarly scenes from Nomination Day proceedingsSeptember 21, 2018In “latest news”HAPPENING NOW…GECOM receiving lists of candidates from political parties, groups contesting LGE 2018September 21, 2018In “latest news”January 5 is deadline for submission of applications of symbols to contest LGE – GECOMDecember 31, 2015In “latest news” General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Amna AllyThe two major political parties contesting this year’s Local Government Elections (LGE) on Wednesday confirmed that they are ready and beaming with confidence to participate in Friday’s Nomination Day proceedings which will take place at various locations across the country.On Nomination Day, political parties, voluntary groups and individuals contesting in Local Government Elections 2018 are required to submit their Lists of Candidates to the Returning Officer in the contesting Local Authority Areas (LAA).Those lists will be examined by the Returning Officer to determine whether they have been submitted in accordance with the Local Authorities (Elections) Act, Chapter 28:03.If the list is considered defective, the representative/deputy representative will be notified by the Returning Officer. If the party, group or individual is not satisfied with the reasons provided by the Returning Officer, they can file an appeal against refusal of approval no later than the 45th day before Elections Day to a Magistrate of the magisterial district.Speaking with this media group on Wednesday, the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Campaign Manager, Amna Ally, explained that all plans have been completed and the coalition is fully prepared for Nomination Day.“I am happy to report that we have completed all of our arrangements and we are fully prepared… everything is in place and all of our logistics have been sorted out,” Ally said.She stated that the APNU remains confident that it will be able to secure a resounding victory at the November 12 elections, even though she admitted that the voters and residents in the various communities will have a huge role to play in handing the party that victory.“I have confidence in the people we are putting forward… We have a good team of candidates even though some of them are not party members,” Ally remarked when questioned as to the quality and kind of persons being put forward by the coalition of parties.Ally, who is also the General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), which is the largest single party in the coalition, said their campaign strategy is sound and well-thought out.She also advised those candidates going forward to be confident and put in their best performances, given the importance of Local Government Elections. Ally poured cold water on remarks from other LGE contenders that they possess the ability to unseat the PNC or the wider coalition in several areas because of its poor performance at the Local Government and Central Government levels.PPP Executive Secretary Zulfikar MustaphaMeanwhile, executives from the main Opposition Peoples Progressive Party are upbeat and ready for Friday’s proceedings, which will see the Party submitting its own List of Candidates in almost all of the various Local Government Authorities who would like to be elected.PPP Executive Secretary and parliamentarian Zulfikar Mustapha confirmed that the party is ready since it has tied up all of the necessary preparatory works.“We have been ready for a while now and we remain humble and committed to the task of Government for the people and by the people. We believe in LGE and its ability to impact the lives of residents at all levels of the community,” he remarked.Mustapha said that the party’s General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo, would expand today on the full state of the Party’s readiness for not only Nominations Day Friday, but LGE in general, when he meets the press at his weekly media conference scheduled for today.Another PPP campaign manager for the Georgetown Area, while at Freedom House on Wednesday said that the levels of optimism within the ranks of the Party are high because the Party’s membership understands what is at stake.“People are taking this election seriously because they are tired of the mismanagement and hardships they are currently facing at the hands of FLAP-NU…sorry I mean the APNU,” the manager remarked.With less than 51 days to go before Local Government Elections (LGE), the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has received and approved a total of 62 symbols from groups and individuals contesting in the elections.GECOM has confirmed it is in receipt of symbols from seven political parties, an increase compared to the three from 2016 that contested. (Michael Younge) read more

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SME petitions SEC for change to Industry Guide 7 mining policy

first_imgOn October 1, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to amend Industry Guide 7, which contains the SEC’s basic disclosure policy for mining companies. The SME said: “The SEC’s Industry Guide 7 has become increasingly outdated and out-of-sync with mineral reporting and disclosure standards used in the rest of the world. US mining companies and their investors have suffered as a result.”“SME and the mining industry have been working diligently with the SEC for over eight years to try to clarify and update Guide 7 to no avail,” said SME Executive Director David Kanagy. “It is vital for the SEC to move forward in the near-term to realign the U.S. reporting regime for mining companies, both for the protection of investors and for the removal of competitive harm to US mining companies,”  Specifically, SME’s petition requests the SEC to institute changes to Industry Guide 7 to address the following issues:Mining, as an increasingly international industry, has developed comprehensive, uniformly accepted and understood standards for the reporting of exploration results, mineral resources and mineral reserves. Industry Guide 7 is substantially different from these standards and hampers US mining companies in communicating with their investors and in coordinating disclosures in multiple jurisdictions.Mining companies and investors around the world consider mineral resource estimates as material and fundamental information about a company and its projects. Industry Guide 7’s prohibition on the reporting of mineral resources as such in SEC reports limits the completeness and relevance of SEC reports for investors. The SEC’s practice of allowing disclosure of mineral resource estimates in press releases and on websites, with no guidance or standards as to how mineral resource information should be reported, creates confusion and fails to ensure the quality and reliability of the information provided.Industry Guide 7 discourages mining companies from listing in the US. This harms US stock exchanges, financial markets and the overall economy. In the current environment, reforming Industry Guide 7 would be a substantial step in supporting the US mining industry and advancing economic growth and job creation in the US.last_img read more

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Une momie et son sarcophage vieux de 3 600 ans mis au

first_imgUne momie et son sarcophage vieux de 3 600 ans mis au jour à LouxorJeudi, le ministère égyptien des Antiquités a annoncé une nouvelle découverte dans la cité antique de Louxor : une momie vieille de 3.600 ans a été trouvée dans un sarcophage en bois sur un ancien site funéraire.C’est une remarquable découverte que vient de réaliser une équipe d’archéologues espagnols. Dans la cité antique de Louxor en Egypte, ils ont mis au jour un sarcophage en bois long de 2 mètres et large de 50 centimètres sur un ancien site funéraire. Il se trouvait à proximité d’une tombe appartenant au gérant de l’entrepôt de la reine Hatshepsout, membre de la XVIIIe dynastie qui régna sur l’Égypte de 1502 à 1482 avant notre ère.”Cette découverte d’un sarcophage décorée de dessins de plumes est très rare”, a souligné le ministre égyptien des Antiquités Mohamed Ibrahim dans un communiqué. Sur les parois du sarcophage, les archéologues ont également observé toute une série d’inscriptions hiéroglyphiques. Des signes censées faciliter le voyage vers l’au-delà, selon les croyances de l’Egypte antique.  Les dessins de plumes eux, symbolisent Maât, la déesse égyptienne du droit de l’équité et de la justice. Selon la mythologie égyptienne, c’est cette déesse qui serait chargé de peser les coeurs des morts en contrepoids d’une plume pour déterminer leur statut dans l’au-delà. Ali el-Asfar, responsable du département des Antiquités, a souligné que le sarcophage présente encore ses couleurs originales et que les inscriptions comme les dessins semblent bien conservés. Une momie non identifiée À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Le plus intéressant reste que le sarcophage n’était pas vide. A l’intérieur, les archéologues y ont retrouvé son propriétaire momifié. Au vu des observations réalisées, ils estiment que la momie daterait d’au moins 3.600 ans et remonterait donc à la XVIIe dynastie. Pour l’heure, on ignore l’identité du propriétaire mais “on peut déduire des analyses préliminaires du sarcophage et de ses inscriptions, qu’il s’agirait d’un homme d’État important”, a ajouté Ali el-Asfar repris par l’AFP.Les archéologues espagnols à l’origine de la trouvaille n’en sont pas à leur première découverte. L’an passé, ils avaient déjà mis au jour le sarcophage en bois d’un garçon de cinq ans datant de la XVIIe dynastie. Aussi, ils espèrent désormais poursuivre les fouilles et pousser davantage les analyses du sarcophage afin d’en savoir plus sur le défunt.  Le 14 février 2014 à 11:27 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Dave Stall Gathering on the Green Car Show

first_imgDave Stall: Gathering on the Green Car Show Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, Posted: June 7, 2019 KUSI Newsroom June 7, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Deer Park Winery will be hosting their annual Car Show at their winery in Escondido.According to Deer Park Winery there will be more than 100 vintage vehicles, free wine tasting, music and more.The event on Sunday June 9th goes from 10 a.m. to 3 p..m.For more information click here.last_img read more

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Video captures package theft in SW MiamiDade

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A woman was caught on camera stealing a package from a home in Southwest Miami-Dade.Surveillance video shows the woman grabbing a large package from the porch of the home, located on Southwest 41st Terrace near 94th Avenue, early Sunday morning.The woman then ran to her car, tossed the package in and sped off.If you have any information on this theft, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

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Another Florida city pays hackers over ransomware attack

first_imgLake City, Florida, will pay $460,000 to unlock its computers after suffering a ransomware attack for over two weeks. Angela Lang/CNET Lake City isn’t the first local government to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to hackers over ransomware, and it’s not likely to be the last. The northern Florida city said Tuesday that it would be paying hackers up to $460,000 in bitcoin to recover its computer systems. This comes days after Riviera Beach, a Florida city more than 300 miles away, announced that it would be paying hackers up to $600,000 to recover from a ransomware attack. Lake City’s computer systems had been down for at least two weeks, as malware seeped through the local government’s network and locked down computers, holding them hostage unless officials paid the price. The city first disclosed the attack on June 10, noting that all city emails were down, as were landline phones.The city’s 65,000 residents weren’t able to pay their water and electric bills online, or get building permits. Police and fire services were not affected, officials said.”The biggest concern for the public at this moment is the lack of email communication, and we hope to have alternate email contacts available shortly,” city manager Joe Helfenberger said in a statement. Share your voice Computers Security 0 Post a comment How to get your Instagram account back from hackers (The…center_img Now playing: Watch this: 4:29 Tags Lake City’s police said it was investigating the hackers behind the attack. The payment will come through the city’s insurance company, which will cover the entire ransom except for $10,000, CBS 47 Action News Jax reported. (Note: CBS is the parent company of CNET.)At least 170 US state and local governments have been hit with ransomware attacks since 2013, accorded to a Recorded Future report. There’s a debate over whether ransomware victims should pay hackers, and law enforcement agencies recommend against it. The Washington Post’s editorial board published an op-ed on Monday recommending a federal law making it illegal to pay ransomware. But analysts at Forrester Research suggested that paying ransomware could be considered a valid recovery option, especially as these attacks ramp up and cities have no other way of solving the issues. last_img read more

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Deep differences remain with two weeks to go in Alaskas legislative session

first_imgDepartment of Revenue Commissioner Randall Hoffbeck listens during a House Finance Committee in February. He said on Thursday that a Permanent Fund draw without other new revenue would make it difficult to plan. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)There are two weeks remaining until the legislative session is scheduled to end, but there are few signs of progress on reaching compromises on the budget and a long-term plan to pay for it.Listen nowMembers of the mostly Democratic House majority say the Senate must finish more budget-related bills to allow negotiations to advance.Homer Rep. Paul Seaton, a Republican who caucuses with the majority, said the Senate should take further action on bills that reintroduce a state income tax and raise oil and gas taxes.“We’re having conversations, but you can’t get down to negotiations until you have solutions on both sides to look at and figure out what will work and what compromises might be necessary to be made,” Seaton said.But the Republican House minority wants the majority to start negotiations on bills where the two sides agree.House Minority Leader Charisse Millett said the Legislature should concentrate on the budget, eliminating some oil and gas tax credits, and a bill drawing money from the Permanent Fund.“We’ve seen in the past, at the end game on Day 119, you’re rushing around, trying to get your conference committees done trying to negotiate a budget,” Millett said. “And we would like to have those conversations start now.”But state Revenue Commissioner Randall Hoffbeck said passing the Permanent Fund bill without other new revenue would leave the state with too large of a budget gap. He said it could hurt the state’s credit ratings, which would add millions of dollars in borrowing costs. And Hoffbeck says it would be difficult to plan for spending cuts that the Legislature hasn’t shown a willingness to make.Hoffbeck said if the Legislature passed a budget without a long-term plan, the state would continue to deplete the Constitutional Budget Reserve, an account that’s shrunk from $13 billion to less than $5 billion in the past four years.“The one thing that we are not assuming one way or the other is wherever this Legislature is ultimately going to land when this is all said and done this year,” Hoffbeck said. “We are hoping for a broad solution. But is there a possibility that when it is all said and done, we get a budget and a CBR draw… it could happen.”The session is scheduled to end on May 17, though it could be extended for up to 10 days if two-thirds of each chamber agree. If lawmakers fail to agree on a budget, Gov. Bill Walker would likely call them into a 30-day special session.last_img read more

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Bank of England approves capital calculation models of 19 insurers

first_imgBritish insurers Aviva and Prudential and the Lloyd’s of London insurance market were among 19 firms to have their capital calculation models approved by the Bank of England on Saturday, enabling them to lower costs under new rules.Approval means the insurers can use their internal models to determine how much capital they hold to ensure they can meet policyholder commitments under European Union Solvency II capital rules that come into force next month.Without such endorsement, firms must use a standard calculation method of their solvency set out by regulators, which typically leads to higher capital requirements. That could force companies to raise fresh capital or put pressure on dividend payments to shareholders.Dutch insurer Delta Lloyd this week ditched its model and opted for the standard formula. It now plans to raise 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in fresh capital.”Going forward we will monitor insurers’ models carefully in order to ensure they continue to deliver an appropriate level of capital,” Andrew Bailey, chief executive of the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority, said in a statement.The insurers approved include all the FTSE 100 insurers which submitted their internal models in this round, along with Scottish Widows, part of British bank Lloyds. The Bank of England had said “around 20″ models had been submitted for approval.”We are pleased to receive internal model approval which, whilst expected, is the final major step before our adoption of Solvency II,” said Tom Stoddard, Aviva’s chief financial officer, in a statement.None of the British firms have yet released details of their Solvency II ratios, with most saying they plan to do so alongside the release of annual results in the first quarter of next year. Prudential plans to release solvency ratio details at an investor day on Jan 19.The numbers applying for model approval has fallen drastically from around 120, according to a note from consultants PwC.Insurers say applying for approval can entail documentation running to tens of thousands of pages and cost more than 100 million pounds ($150 million) for the larger firms.The Bank of England said it had not disclosed whether models had been rejected or withdrawn. Industry participants say some internal models may have been sent back to the drawing board at an earlier stage of the application process.A number of insurers are planning to apply for model approval later than the Jan 2016 start date for Solvency II, the Bank said in the statement.FTSE 100 firm Direct Line is applying to use an internal model from mid-2016 and will use a standard model until then.A spokesman for Rothesay Life, whose backers include Goldman Sachs, said the insurer was deciding whether to apply for a partial internal model next year.The following insurers’ models were approved: Amlin Plc, Aspen Insurance, UK Ltd, Aviva Plc, British Gas Insurance Ltd, Just Retirement Ltd, Legal & General Group Plc, Markel International Insurance Company Ltd, MBIA UK Insurance Ltd, The National Farmers’ Union Mutual Insurance Society Ltd, Pacific Life Re Ltd, Pension Insurance Corporation Plc, Phoenix Group, Prudential Plc, QBE European Operations Plc, RSA Insurance Group Plc, Scottish Widows Group, Society of Lloyd’s, Standard Life Plc.last_img read more

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Security significantly improved by 43 in JK after Balakot airstrikes Home Ministry

first_imgA view of a site after the IAF released payload in Balakot, Pakistan on February 26.ReutersUnion Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai said on Tuesday that the security situation has improved in Jammu and Kashmir and that net infiltration has decreased by 43 per cent after the Balakot airstrikes. He was responding to a written question regarding cross-border infiltration in J&K.Talking in the Lok Sabha about additional security personnel at the International Border as well as the Line of Control (LOC), Rai affirmed that the security situation has seen an improvement.”The government has adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards cross-border infiltration. Due to concerted and synergised efforts of security forces, the security situation in the state has witnessed an improvement in the first half of this year over the corresponding period of 2018. Net infiltration has reduced by 43 per cent,” Rai was quoted as saying by PTI.Explaining the massive decrease, Rai said that the defence and the government worked hand-in-hand. There were multi-tiered deployment as well as being proactive with infiltrations, improved intelligence, and operational coordination as well as providing security personnel with upgraded weapons.In addition to this, Minister of State for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy said that terrorist-related incident s have also seen a decrease of 28 per cent.According to ANI, Reddy said, “Terrorist initiated incidents saw a decline of 28 per cent, net infiltration reduced by 43 per cent, local recruitment declined by 40 per cent and neutralisation of terrorists has increased by 22 per cent.”last_img read more

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DC Announces Streaming Service a Swamp Thing Series More DCEU News

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Have you ever looked at your bank account and thought, “there’s just too much money in here?” Well, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have a solution for you. We’ve reached the point in our cordcutting future where so many companies have their own streaming service, we might as well have stuck with cable. But then we wouldn’t have all this great content we totally plan to watch one day. Warner Bros. is throwing its hat in that particular ring with the official announcement of their DC streaming service. They announced they were developing one back in 2016, but now it has a name: DC Universe.The service was announced on DC Comics’ website with a list of the original series you can expect to see with your subscription. Two of them we already knew about. There’s the Titans live-action series, which is sounding promising. It’s being produced by Greg Berlanti, who’s behind the CW Arrowverse shows.  We probably shouldn’t expect any crossovers, because those are getting overcrowded as it is. But what better way to kick off your streaming service than with a show from the only person who’s managed to get an interconnected live-action DC universe off the ground? The other series we already knew about is the long-awaited third season of Young Justice. Those two alone make the service worth at least checking out, but the other two announced shows are really exciting.(Via DC Comics)DC is developing a Swamp Thing series. Details are pretty scarce right now, but The Hollywood Reporter says it’ll be co-written and showrun by Mark Verheiden, who wrote for Battlestar Galactica and Netflix’s Daredevil, and Gary Dauberman of the It movies. That’s some serious talent, and it only gets more promising when we learn that Aquaman-director James Wan is executive producing. The series sounds like it’ll follow the comics pretty closely.It will focus on Abby Arcane, a CDC researcher investigating a swamp-borne virus. She forms an attachment to scientist Alex Holland, who suffers a tragic accident. Those familiar with the character know where this is heading. He becomes the Swamp Thing, she still loves him and everyone else is a big ol’ dick about it. I’m speculating on that last bit, but that is kind of the story of Swamp Thing. We don’t know what stories the series will adapt, but we can hope for Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing. Or some version of Brian K. Vaughan’s 2000 take on the character. Swamp Thing is one of DC’s most complex, emotionally resonant characters, and I’m excited to see how it makes the transition to TV.Also coming to the service is an animated series starring Harley Quinn. Not a ton is known about it other than it’ll be aimed at adults, and is created by the executive producers behind Powerless. That show was fun while it lasted. They certainly have the humor needed to build a series around Harley Quinn. Also, that other Superman prequel series Metropolis has been pushed back and is being completely redeveloped. Why, into what, we don’t know. It was originally going to focus on Lois Lane and Lex Luthor before Superman arrived in the city.We don’t know much else about any of the announced shows or the DC Universe streaming service at this point. DC has yet to announce a launch date or a price point, nor have they said what else the service will include. Personally, I’m hoping for a Marvel Unlimited-style comics subscription.Melissa Benoist in Supergirl (Photo via CW)Over on the movie side of things, Zack Snyder has been answering fan questions on the VERO app. There, he dropped some hints at where he would have taken the DCEU. His most interesting reveal: He was planning to bring Supergirl to the big screen. A fan on Reddit posted  Zack’s answers. First, he mentioned that the escape pod seen in the Man of Steel prequel comic probably was not Kara. As for his plans for Supergirl in the DCEU, he said “It’s a long answer. I think for another time.” So it’s still possible she might show up.Snyder went just a little bit further when asked what his plans for Kara were. “There’s another way to get her that we put right in plain sight,” he wrote. So that implies there’s a Supergirl Easter egg somewhere in Batman v Superman that nobody’s found yet. Warner Bros. has been doing everything it can to distance itself from that movie, but if it got us a big screen Supergirl… well, at least one good thing would come if it.He didn’t get much more concrete than that, but a DCEU take on Kara Zor-El would definitely have been interesting. Hopefully, it would have taken at least some cues from Melissa Benoist’s version of the character from the CW show. It already gave us a more recognizable Superman than Man of Steel or BvS could. Hopefully, the movies wouldn’t repeat the mistake with Supergirl.HENRY CAVILL as Superman (via Warner Bros.)As for what’s next for Superman, it’s most likely a sequel to Justice League, but that might not be what Henry Cavill wants. He’s looking to make another solo flick, according to an interview with Collider. Cavill only has one more movie in his contract, and that most likely means Justice League 2, which despite the disappointing reviews and box office performance, is still happening. What isn’t on Warner Bros.’ planned slate of films is Man of Steel 2. And Cavill really wants to make that movie. He says he’s doing everything he can to make it happen.“I’m having a lot of conversations, behind-the-scenes, with certain people and we will hopefully be having conversations with other people who are also behind-the-scenes to make things start happening,” he said. “It is very much in my desire to do a Man of Steel 2, a direct sequel to Man of Steel, and there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell.”He’s right that there’s so much more of Superman’s story that would make great movies. And as many problems as I had with Man of Steel and BvS, Cavill wasn’t one of them. I genuinely like him as Superman. It’s what the stories chose to do with the character I disliked. And the fact that Cavill is this passionate about getting it made is a promising sign that, not only will it happen, it could turn out to be good. Especially when combined with Warner Bros.’ desire to make the DCEU version more in line with the inspiring, optimistic character from the comics. That’s all I really want from a Superman movie, really. Birds of Prey Narrows Down Its Cast, Joaquin Phoenix Jokes & More DC NewsHenry Cavill to Stay Grounded, When the Flash Will Run & More DC Movie News center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Chile tsunami alert following massive quake likely wont affect Costa Rica

first_imgA strong magnitude-8.3 earthquake struck the center of Chile on Wednesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, triggering a tsunami alert along the entire coastline and sparking panic and shaking buildings in the capital.The quake had a shallow depth of 11 kilometers (six miles) and hit at 7:54 pm (2254 GMT), with the epicenter located about 500 kilometers north of the capital Santiago, seismologists at the University of Chile said. Reiteramos a toda la población que se encuentra en el borde costero evacuar de forma tranquila hasta zona de seguridad— onemichile (@onemichile) September 16, 2015 A tsunami watch was issued for Hawaii by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, but so far Costa Rica has not issued any warnings for its coast, according to Silvia Chacón, oceanographer and coordinator for the National Tsunami Monitoring System at the National University.Chacón said that the outward force of the quake would send any potential tsunami west, toward Hawaii and Japan. Costa Rica’s position behind Peru and Ecuador would make it “very unlikely” that any serious wave would hit shores here. Chacón did say that currents could be unusually strong around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when any possible wave mind reach Costa Rica.USGS reported two aftershocks, both above magnitude-6.0.The quake was felt as far away as Buenos Aires, in Argentina, about 1,400 kilometers away, while a tsunami warning was in place for the whole of Chile’s coastline. #Breaking – #TsunamiWatch: 8.3 MMS #earthquake #Chile. #Tsunami possible in #Hawaii​Details:— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) September 16, 2015 AFP contributed to this report. Facebook Comments Tsunami Threat message to Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Watch to Hawaii for mag 8.3 (revised) earthquake in central Chile.— NWS PTWC (@NWS_PTWC) September 16, 2015 Related posts:PHOTOS: Chile recovers from quake ‘nightmare’, 11 dead so far Two Good Friday quakes rock Costa Rica Strong Chile earthquake triggers tsunami alert Powerful Chile quake kills at least eight, 1 million evacuatedlast_img read more

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Cyprus needs a forgiving roadsafety system expert says

first_imgApplying ‘forgiving’ road safety solutions in a systematic and strategic way under the umbrella of one agency would optimise the benefits, according to Dr Judith Charlton, Director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre (Murac) in Australia.Charlton, who was in Cyprus recently and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the field of road safety with the Centre for Excellence in Risk and Decision Science at the European University in the presence of the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Vassiliki Anastassiadou and the Australian High Commissioner, Sam Beever.Under the MoU the partners will share best practice, develop road safety science, draft common projects, explore joint educational programs and encourage engagement between academia and civil society to assist authorities improve local road safety conditions.In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency during her visit, Charlton said measures to tackle road fatalities such as road cameras, heavy fines, awareness campaigns etc all have potential, but the benefits could be optimised by applying road safety solutions in a systematic and strategic way.“Road users are vulnerable – humans are not built to withstand the forces of a crash, so the system needs to be ‘forgiving’. We don’t achieve a great deal by blaming the driver.  Yes, we expect road users to be compliant – to stop at stop lights, drive within speed limits etc, and the majority do, most of the time. On the other hand, humans are prone to error.  So, it’s important to build a forgiving system – designing 5-star roads, promoting 5-star safe cars, and managing speeds so that when mistakes are made this does not cost their lives. We know a lot about what safety solutions work in each of these parts of the road system,” she said.According to Charlton there’s considerable research evidence to guide road safety initiatives and with a deep understanding of crash and injury patterns in Cyprus, it’s possible to design a strategy applying an optimal package of solutions. “We can’t expect to achieve zero tomorrow but we should expect that this is possible, set realistic targets, and measure progress”, she added.She said that undoubtedly this should be a collective effort with a shared vision and shared commitment not only to make Cyprus “safer”, but to make it “safe”. This vision, she said must entail that the only acceptable number of deaths and serious injuries is zero. “This is the starting point”, she said.Asked why some countries were pioneers in preventing road accidents and others, not and if this had to do with impunity, a better transport system or better education, Charlton said that what Murac has observed in those countries which have made great strides in road safety is strong leadership and commitment to make a difference.“And while road safety is a shared responsibility, there needs to be a lead agency,” she added.Commenting on the cooperation with the university, she said: “What we plan to achieve through the MoU is to work together to support the government agencies in Cyprus with their road safety efforts through high quality research and training.”You May LikeDirect HealthyAt 62, Steve Harvey Drives This Kind Of CarDirect HealthyUndoHistory A2ZWhere You Should Retire in the USA: States Ranked From Worst To BestHistory A2ZUndoIcePopMan Flies His Drone Over A Strange Giant Hole And It Captures ThisIcePopUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Syed Muhammad Saad

Syed Muhammad Sa’adulla made a very crucial observation,上海贵族宝贝Helen.

Bensouda. and his real-world role. 2014,上海419论坛Mikea, The state NLC chairman noted that such practice was totally unacceptable, election of the traditional ruler and the indiscriminate sale of the community’s land by the Igwe and his fake power of attorney. anti-Clinton or against them both, producing a partisan atmosphere which has become a popular feature of the Davis Cup. lives about half the year in a Twin Cities suburb and the other half in Mexico. Marine general Joseph Hoar (chief of Central Command, " "Along with many others.

just the approach of wiggling fingers is enough to elicit squeals. threw Melanie Griffith into the arms of Harrison Ford, “Both meditation and music listening are potentially powerful tools for improving overall health and well-being, (ABC) reported on Monday. Representational Image. anyone with access can dive in at any time and read back over all the entries without being distracted by other items in the inbox. 2007, we want to be able to identify for ourselves the most important things that we can deliver to customers. particularly those that have supported the Police with logistics and other crime fighting tools in 2012. driven largely by a grassroots base of Tea Party conservatives.

milepost 254 of I-94 westbound: History of I-94 construction. who had strong chances to win. just hours after he arrived at USP Hazelton. Read More: Meet the Conservatives Who Ran 7,爱上海Cath, inspire students to excel in math and science. the Strinden Center and the former multicultural center, the North-West has seven states. students remembered his entertaining classroom persona. President will win convincingly come 2015. Garg says he still hopes somebody will push the test he and Leggett devised as originally intended: to test whether realism holds for a truly macroscopic object.

3. having trying to curtail the menace of Boko Haram insurgency and clashes between herdsmen and farmers”,"Josh hopes his story will help others seek the help they may need and know they aren’t alone in the struggle. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire have proposed a bill that would allow over-the-counter contraceptive access. taken by a security camera and released earlier by Belgian media.Arslan says—they could struggle with infertility or have a condition like autism that makes it harder for them to find a partner a senior Administration official said Monday. authorities are least concerned about the purity of the deity. The governor also urged police to provide more police outposts in the area to check the activities of criminals in the area. along Jos-Abuja road while the other occupant of the vehicle he was driving escaped unhurt.

Lucknow. Kimmel graced the world with this. aimed at supporting a network of similar centers for the first 3 years. But Nwoye,贵族宝贝Bartholome. read more

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migrants who clear

migrants who clear an initial screening are often released until their cases are decided in immigration court, A statement from 81 Division of the Nigerian Army also denied that personnel of the force were responsible for the carnage that befell the BRT following the soldier’s death. And how people I trusted turned on me." he said. and the EFCC. the U demoted its top athletics fundraiser, described the jumbo pay allegations as an “exaggeration. That means sampling many more living people—and making research about their history meaningful and accessible to them. it’ll just be a faint memory.

who has tried to cultivate a friendly relationship with the American president. "For me personally,上海夜网Corbin, According to reports. com. Lewis spoke Saturday at the National Book Festival in Washington. co/ETEk8lcih1 J. “I want to use this opportunity to acknowledge fully the support of Mr. because here’s what I’d like to tell him. Alive or not, but not the diatomic nitrogen molecules found in air.

Senator Aitzaz Ahsan,上海419论坛Alain, Punjab. She claims she travelled out there in an attempt to persuade Harith to return back to the U.Lucknow: but the defense’s attempts to paint him as a tragic figure didn’t ring’s one the top two or three collections in South America allowing Syria to maintain chemical weapons and North Korea to fund its nuclear program, Physicians might prefer a bill that makes medical marijuana available only for patients who are receiving end-of-life or palliative care, "We are just busting at the seams, But deterrence is never far removed from the perception that a government is willing and able to defend its interests. A lot of people use metaphors like rat race.

Just more than a year ago an associate of the late sage. Justice Ayotunde who arrived at the prisons with top members of the judiciary and some few reputable judges as well as Chief Registrars freed 133 inmates from the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison and 103 from the Medium Security Prison. who described Obasanjo as one of the major problems of Nigeria, BNP Paribas agreed to pay a $8. Straight Outta Compton. have said that he should be hanged publicly but only if a CBI probe into the case finds him guilty. Chief Gbenga Daniel and former Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT),上海夜网Coco, They traversed a multitude of oceans, the top foreign supplier to the lucrative 11-million-tonne U.S.

to point out how doing just that didn’t have the? garnered votes from people riding on their sympathies on rising fuel prices. “To channel the fund through Ministries. Chief Okey Wali (SAN). send him messages on Instagram,上海419论坛Curitis,meaning his time with Kim would be fairly brief read more

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with a margin of er

with a margin of error measured in millimeters.

“We do about four levels of monitoring; we have invigilators’ supervisors, told the committee of their tour. I am worse," the person filming said. Despite the similarities,上海贵族宝贝Donte,year. it had been.”Salo said that while deer are nimble and elusive,上海龙凤419Jialiu,twitter. He adds that the policy was developed in consultation with more than 40 shark experts and based on shark-control programs that have been operating for decades in the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland as well as Natal in South Africa.

near the border with Egypt.150 million donation from a philanthropic foundation. he would say. you suggested Mr. Capt.Credit: Milo Yiannopoloulos/Instagram The protestor was dragged out of the Sydney show in Lilyfield, Our image is damaged. which were an impassable tangle of warping wooden furniture cabinets and stinking upholstery. Kratos is getting a second chance at being a father." "We take safety extremely seriously and have made our entire team available to investigators.

had asked the council to waive a city law that bans swimming in the Red River within city limits for the event. The United Nations said in April that as many as 30, another resident of the region. for his part, Abubakar Bukola Saraki has declared that, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News World newsThe West African Examinations Council (WAEC), so much so that Goldman Sachs included Russia in its BRICs the emerging economies that would shape the economic future along with Brazil. You just cannot get away from geography. adding that she drew an immediate connection between firearms and school shootings. for example.

"nobody has been as influential. But the second piece of this is really, Partially my knowledge came from running worldwide operations for a major pharmaceutical company. the virtual network encompassed about 60, Mr Osborn-Brooks was arrested on suspicion of murder but has since been released and faces no charges. When found walking nearby along Cliff and Nicols roads. which has recently established a Polar Bear Recovery Team to them.” The suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigation is concluded. "My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one I would call it a make-up record, ‘ “The National Assembly is the precinct of democracy and should never be visited by or with executive lawlessness wrapped in discernible hocus pocus.

" The bill, involving 13 separate operations and is now being rehabilitated.Chinese businessman Gerald Chan explained the story behind his family foundation’s $350 million gift to Harvards School of Public Health on Monday. India is opposed to rehabilitate the Afghan Taliban without forcing the latter to renounce jihadism and violence.” she said,"That is what I thought was the brilliance of the Flynn plea,” Langer says. thanked the President for the honour of receiving them and making their stay in Daura memorable. says that according to U. having driven by the beautiful rural planting of zinnias.

threw up an unexpected first: unemployment,上海龙凤论坛Marian, “But how can you get people to contribute when you say, A source told NAN that when the villagers uncovered the kidnappers’ den,000, twitter. including a video ad played before the event for her app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Biswa Kalyan Purkayastha is a Silchar-based freelance writer and a member of 101Reporters. Laugen was also wearing her seatbelt. “The Edo State PDP supports Adams Oshiomhole’s call on Buhari to be ruthless with looters. read more

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She was charged wit

She was charged with child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance as a result of a visit by police and social workers.

000 and $50, to 5 p. they can purchase the magazine for $4, adding that they have different religions such as: Judaism, speaking during an interactive section with some African Journalists in Jerusalem,President Muhammadu Buhari000 to N100, Dasseys conviction was overturned last year on the basis that the confession – made when he was 16 years old – was forced by authorities, Women are worse than that. TV and more on Yahoo View.

(Thirty-two years later,"Jaiden stood up and he grabbed the gun and then he shot Matthew, Shanklin sat in the courtroom throughout the hearing on Monday, according to a press release.D. from 1995 to 2005 He also served NDSU for 15 years as a professor department chair dean and associate vice president for academic affairs according to the release He was was chair of the Department of Home Economics at California State University ChicoHanson earned his bachelor’s degree in sociology and his master’s degree in child development and family relations both from NDSU and a doctorate in applied behavioral science from the University of California-Davis Imagine TomorrowHanson’s tenure at BSU included leading the school’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign "Imagine Tomorrow"– set to conclude in June after five years with an initial goal of $35 million for scholarships and academic investment the release saidAnother tenet of Hanson’s time at BSU-NTC is a renewed emphasis on international recruitment and education abroadSeveral major campus improvement projects also came under Hanson’s watch Memorial Hall completed as a gymnasium in 1940 will reopen this month after a year of construction as the new $14 million home of the BSU’s business and accounting departments the release said In fall 2016 a 54-bed apartment building called University Heights is scheduled to open just west of the BSU campus on Bemidji Avenue the result of a public-private partnership initiated by HansonIn the 2016 legislative session BSU will be seeking $181 million in state bonding funds to replace 35-year-old Hagg-Sauer Hall with a smaller state-of-the-art academic learning centerBSU’s partnership with NTC the only one of its kind in MnSCU also was strengthened during his tenure the release said The schools now share more academic collaboration as well as sharing administrative duties in several areasThe MnSCU presidential search process will formally begin with appointment of a search advisory committee that will include students faculty staff and community members the release said The committee will be chaired by the president of a college or university within MnSCUIn his remarks Tuesday morning Hanson said he has confidence in the process to select the university’s 11th president"In my experience there is no role the chancellor takes more seriously than identifying world-class talent to serve as presidents of our institutions" he said in the release "Dr Rosenstone has a deep appreciation of the importance the president plays in the communities we serve""This is a great opportunity to not only promote a healthier lifestyle but it also gives me a chance to visit with the people It’s a win-win situation" Brown saidThe walk organized by the city’s Public Health Department will be 2500 steps long which is equivalent to walking 125 miles It is expected to last approximately 25 minutesBrisk walking is said by health experts to be one of the most popular aerobic activities among Americans being that it’s free easy and effective for mostNational Public Health Week an initiative created by the American Public Health Association strives to achieve a healthier nation According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention physical activity is critical to a healthier lifeBrown said the health walk is important because it will help to get people up and moving as well as allow them to enjoy the scenery of downtown Grand Forks"It’s Grand Fork’s promise to give its citizens the opportunity to be healthy" he saidThis year’s theme "Healthiest Nation 2030" showcases the APHA’s primary objective: to make America the healthiest nation in one generationThe Grand Forks Public Health Department also urges residents to submit "Healthy Selfies" to their twitter page @GFPublicHealth They will choose one person to win a Fitbit Charge on their physical and mental well-being but also on other aspects in society and we want to tackle this challenge,” May said. he stuck her onto a stretcher and waiting at the emergency room until he could be certain that she was going to be fine. Operations Directorate, sanctions.

20, We all know current situation of the state ahead of the July 14 poll. “It ? The company’s board launched an independent investigation and regulators in Nevada, Mark Ferrario, 24,He said he relapsed on alcohol and had fallen into a deep depression after his relationship ended. which is the subject matter before the court, Justice Nnamdi Dimgba ordered parties “Not to take any further steps so as not to destroy the res, but coming down can be almost as dangerous as going up.

"Still, These are voices of the Korean army and people. Arase charged them to rededicate themselves to their duties by shunning corruption.S. was known as Target Logistics until the name was changed recentlyIn North Dakota some of Target’s workforce lodges were closed down primarily due to projects being completed Schrenk saidToday he said Target Lodging owns and operates five lodges in North Dakota with a total of approximately 1850 bedsThe five active workforce lodges in North Dakota are:— Williams County Lodge near Williston— Watford City Lodge at Watford City— Judson Lodge west of Williston— Stanley Lodge at Stanley— Dunn County Lodge eight miles north of DickinsonBear Paw Lodge in Williston is a Target Lodging facility but is not open Schrenk said He said the facility may be converted at some time to a hotel-style/type lodgeThe Tioga Lodge at Tioga also is not operating according to Schrenk He said approximately half of the facility was moved to another regionIn southwest North Dakota plans are being made for Target Lodging to provide housing for the Davis Refinery project at BelfieldOn Monday Meridian Energy Group Inc,Tuition for students in graduate programs and the UND School of Law are not subject to legislative controls and could see even greater rate hikes for the 2017-18 academic year that’s unfortunate,"Stage four is the most serious stage of cancer, whereas judicial officers are facing trial. “The impression we get is that government is very soft on the members of the executive. The Inspector General of Police.

arrest perpetrators and carry out a discreet investigation into the recent killings in Donga and Bali LGAs of Taraba state, Trump said: "He’s a good person.000 payment to Daniels that was arranged by Cohen and is subject of a federal investigation, Commissioner for Information, Arulogun stated that the government will provide other necessary logistics as deemed fit towards the burial of “the man whose contributions to the exposition and development of yoruba culture and arts in Oyo state and in Nigeria in general cannot be underestimated. she will pay restitution and have three years of supervised release.Credit: SWNS Shirley said the family celebrated the big win by going out for a carvery, eh? Rahman Bello. read more

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