Football Rooney reaches watershed moment in new age of restraint

first_img Scratch Premier League 16 Aug 2008 17:00 Reason (optional) Share Share Share on Facebook | Pick RedBlood Share on Facebook comments (43)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. Reply Facebook Reply Twitter Show 25 Share on Twitter I’ll be fkn lucky if I get up for any of it. That’s the problem with living in South America. Nights are so late that quiet ones finish at 5am, drunk and with little chance of waking up in 3 hours time for the first match. Or even 8 hours time for the last one. Still…Good luck everybody, let’s hope this season is a belter. I’m not too excited but slightly. I want a surprise team to finish top 8 and I’m looking forward to seeing Spurs playing some top quality football especially if they get Arshavin. Consistency won’t be there though, so top four will be the same. One of the wannabes will surely implode, with both Newcastle and City looking good for the comedy role. No big surprise but should be fun to watch. A promoted team being well out of the relegation battle would mix things up nicely too. Predictions:Chelsea – win league with no Brazilian flair whatsoever. United – top goalscorers in second Spurs – good fight for 4th but finish 5th Newcastle – lose Keegan and fight relegation until April City – Can’t pay the bills by Christmas Sunderland – 8th Top scorer – Adebayor Relegated – Stoke, Hull, FulhamEnjoy! Share on Twitter Football: Rooney reaches watershed moment in new age of restraint Share Share on Pinterest 16 Aug 2008 20:27 | Pick 50 newest Share on Twitter Reply Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook buckgoons 16 Aug 2008 14:29 100 Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other Sportblog | Pick expanded Share on Facebook Twitter 2 | Pick miroljub Premier League | Pick Share Share on Facebook Reply Share Reuse this content,View all comments > 2 Share Share on Twitter Twitter Report Facebook Report Twitter Loading comments… Trouble loading? Reply Report Facebook Facebook Facebook Share via Email 16 Aug 2008 11:51 0 1 Share on Twitter A. The headline writers were desperate to use the word watershed OR B. They just coudnt get to McCarra goes on rambling 0 1 Reply chelseaexile 16 Aug 2008 22:46 Share Share on Twitter Facebook recommendations ‘sinecure’-nice. poohbcarrot GerryCarvalho Share Facebook | Pick All Share Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter All that is missing here now is, Johnathon Ross and the piano. Share 1 0 1 My predictions:1 Sandwich for lunch2 Decorating the Dining Room this afternoon3 Steak & Chips for dinnerRelegated: Hull and Stoke and 1 other. Report Report 0 1 Share on Twitter | Pick 0 1 Share on Twitter Reply | Pick Threads collapsed | Pick GarsSilencieux | Pick 16 Aug 2008 9:23 Twitter Reply Share on Facebook Twitter Reply Twitter Twitter 25 16 Aug 2008 20:27 | Pick 0 1 extraordinaryrvanp 16 Aug 2008 19:51 Share on Facebook Twitter First published on Fri 15 Aug 2008 19.01 EDT 0 1 Twitter Share on Facebook Report BombedOutCathedral Share on Facebook Twitter @vomittingmeerkat I’ll agree that Rooney’s not the finished article, but as neither a Manure nor an Ingerland supporter, I still can see the potential greatness there, if only his Premier League and his national coach would decide to give him a chance to shine. That is in fact the bizarre thing about the Rooney phenomenon: they don’t want to play him where he’s obviously best, which is astonishing with a manager like Ferguson. Maybe now Queiroz is gone that might change: what we know and love 🙂 about Sir Alex is that he’s no tactician, but he knows his football inside out and he knows a player when he sees one (Viz perhaps the fact that the current ManU side have no real tactical shape, they just all happen to be brilliant footballers, although this could also be a criticism of Queiroz). Anyway, I hope (vainly most probably) that Liverpool win the league, but I fervently hope that Wayne Rooney can start to become what he certainly has the potential to be, because I’m a football fan, and I like to watch good football,and he is certainly capable of becoming one of the best. And I really hope that Berbatov doesn’t go to United!!!!!!!! Share 16 Aug 2008 14:22 Share on Twitter Rooney definitely needs to improve his finishing. The amount of one on ones he missed last season was ridiculous for a player of his calibre. To be fair though he did pick up a few injuries over the course of the season that cannot have helped him, but its a question of composure. Its great to have the football season back! 16 Aug 2008 18:58 Facebook | Pick Report Facebook Share on Messenger 16 Aug 2008 15:42 The likely saddest or the most hilarious paragraph Kevin McCarra ever wrote:”The arrival of Jose Bosingwa had been anticipated and Deco, who turns 31 this month, is a latecomer to the Premier League. It is hard to tell whether buying Kaka from Milan is a pipedream or a practical objective, Acquiring Robinho from Real Madrid is feaseable, but the Brazilian has underachieved to some extent at the Bernabeu and his arrival in London would be more of a fresh start than a triumphant entrance”. Report Flo; we’re not allowed to talk to you-know-who.Keep Tuesday under your hat, I think trudie’s getting a bit jealous. Unless you fancy a menage a trois…? MouthoftheMersey Facebook Twitter 16 Aug 2008 10:10 | Pick Sportblog Reply Twitter 0 1 Twitter Reply | Pick bwianI think that Trudie will have other things on her mind right now, I’m watching Everton’s game on-line. They are 1-0 down and being out-played and bossed out of the game at home by Blackburn. I sense a difficult 24 hours ahead for Trudie and Mouth’s dog and cat, if either has one.That, by the way, is my very favourite kind of menage. How on earth did you know? 0 1 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook | Pick Facebook Report Close report comment form chelseaexile I know this is from the big paper, but after a fortnight of detailed, witty, insightful previews of each team in the Premier League (supported by some excellent comments below the line), this reads like the work of a Year 10 schoolkid.The difference in quality and depth between the online writing and the big paper writing is big and growing. Report 0 1 Report Facebook Topics Facebook Reply vomittingmeerkat Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Everton have just stole a goal against the run of play right on the stroke of half-time. Great goal from a free-kick wide on the right from Arteta. That should make home crowd’s half-time cups of tea taste better but their team have been out-played and out-fought, and they all know it. OK, I agree, Rooney had plenty of work to do pre-season… one cannot argue that he’s at the best club, with the best manager, in Europe and therefore his chance to fulfil his observed potential are at their maximum. I, for one, hope he becomes the best English player in the PL and makes all of Liverpool very proud. Share Wayne Rooney Reply Shares00 Share on LinkedIn Glory can look like a beautifully appointed dead end. It truly is a cul-de-sac for many clubs, who then go into reverse to get out. Sir Alex Ferguson, of course, understands how to keep his team moving onwards no matter how far they have already come. When Manchester United last won the European Cup and Premier League title in the same campaign, the defence of the former trophy got to the quarter-final but they remained champions of England with a rampaging campaign. There were 97 goals in 2000, 17 more than their admired team piled up in the league last season.United do not look likely to set new standards for themselves this time around. Once Chelsea had been beaten in Moscow three months ago, Ferguson commented that his veterans Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes would have to be utilised more sparingly in future. It will be hard to make the club better. As the line-up alters it will, nonetheless, be intriguing to see more of the potentially devastating Anderson, who at present is busy with Brazil at the Olympics.This, too, has become an important moment for Wayne Rooney. He is popular with the crowd for his tirelessness as much as talent, but to outsiders a striker who was an explosive device at Euro 2004 can seem to have been defused. No wonder Ferguson has spoken about getting Rooney away from semi-exile in wide midfield. Literally and figuratively, United could do with him at the heart of events.Dimitar Berbatov, with his touch and goals, might also assist in the development of the side, but the manager knew he would not be bringing in a whole series of newcomers. Whatever is said about the credit crunch, the main challenge is locating someone superior to those already on the books. Others face the same problem. For all Roman Abramovich’s billions, Chelsea’s reaction to a trophyless season has been restrained.The arrival of Jose Bosingwa had been anticipated and Deco, who turns 31 this month, is a latecomer to the Premier League. It is hard to tell whether buying Kaka from Milan is a pipedream or a practical objective. Acquiring Robinho from Real Madrid is feasible, but the Brazilian has underachieved to some extent at the Bernabeu and his arrival in London would be more of a fresh start than a triumphant entrance.There are no quick fixes this year. The new Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari must deal with what he has and some of the employees should make him uneasy. For all the hullabaloo that commonly surrounds Didier Drogba and his career plans, he netted a mere eight goals in the Premier League last season. Nicolas Anelka, bought from Bolton for £15m as a matter of urgency in January, struck twice in total. He and Drogba, dicky knee permitting, could do far better, but the pressure is also on Scolari to get much more out of the team in attack.The emphasis on managers is particularly intense this summer, when ready-made solutions are denied them. At Liverpool, Robbie Keane was purchased but the club’s owners shrank from the notion of letting Rafael Benítez bring in Gareth Barry for £18m. The manager has to think his way around limitations that include a lack of dynamism on the wings.Benítez may curse, but in the top echelon, there is one person who has an aversion to the extravagant areas of the market. Arsène Wenger has the status to insist on a bigger budget at Arsenal, despite the complexities of clearing the debt on the Emirates, but he has never been the type to hold a board to ransom. As usual he will be counting on rapid progress from the fresh faces on the payroll. A gentle opening to the programme works in his favour, but he does not seem to have means to last the pace in the Premier League. Knock-out competitions, including the Champions League, may hold more promise.The top four, in any case, are unlikely to be thrown out of their cushy residences. While ambitious Tottenham, for instance, now have panache in Luka Modric and David Bentley, Berbatov could be gone shortly. A lively and rejigged Middlesbrough line-up will be a stiff test for them today. David Moyes, whose Everton team came fifth last season, would appreciate the treacherous task of fitting in new faces, having been unable to buy anyone yet.There can be no argument, however, over the site of the greatest tribulations. West Bromwich, Stoke and Hull entered the top flight together and may keep one another company on the way out of it. Compared to Tony Mowbray, Tony Pulis and Phil Brown, Ferguson’s job is a sinecure. All Premier League club managers will be instructed to demonstrate their ingenuity, but none more so than those three. Share oldest Order by oldest 16 Aug 2008 16:20 Share Share Dongshow Report Report Facebook 16 Aug 2008 8:08 BrazilBranch Twitter Report Share on Twitter 16 Aug 2008 15:17 Facebook STOKE CITY NIL AITCHEE HUMBLEPIE etc etcIf you want to join the forum old boys Pick the score league (marmoset, red wedgewood, rafas reds, mikejapan, jamiecule, chazzer) email MarkUtd Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment Benitez to win the title, then resign and take over at the Bernabeu!Scolari to win the FA Cup, be fourth in the Prem; possibly replaced next summer depending on who’s available to Abramovich!Wenger to win the Champions League, then sell the whole lot and start from scratch next season!Ferguson to implode without an assistant, be fourth in December and then climb to second in after Mark Hughes joins him after City are docked points for administration mid-season!Ramos, fifth again successfully defending the Carling Cup and maybe netting Spurs the Uefa Cup (Ramos’ third) to earn another £50m to spend next season from a very happy (and panting) Daniel Levy! Facebook Share Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook jakebrother Share on Facebook 0 1 Share on Facebook shallowasapuddle Twitter Reply Twitter Report Share on Facebook Facebook Report Facebook 0 1 0 1 Reply collapsed Predictions….Champs, Arsenal Runners Up, Chelsea Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter Share on Facebook | Pick 0 1 16 Aug 2008 16:56 | Pick Reply Twitter Share Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 16 Aug 2008 19:12 0 1 Share on Facebook Share via Email Share I agree. Rooney is so over-hyped, he’s just a bumbling-oaf with a big-shot : think Shearer without the brain, and that says everything. Oh yeah, and he’s a petulant, whining, little-baby man as well. Apart from that he’s ok. Reply 0 1 Report 0 1 0 1 Reply Share on Twitter Share Report | Pick Report 0 1 MarcelaProust Reply For Utd it will be how much Anderson, Nani, Rooney, Ronaldo, Hargreaves, and Tevez can improve on last season. At their young ages you undoubtedly expect that there is much room for improvement in Anderson, Nani, Tevez, Rooney and yes, even Ronaldo. This is especially true for Anderson and Nani who were settling into a new country and new league last season – they should be even better this season.Because Hargreaves plays for England, people seem to forget that after playing his whole career for Bayern, he too was settling into a new country and a new league. Like Nani and Anderson, Hargreaves should be a far more settled and better player if he can stay relatively injury-free.Utd’s title chances depend on whether Berbatov comes and whether the above five players can improve on last season. If both happen, then Utd will be even better this season and will win the title. Reply Share Share on Facebook …………Relegation, Bolton, Stoke, Hull Share on Facebook Reply | Pick RedBloodAnd you’ve kindly written Wossy’s crap joke for him too. Perfect. Report Share on WhatsApp Rooney has 2 or 3 more levels to go to. “Shearer was a very talented finisher but has none of the natural ability of Rooney.”Arf.Prime Shearer was flawless, one of the world’s great strikers. Comments 43 0 1 Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook Twitter Reply Email (optional) Share HeebeeJeebees Share on Twitter Reply Fri 15 Aug 2008 19.01 EDT ‘think Shearer without the brain’I take it meerchat that you don’t watch too much football out there in the frozen wastes. Stick to ice-hockey. Shearer was a very talented finisher but has none of the natural ability of Rooney. WR has many years to develop and will get better and better without any doubt. His intuitive football brain is best appreciated in a sharp, United team and wasted in a leadfooted England team. At club level Fergie has already stated that Rooney’s progress is an imperative and I’d trust his judgement not that of an over-opinionated hack nor the kings of championship manager. As for international football will this particular manager do anything about it, I doubt it somehow, unless he has the guts to rid the midfield of either Gerrard or Lampard or both. We’ll see. Facebook Share on Twitter | Pick Bentley…panache? Modric- yes, DB – er, not really. That’s not to sya that he’s not a good player, mind. Report 0 1 16 Aug 2008 20:16 Share on Twitter Share Share 16 Aug 2008 10:04 RedRedDevil Share on Twitter 0 1 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Twitter I’m really excited for the start of the season too, but strangely nothing really seems to have changed for me. ManU is identical to the team from last year. I agree Rooney hasn’t progressed in years, but I can’t see him having a break out year. If the refs insist on the respect campaign (what a joke) he’ll more likely get sent off. Chelsea may be new and interesting, but Scolari and Deco are so familiar it hasn’t sunk in yet, especially with the core of the team still around. Liverpool seem the same in the fact that they change radically match to match so no addition or loss of players is going to have the same major effect. Arsenal will continue with the youth and entertainment, but that’s nothing new. Tottenham, reloaded offensively, is a continuation of years past, I still expect collapse. Actually I’m just excited to have the familiarity of it all back, knowing I can be a complete sloth and either be entertained or put to bed. Thank you football, I can’t wait. Kevin McCarra 0 1 Report 1 Share Share on Twitter 0 1 Facebook Premier League 2008-09 | Pick 16 Aug 2008 21:43 MarcelaProust MarcelaProust Report Facebook Facebook 16 Aug 2008 9:00 bwianYou call your dinner, ‘lunch, your tea, ‘dinner’ AND you have a dining room. You’re dead posh you aren’t yer? No wonder you support Chelsea.I can’t wait to be your bit of rough on Tuesday night x ;o) | Pick 16 Aug 2008 21:46 Report Share on Facebook unthreaded Reply 16 Aug 2008 22:52 Twitter Share 16 Aug 2008 11:35 Facebook 16 Aug 2008 12:58 Twitter Share on Twitter OohAah7 MarcelaProust | Pick Report Share on Twitter Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp Reply Twitter 0 1 Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook View more commentslast_img read more

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